World 世界情勢等 Vol.24 / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.181

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World Vol.196 (U.S. economy incl labor)

World Vol.195 (Western Pacific) 

World Vol.194 台中、France24_en など

World Vol.193 米(株含む)豪NZ、dwnews など

World Vol.192 (U.S. economy incl supply chain, default)

World Vol.191 米経済(株含む)英仏独中など

World196 Oct11 @capitalcom
World196 Current Employment Statistics @USDOL,@BLS_gov
World196 Costly but Deliberate U.S. Labor Shortage @ajer
World195 how the laying of undersea #internet cables has become entwined with geopolitics in the Pacific @anudpa,@ahawatson
World195 Should we be worried that China’s brazen show of force in Taiwan risks hurtling globe into World War Three @TheSun,@DouglasKMurray
World194 China flies 25 aircraft including nuclear bombers into Taiwan's airspace in largest incursion for months @MailOnline
World194 research quotient index gauging companies that get the most bang (revenue growth and market value) for their R&D buck @WUSTLbusiness
World194 Distance-Based Fees as Alternative to Gas Tax @HHHSchool
World194 What’s behind the rise in prices @Penn
World193 mortgage @ReserveBankofNZ
World193 The 3 steps to easing Auckland restrictions what you need to know @rnz_news,@VinayRanchhod
World193 New Zealand drops COVID-19 elimination strategy under pressure from Delta @Reuters,@JournoPraveen
World193 Taiwan backs AUKUS, warns of threat of war with China @smh,@ErykBagshaw
World192 Supply chain problems aren't temporary. They are now expected to last through 2022. @davidjlynch,@washingtonpost
World192 The Day the United States Defaulted on Treasury Bills @Forbes
World191 Metals-Mining @AspenTech















































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