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World Vol.217 / Science and Technology Vol.88 (semiconductors) 半導体

World Vol.216 (WEF; oil & gas corporations)

World Vol.215 (coronavirus – Omicron variant) オミクロン株

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World219 BayArea-ZIP-rental-prices @sfchronicle,@zillow
World219 What COVID-19 therapies are available in U.S. @StarAdvertiser,@AP
World218 RayDalio @CNBC
World217 Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Inflation The Role of Semiconductors @stlouisfed,@STLFedResearch
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World217 How New York's ecosystem is uniquely positioned to drive American semiconductor innovation @POLITICO,@dariogila
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World215 fear-Omicron-teamUp-Delta @NewshubNZ
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World214 ChartPack-1 @RBAInfo
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World196 Oct11 @capitalcom
World196 Current Employment Statistics @USDOL,@BLS_gov
World196 Costly but Deliberate U.S. Labor Shortage @ajer
World195 how the laying of undersea #internet cables has become entwined with geopolitics in the Pacific @anudpa,@ahawatson
World195 Should we be worried that China’s brazen show of force in Taiwan risks hurtling globe into World War Three @TheSun,@DouglasKMurray
World194 China flies 25 aircraft including nuclear bombers into Taiwan's airspace in largest incursion for months @MailOnline
World194 research quotient index gauging companies that get the most bang (revenue growth and market value) for their R&D buck @WUSTLbusiness
World194 Distance-Based Fees as Alternative to Gas Tax @HHHSchool
World194 What’s behind the rise in prices @Penn
World193 mortgage @ReserveBankofNZ
World193 The 3 steps to easing Auckland restrictions what you need to know @rnz_news,@VinayRanchhod
World193 New Zealand drops COVID-19 elimination strategy under pressure from Delta @Reuters,@JournoPraveen
World193 Taiwan backs AUKUS, warns of threat of war with China @smh,@ErykBagshaw
World192 Supply chain problems aren't temporary. They are now expected to last through 2022. @davidjlynch,@washingtonpost
World192 The Day the United States Defaulted on Treasury Bills @Forbes
World191 Metals-Mining @AspenTech















































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Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.31

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ThinkTanks … TheEconomist 9NewsAUS abc13houston

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Reuters cnni ABC France24_en dwnews ABC11_WTVD

World Vol.158 (flooding in western Europe)
dwnews TheLocalGermany BrusselsTimes bbcweather SkyNews AFP guardian CBSNews NBCNews ABC cnni AP ..

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… KGWNews WCPO cleveland19news wsyx6

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BBCEarth abcnews NZStuff CBCNews weatherchannel WeatherNation breakingweather accuweather Weatherobserve CBSNews NBCNews MSNBC sfchronicle NYTNational capitalweather washingtonpost

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GEF_Europe euromines SultanEtn INNOVATION_PL euobs ecfr BBCWorld cnni nytimesworld MarketWatch KTNV

World Vol.153 (U.S., etc.)
academia … CBSDenver

World Vol.152 (U.S.)

World160 NATO Must Shore Up Control of a Key Maritime Chokepoint @RANDCorporation,@DefenseOne
World160 Turkey’s Changing Position from a Federal to a TwoState Solution to the Cyprus Conflict @hozertem,@IFRI_
World159 food-prices @HumanProgress
World157 churches-online-sermons @YaleDivSchool,@pewresearch
World156 glaciers @cbcnewsbc
World156 heat-records-affecting-power-grid @CNNweather
World155 @argusmedia
World155 @EcologicBerlin
World155 @News3LV,@AP
World153 cost-of-basic-necessities-of-life-who-is-going-to-pay @EssexSocSci,@Essex_EBS,@the_ecologist,@guardian,@dominicru
World153 graphs-PostPandemic-normalcy-not-yet @ABC,@FiveThirtyEight
World153 creeping-mediocrity @arturobris,@IMD_Bschool,@nytimes
World153 Poland-Hungary-nativist-turn @CornellCAS,@njtmulder,@guardian
World152 higher-oil-prices @NewYorkFed
World152 Why Washington Cant Quit Listening to Larry Summers @nytimes

U.K. イギリス Vol.36 / #Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.30「英首相、ロックダウン解除予定を発表」

e-論壇 議論百出,GFJ (2021-07-11 21:02) ご掲載頂きました。

 ボリス・ジョンソン英首相は、7月5日、コロナウイルスに関するイングランドでの法的制限(ロックダウン)を19日に解除する予定であることを発表し、質疑応答も行った。英国Chief Scientific Adviser及びイングランドChief Medical Officerが同席し、質疑応答も含めて補足説明等した。12日に最終決定される。アメリカほか各国でも大きく報じられた。

解除内容、背景など *1(首相説明時点)
 イングランドで解除されるのは、マスク着用義務、集会人数制限、ナイトクラブ等営業停止、対人距離1メートル超維持、企業リモートワーク労働態勢義務などである。ウェールズ・スコットランド・北アイルランドではそれぞれの手順で同様の方向に進められる *2 旨も報じられている。英国の人口は6600万人、イングランドは5600万人、そして、ウェールズ310万人、スコットランド550万人、北アイルランド190万人。

 見逃せないのは、首相は以前「打ち負かすべき敵」としていたが、今回この解除予定発表のタイミングで「ウイルスと共に生きて行く」と発言している *3 点である。そして、コロナ禍が過ぎ去ったと言うにはほど遠いとも言い、私自身はマスク着用を続けるとも繰り返している。*4
 与党保守党は歓迎の意向である一方、野党第一党労働党は無謀であると批判し、また、賛否それぞれの医師も居り *5、意見も出ている *6*7*8。この状況自体は毎度予想される範囲内のものであり目新しさは無い。ごく普通の庶民・大衆は実際どのように感じているかが今回非常に気になるが、12日以降や19日以降、そして今後の生活の中で個別具体的に出て来る、まだまだ先の長い話である。


北米欧州豪NZ情報分析者/ワールドソルーションズLLC代表  中港 拓


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World Vol.135 (U.S., etc.)
warfare ColonialPipeline,cyberattacks Vineyard-Wind-project Ru,Cn Blueberry-Nut-Crunch Arctic,Antarctic Au-own-vaccine AlaskaAirlines-CEO US-airlines

World Vol.134 (Middle East, U.S., etc.)
commodities,TimePrice NaturalGas ColonialPipeline Ir,Sy,Eg,Lb,Ye,Ne Ru,Cn Es,Ma Tw Za Br

World Vol.133 (newscomauHQ, NZStuff, CBCNews)
WestBank UN-Security-Council ColonialPipeline ATT-Discovery Sanofi,GSK CityOfPrinceAlbert-Mississauga,ON-Ca Medicago

World Vol.132 (U.S., etc.)
military,defense Cn Il,Ps Eg

World Vol.131
BalfourDeclaration AlAqsa postBrexit-financial-system Cn-Ru US-Mx-seefood-trade US-Ca-Mx

World Vol.130
DJIA CPI CDC HighSpeed-rail-project-CA Israel-Palestine-Gaza

World Vol.129 (seaweeds, milk, etc.)

World Vol.128 (waiver on vaccine patents, etc.)
StockPrices lobbying VaccineDiplomacy-Ru,Cn

135:@FletcherSchool,@planetdgtl @PrincetonSPIA,@DanKurtzer,@politico @GlobeDebate
134:@HumanProgress @nytpolitics @PlattsOil @OPECSecretariat
133:@CBCNews,@JPTasker @NZStuff @newscomauHQ 2枚
132:@JSchanzer,@nypost,@FDD @WarOnTheRocks @WLTX @WLTX,@AP,@pxwhittle
131:@BrookingsFP,@tcwittes @ForeignPolicy,@stevenacook @WFSBnews,@CNN @NBCConnecticut
130:@CNBC @AFP @WHAS11,@AP
129:@DairyFoods,@Chobani,@FairTradeCert @DailyMail

World135 RemoteWork @FletcherSchool,@planetdgtl
World135 leader-Israel-Palestinian-conflict @PrincetonSPIA,@DanKurtzer,@politico
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World133 Older-Australians-tough-tradeoff-AstraZeneca-vaccine @newscomauHQ
World132 Biden-overtures-Iran-undercut-US-bid-end @JSchanzer,@nypost,@FDD
World132 Ending-endless-wars-strategy-selective-disengagement @WarOnTheRocks
World132 Target-drops-mask-mandate @WLTX
World132 shark-Earth-magnetic-field-GPS @WLTX,@AP,@pxwhittle
World131 death-solution @BrookingsFP,@tcwittes
World131 never-end @ForeignPolicy,@stevenacook
World131 cyberattack @WFSBnews,@CNN
World131 hotels-restrictions-recovery @NBCConnecticut
World130 everything-ultimately-will-settle-down @CNBC
World130 Israel-Palestine @AFP
World130 Israel-threatens-Gaza-ground-invasion-despite-truce-efforts @WHAS11,@AP
World129 @FairTradeCert @Chobani @DairyFoods
World129 China-WWIII-biological-weapons-6yrs @DailyMail
World128 US-backs @AP

#Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.23(vaccines, etc. ワクチン等)

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Science and Technology Vol.50 (coronavirus vaccine)  Vaccination SideEffects,AdverseReactions,AllergicReaction,AnaphylaxisReaction,PotentialTriggers,AllergyConcerns …


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#Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.19(vaccines ワクチン) / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.129(New York ニューヨーク州 Vol.4 / Massachusetts マサチューセッツ州 Vol.3: pharmaceutical corporations 製薬会社 – Pfizer ファイザー社、Moderna モデルナ社)

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.107(New York ニューヨーク州 Vol.2: pharmaceutical corporations 製薬会社)
U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.113(Massachusetts マサチューセッツ州 Vol.2: pharmaceutical corporations 製薬会社)


Pfizer And Moderna Face Their Biggest Challenge: Vaccinating The World (12/03/2020) | @IBDinvestors
… The obstacles can’t be overestimated, experts say. The vaccine supply chain is mindbogglingly complex. It involves local, state and federal authorities as well as hospitals, pharmacies and doctors’ offices.
The two most advanced coronavirus vaccines must be stored at specific temperatures and given in two doses several weeks apart. Stakeholders must keep tabs on who gets which vaccine and when. And don’t forget the public perception challenges of vaccinating people with drugs that went through clinical testing at record speeds.
Experts say 60% to 80% of the world must be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. It will be many months – or years – before that happens as vaccine makers iron out supply constraints. Besides the Covid-19 vaccine companies themselves, a raft of other parties like drug distribution company McKesson (MCK) will be involved.
…the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency has overseen vaccine distribution in the U.S. for decades, including the national effort to vaccinate during the H1N1 influenza pandemic in 2009.
The coronavirus vaccination effort will probably look similar to that…
First, vaccination sites will need to enroll in the CDC’s Covid-19 vaccine distribution program. These sites will include doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. The program ensures these locations have enough well-trained staff, the right equipment and space to vaccinate large numbers of people.
Then, the vaccination sites will request doses of the coronavirus vaccine through a state agency…
Public health officials will then confirm the vaccination site is approved. If so, the order will head to the CDC. …
In August, the CDC tapped McKesson to help it distribute all coronavirus vaccines. …McKesson could rely on UPS, DHL and FedEx trucks to help it get the job done.
Pfizer, on the other hand, has a bigger challenge. The company’s coronavirus vaccine must be stored at ultracold temperatures. How cold? Penguins would find these temperatures chilly. …
Moderna’s vaccine can live in a standard refrigerator for 30 days. It can also be frozen for six months. Once thawed, providers must administer the vaccine within 12 hours – or toss it out. That creates a logistical challenge for transportation.
“Moderna will be heavily reliant on external suppliers…It will be using companies like CryoPort (CYRX), Stirling Ultracold and CH Robinson (CHRW) to work out cold chain logistics plus storage and shipping management.” …
…Pfizer has developed a special shipping container that can store the coronavirus vaccine for 10 days unopened…
The vaccine can be stored in an ultracold freezer for up to six months. It can stay in the shipping container for up to 30 days when replenished with dry ice every five days. Or, the drug can be stored for five days in a standard refrigerator.
…the strict storage requirements limit where Pfizer’s vaccine can be used. Those ultracold freezers cost about $20,000 apiece. …
…”Imagine getting one dose to Appalachia, a rural community. Now imagine having to come back and making sure everyone who got the first dose also gets the second one. That’s a challenge.”
…it’s likely the Pfizer vaccine will go to more populous locations with cold-storage capabilities. Coronavirus vaccine stock Moderna will probably send its drug to more rural communities.
…expects Pfizer to generate $875 million in coronavirus vaccine sales in 2020 and $7.25 billion in 2021. Eventually, that will trend down to $700 million to $800 million each year, depending on how often people need booster shots of the vaccine. …
“The drugmaker that gets this thing out first…Overnight, Pfizer becomes one of the most loved brands in America. It’s the McDonald’s (MCD) of the pharma industry.”
COVID19 vaccine-efforts

Pfizer to Ship Half as Many Coronavirus Vaccine Doses as Originally Planned in Initial Phase (12/03/2020) | @themotleyfool
…”Scaling up the raw material supply chain took longer than expected, and it’s important to highlight that the outcome of the clinical trial was somewhat later than the initial projection.”
BNT162b2, which showed an extremely high efficacy rate of 95% with no serious safety concerns in phase 3 clinical trials, has been submitted for similar approvals throughout the European Union, and with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the wake of the U.K. approval, Pfizer and BioNTech anticipate decisions from other major regulators this month. …

Pfizer Scaled Back Vaccine Output Targets Earlier This Year (12/03/2020) | @business
…supply-chain problems caused the New York-based drugmaker to reduce the number of vaccines…led Pfizer shares to fall as much as 3.1% and caused the wider stock market to dip. The S&P 500 ended Thursday’s trading down 0.1%. …
Moderna Inc., which has also submitted a messenger RNA-based vaccine to the FDA for emergency clearance, said in a statement on Thursday it would have between 100 million and 125 million doses available globally in the first quarter of 2021. …

UK becomes the first to approve Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine, rollout due next week (12/02/2020) | @CNBC
…with elderly people in care homes and medical workers first in line. …
“The government has today accepted the recommendation from the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)…
Pfizer and BioNTech announced in July an agreement with the U.K. to supply 30 million doses of its mRNA-based vaccine…increased to 40 million doses in early October. As a two-dose vaccine, the U.K. will have enough doses to vaccinate around a third of its 66 million population. …
“I consider this decision to be problematic and recommend that EU Member States do not repeat the process in the same way. A few weeks of thorough examination by the European Medicines Agency is better than a hasty emergency marketing authorization of a vaccine,” said Peter Liese, a member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party…

Pfizer supply chain challenges led to slashing COVID-19 vaccine production target – WSJ (12/03/2020) | @reuters,@YahooFinance
…anticipates producing 50 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine this year. That is down from an earlier target of 100 million doses. Pfizer’s vaccine relies on a two dose regimen, meaning 50 million doses is enough to inoculate 25 million people. …
David Perdue bought Pfizer stock – a week before company said it would develop a vaccine (12/03/2020) | @salon

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.111(1st US Presidential Debate 9/29/2020 ― 米国大統領選挙テレビ討論会)

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.110(1st US Presidential Debate 9/29/2020 ― 米国大統領選挙テレビ討論会)

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