U.K. イギリス Vol.22(England イングランド Vol.4 – West Midlands Vol.1)

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UK Vol.75 (England Vol.4 – West Midlands Vol.1)

Worcestershire ウースターシャー州
Worcestershire Sauce – Japanese Encyclopedia (03/21/2017) | @MATCHA_global
How to Make Yakisoba (Japanese Fried Noodles Recipe) – YouTube
WHAT IS OKONOMI SAUCE? (16/10/2017) | @OtaJoyOtafuku
Sauce Katsudon Recipe (Deep-Fried Breaded Pork Bowl with Worcestershire-Based Sauce) (w Video) | @cookingwithdog
JAPANESE-STYLE SPAGHETTI (11/03/2016) | Food Education International
Curry and Rice Recipe (w Video) | @JCooking101
ReCPY: Homemade Worcestershire Sauce (01/30/2012) | Moto Yamamoto @umamimart
Vegan Worcestershire Sauce, Two Ways (01/19/2012) | Mark Bittman @nytimes
How is Japanese sauce (ソース) different from… sauce? (+Recipe) | @survivingnjapan without much Japanese
Worcestershire Sauce – this one is a bit fishy if you ask me (05/27/2009) | Oyster Food and Culture
Worcestershire Sauce | @cooking_r
HISTORY OF WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE (1837-2012) (PDF) | William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi @ Soyinfo Center
12 Soy Sauce Substitutes (12/19/2018) | Medically reviewed by Gerhard Whitworth, RN; Written by Natalie Silver @Healthline
Japanese Sauces | AsiaRecipe.com
Japanese University Visits to Advance Partnership Work with University of Worcester (07/11/2017) | @WorcesterEcho
ウスターシャー・ソースのはなし | ハナママゴンの雑記帳
SOUTHERN BARBECUE SAUCE 南部風バーベキューソース | Kolis Inn
イギリスでソースと言えば (12/07/2018) | @courrierinter
ウースター市 (PDF) | @MazakCorp
Takashimaya Online
GKNエアロスペース | @SCCommerce

Herefordshire ヘレフォードシャー州
The Sun is Rising on a New Era in UK-Japan Relations (05/09/2017) | Dan Dalton (MEP for the West Midlands)
肉専用種牛ヘレフォード種とはどういう牛か (PDF) | 北海道立新得畜産試験場 @ 雪印種苗
英国の肉用牛 | 英米豪で誕生した肉牛
牛の品種 | 仙台牛
ニュージーランド産牛 | コープデリ
山地における集団肉牛の繁殖方法の改善 (PDF) | 岩手県

Shropshire シュロップシャー州
Japan is less expensive than you might think (26/11/2018) | Whitchurch Rugby Club – Shropshire @Pitchero
First major export deal to Japan (09/02/2017) | @ShropsChamber
Shropshire companies set for Japan visit (28/10/2014) | @ShropshireStar
これであなたもチーズ通!知っておきたい世界の定番チーズ52選 (01/22/2017) | @nico_nico_news

U.K. イギリス Vol.21(England イングランド Vol.3 ― Yorkshire and the Humber ヨークシャーアンドザハンバー地方)

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UK Vol.71 (England Vol.3 – Yorkshire and the Humber)

North Yorkshire
ヨークシャー・デールズ(Yorkshire Dales)| @VisitBritain
ヨーク大学Jane Grenville副学長来訪 | 東北大学国際交流課

East Riding of Yorkshire
Van Gogh and Japan at Spotlight Theatre | @VHEY_UK

West Yorkshire
Chiharu Shiota: Beyond Time | @YSPsculpture
国際蛋白研セミナー(英国・日本二国間交流事業) “Integrative Structural Biology for Protein Science”| 大阪大学蛋白質研究所

South Yorkshire
New future for endangered Japanese Bears | @YorkshireWP
シェフィールド大学、地球規模の課題に対処するため日本との関係を強化 | @cnet_japan

U.K. イギリス Vol.20(ウェールズ Wales)

Wales LocalAuthorityDistricts
加工元地図及び加工後のこの地図に England の Herefordshire が入ってしまっていますが、当然間違いです。公開及びツイートの後で気付きました。
While the original white map and this retouched one of Wales include Herefordshire of England, it is a matter of course that it is wrong. I found this mistake after I published this post and related tweet.


UK Vol.134 (Wales Vol.8 – Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen, Newport, Monmouthshire)

UK Vol.133 (Wales Vol.7 – Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Bridgend, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff)

UK Vol.97 (Wales Vol.5 – Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire)

UK Vol.83 (Wales Vol.4 – Powys, Ceredigion)

UK Vol.78 (Wales Vol.3 – Isle of Anglesey, Conwy, Gwynedd)

UK Vol.74 (Wales Vol.2 – Flintshire, Wrexham, Denbighshire)

UK Vol.107 (Wales Vol.6)
UK Vol.4 (Wales Vol.1)




U.K. イギリス Vol.19(スコットランド Scotland)

UK Scotland1 LocalAuthorityDistricts1

Subdivisions in Eurostat NUTS 地方
Eastern = Angus and Dundee; Clackmannanshire and Fife; East Lothian and Midlothian; Scottish Borders; Edinburgh; Falkirk; Perth and Kinross, and Stirling; West Lothian
South Western = East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, and Helensburgh and Lomond; Dumfries and Galloway; East and North Ayrshire mainland; Glasgow; Inverclyde, East Renfrewshire, and Renfrewshire; North Lanarkshire; South Ayrshire; South Lanarkshire
North Eastern = Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire
Highlands and Islands = Caithness and Sutherland, and Ross and Cromarty; Inverness, Nairn, Moray, and Badenoch and Strathspey; Lochaber, Skye and Lochalsh, Arran and Cumbrae, and Argyll and Bute (except Helensburgh and Lomond); Eilean Siar (Western Isles); Orkney Islands; Shetland Islands

UK Vol.98 (Scotland Vol.22 – North Eastern)

UK Vol.85 (Scotland Vol.21 – Eastern Vol.3)
UK Vol.80 (Scotland Vol.20 – Eastern Vol.2)
UK Vol.76 (Scotland Vol.19 – Eastern Vol.1)

UK Vol.72 (Scotland Vol.18 – South Western Vol.2)
UK Vol.70 (Scotland Vol.17 – South Western Vol.1)

UK Vol.10 (Scotland Vol.1 – Highlands)

Council areas 一部個別地域
UK Vol.23 (Scotland Vol.14 – Dumfries & Galloway economy)
UK Vol.22 (Scotland Vol.13 – Renfrewshire economy)
UK Vol.21 (Scotland Vol.12 – Orkney Islands economy)
UK Vol.20 (Scotland Vol.11 – Shetland Islands economy)
UK Vol.19 (Scotland Vol.10 – Glasgow economy)
UK Vol.18 (Scotland Vol.9 – East Dunbartonshire economy)
UK Vol.17 (Scotland Vol.8 – Clackmannanshire economy)
UK Vol.16 (Scotland Vol.7 – West Lothian economy)
UK Vol.15 (Scotland Vol.6 – Angus economy)
UK Vol.14 (Scotland Vol.5 – Kincardineshire economy)
UK Vol.13 (Scotland Vol.4 – Aberdeenshire economy)
UK Vol.12 (Scotland Vol.3 – Invernessshire economy)
UK Vol.11 (Scotland Vol.2 – Ross & Cromarty economy)


U.K. イギリス Vol.18(北アイルランド Northern Ireland)

UK NorthernIreland LAdistrictsUK NorthernIreland counties
All the below links are in English.


Local Authority Districts
Antrim and Newtownabbey; Belfast
UK Vol.99 (Northern Ireland Vol.4)

Newry, Mourne and Down; Ards and North Down; Lisburn and Castlereagh
UK Vol.82 (Northern Ireland Vol.3)

Mid and East Antrim (Carrickfergus, Larne, Ballymena); Mid Ulster (Magherafelt, Cookstown, Dungannon); Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
UK Vol.77 (Northern Ireland Vol.2)

Fermanagh and Omagh; Derry and Strabane; Causeway Coast and Glens
UK Vol.73 (Northern Ireland Vol.1)

その他 Miscellaneous
Good Friday (& Agreement)

UK Vol.91 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.20: 2017 General Election – Plaid Cymru, Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Féin)

UK Vol.59 (Religion and the patterns of conflict in Northern Ireland)

UK Vol.52 (Concern over Brexit’s impact on political landscape in Northern Ireland)

UK Vol.5 (Northern Ireland)


Ireland アイルランド Vol.7(州 counties)

Ireland GreenYellow

All the below links are in English.


Ireland Vol.43 (Leinster Vol.10 – City of Dublin Vol.3)

Ireland Vol.42 (Leinster Vol.9 – City of Dublin Vol.2)

Ireland Vol.41 (Leinster Vol.8 – City of Dublin Vol.1)

Ireland Vol.36 (Leinster Vol.7 – Fingal)

Ireland Vol.35 (Leinster Vol.6 – South Dublin)

Ireland Vol.34 (Leinster Vol.5 – Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown)

Ireland Vol.33 (Leinster Vol.4 – Wicklow, Kildare)

Ireland Vol.32 (Leinster Vol.3 – Meath, Louth)

Ireland Vol.31 (Leinster Vol.2 – Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, Longford)

Ireland Vol.30 (Leinster Vol.1 – Kilkenny, Carlow, Wexford)

Ireland Vol.22 (Munster Vol.3 – Tipperary, Waterford)

Ireland Vol.21 (Munster Vol.2 – Kerry, Cork)

Ireland Vol.20 (Munster Vol.1 – Clare, Limerick; #StPatricksDay)

Ireland Vol.19 (Connacht Vol.2 – Mayo, Galway)

Ireland Vol.18 (Connacht Vol.1 – Leitrim, Sligo, Roscommon)

Ireland Vol.17 (Ulster – Donegal, Cavan, Monaghan)

Pinned tweets, etc. 固定ツイート等


Honestly, we have understood that it is difficult to understand how to use social network services, if we don’t keep using some specific ones, regardless of being complicated or simple. The strengths of Twitter, which we have kept using as our single tool, would be:
1. in general, we can set it freely and easily, and so forth as well, it is good at spreading stories on the Internet;
2. therefore it is suitable to discussions, content marketing, curation, etc. on difficult topics or contents.
It seems that there will not be such strong services other than Twitter.
Today, when there is too much information, in a sense, it is impossible to accurately understand news without curation.
In this sense, it would be impossible to talk about current era without presense of Twitter, which is suitable to curation, etc.
We can say that the quality of contents is far more important than the numbers of followers, retweets, likes, etc.

1.(無料で使用しているので思うような表示にはなっておりませんが)一応、https://9223.teacup.com/ireland_corps/bbs という(概ね日本語 Mostly in Japanese の)デジタルサイネージ digital signage があります。アイルランド関連・電子書籍関連に可能な限り絞って貼って行こうと考えています。
2.https://www.goodreads.com/world_solutions (in English)
On April 16, 2019, we stopped publishing the eBook-related Facebook page. Thank you so much for having visited that page, etc. We would be very pleased if you continue visiting this website, Twitter accounts, the Teacup digital signage, etc.

U.K. イギリス Vol.15(Brexit Vol.12)

All the below links are in English.

UK Vol.125 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.43)
UK Vol.124 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.42)
UK Vol.123 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.41)
UK Vol.122 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.40)
UK Vol.121 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.39)
UK Vol.114 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.38)
UK Vol.113 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.37)
UK Vol.112 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.36)
UK Vol.111 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.35)
UK Vol.110 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.34)
UK Vol.109 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.33)
UK Vol.108 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.32)
UK Vol.106 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.31)
UK Vol.105 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.30)
UK Vol.104 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.29)
UK Vol.103 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.28)
UK Vol.102 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.27)
UK Vol.101 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.26)
UK Vol.100 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.25)
UK Vol.95 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.24)
UK Vol.94 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.23)
UK Vol.67 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.13)
UK Vol.66 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.12 – Theresa May’s Trump visit)
UK Vol.65 (Post-EUref Vol.11 – including UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit speech)

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.50(Policies & Midterms 各種政策等 Vol.24 - 大学ツイート Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico)

All the below tweets are in English.
昨日書きましたとおり、今日はワシントン、ネバダ、ハワイ、アラスカ、プエルトリコ(11日追加)、次回と次々回は College です。アメリカには、University とは別に、素晴らしい College があります。







Puerto Rico

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.48(Policies & Midterms 各種政策等 Vol.22 - 大学ツイート San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, etc.)

All the below tweets are in English.

California Vol.19 (UCLA, University of Southern California, Pepperdine University, etc.)