Northern Europe 北欧 Vol.1

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Northern Europe Vol.4 アイスランド、デンマーク
Northern Europe Vol.3 ノルウェー、フィンランド、スウェーデン
Northern Europe Vol.2 (incl #coronavirus)
Northern Europe Vol.1 (universities, etc.) 大学など


U.K. イギリス Vol.29(incl #CrownDependencies, #BritishOverseasTerritories, Brexit, #GE2019 王室属領、海外領土 など)

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UK Vol.168 (Crown Dependencies Vol.2) 王室属領
UK Vol.167 (Crown Dependencies Vol.1) 王室属領
UK Vol.166 (British Overseas Territories #BOTs #UKOTs Vol.2) 海外領土
UK Vol.165 (British Overseas Territories #BOTs #UKOTs Vol.1) 海外領土
UK Vol.164 (Brexit Vol.59: agriculture, fishery, etc.)
UK Vol.163 (Brexit Vol.58)
UK Vol.162 (Brexit Vol.57: General election 2019)
UK Vol.161 (Brexit Vol.56: General election 2019)


New Zealand ニュージーランド Vol.9(economy, government, election, universities, corporations, etc. 経済、政府、選挙、大学、企業など)

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New Zealand Vol.21 (corporations)
New Zealand Vol.20 (corporations)
New Zealand Vol.18 (organisations, government, etc.)
New Zealand Vol.6 (economy, industries)
New Zealand Vol.19 (University of Otago, Auckland University of Technology, Victoria University of Wellington)
New Zealand Vol.17 (University of Auckland, banks)
New Zealand Vol.16 (including University of Canterbury, University of Waikato, Lincoln University, Massey University)
New Zealand Vol.5 (Manifesto 2014 of NZ Labour Party – current largest opposition party; ruling party 1999-2008, et al.)
New Zealand Vol.4 (Manifesto 2014 of New Zealand National Party)
New Zealand Vol.1
New Zealand ニュージーランド Vol.5(#JacindaArdern coalition between Labour and New Zealand First アーダーン連立政権)
Crisis Management 危機管理 Vol.2
姉妹都市 Vol.3(Tripartite Economic Alliance ロサンゼルスLA=オークランドAK=広州GZ 三市経済連携)
New Zealand Vol.15 / Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.104(Alaska アラスカ州)

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Alaska Vol.8 (state, etc.)
Alaska Vol.7 (cities, economy, etc.)
Alaska Vol.6
Alaska Vol.5
Alaska Vol.4 (corporations)
Alaska Vol.3
Alaska Vol.2 (miscellaneous)
Alaska Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.102(Illinois イリノイ州 Vol.1)

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Illinois Vol.9 (corporations)
Illinois Vol.8 (cities, counties)
Illinois Vol.7 (state, economy, etc.)
Illinois Vol.6 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.32 (#SuperTuesday3) 
Illinois Vol.5 (state, corporations, etc.)
Illinois Vol.4 (cities, etc.)
Illinois Vol.3
Illinois Vol.2
Illinois Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.77(Michigan ミシガン州)

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Michigan Vol.10 9/5追加
Michigan Vol.9 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.25 (#SuperTuesday2) 5/6追加

Michigan Vol.8 (state, cities, corporations)
Michigan Vol.7 (corporations)
Michigan Vol.6 (corporations)
Michigan Vol.5 (corporations)
Michigan Vol.4 (corporations)
Michigan Vol.3
Michigan Vol.2
Michigan Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.67(Colorado コロラド州)

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Colorado Vol.13 8/31追加
Colorado Vol.12 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.16 (#SuperTuesday) 5/6追加

Colorado Vol.11 (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Colorado Vol.10 (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Colorado Vol.9 (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Colorado Vol.8 (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Colorado Vol.7 (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Colorado Vol.6 (corporations)
Colorado Vol.5
Colorado Vol.4
Colorado Vol.3
Colorado Vol.2
Colorado Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.58(Washington ワシントン州)

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Washington Vol.11 8/31追加
Washington Vol.10 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.30 (#SuperTuesday2) 5/6追加

Washington Vol.9
Washington Vol.8
Washington Vol.7 (incl UWTacoma)
Washington Vol.6 (University of Washington)
Washington Vol.5 (University of Washington)
Washington Vol.4
Washington Vol.3 (Washington State University)
Washington Vol.2 (Washington State University)
Washington Vol.1

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2019 G20 Osaka summit G20大阪サミット Vol.1

Most of the below tweets regarding the summit and its sidelines are in English.

Updated at around 23:15, June 30.
Here are tweets including those related to the below nine countries through around 24:00, June 28 (JST).
Tweets related to other countries will be pasted in the coming Vol.2.

United States




United Kingdom





WHAT IS THE G20 SUMMIT? | @g20org

Australia オーストラリア Vol.7(2019 federal election results, etc. 総選挙結果など)

All the below links but the below tweets are in English.

Australia Vol.17 (2019 federal election)

cf. Australia オーストラリア Vol.6(states, economy, politics, etc. 各州, 経済, 政治 など)
Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.3 (Miscellaneous)
Antarctic Vol.1
など etc.

Alliances Adrift: Is this the end of America’s Asian alliances? (14/05/2019) | Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific 以下、一部抜粋。
… In the face of structural change towards a more multipolar Asian security order, however, coupled with unprecedented uncertainties regarding US credibility and resolve in this part of the world, most of the United States’ Asian alliances are arguably looking increasingly brittle.
Leading experts from Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand contributed their views on the nature and trajectory of alliances at a one-day workshop “Alliances Adrift: Is this the end of America’s Asian alliances?”
The workshop held on 23 April 2019 in Singapore …
… ANU participants included Professor Brendan Taylor, Emeritus Professor William Tow and Dr Lauren Richardson. …
Taylor and Tow subsequently visited Manila on 26th April to attend a roundtable discussion on the “Dilemmas of the Indo-Pacific”. They interacted with Philippines officials and scholars at the Asia-Pacific Pathways-sponsored event where they examined the US’ Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) strategy. …
Emeritus Professor William Tow provided a synoptic review of the Trump administration’s policy in the Indo-Pacific … also tackled catalysts for the FOIP, such as the possibility of an emerging China-containment doctrine by the US, domestic pressures on the Trump administration to have a different foreign policy from Obama, and the complementarity of ideology and geography to operationalise the “America First” rhetoric.
Professor Brendan Taylor discussed Australia’s stakes in the Indo-Pacific, such as its fears of exclusion from the region and economic decline … underscored the conceptual ambiguity and the divergent interests within the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (between Japan, US, Australia, and India) that may derail future development.
… During the open discussion, participants raised issues such as the feasibility and appropriateness of having a China-containment goal for the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between Japan, the US, Australia, and India …
Taylor and Tow will bring the discussions and papers from these workshops together by co-editing a special issue in an internationally respected journal planned to appear in early 2020. They will also visit Northeast Asia and the United States later this year to follow up the Singapore session …

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