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U.K. イギリス Vol.16(Brexit Vol.13:報道等において正面から触れられていないブレグジット三点 ) 日本語
U.K. Vol.17(Brexit Vol.14: 3 points concerning Brexit which have not been confronted in the media etc. – especially outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland) English

アイルランドの政治・行政・企業・地方・大学』 中港 拓 (著)
Ireland’s Politics, Government, Corporations, Local Authorities, Universities, et al. Taku NAKAMINATO
アイルランドの政治・行政・企業・地方・大学 Ireland's Politics, Government, Corporations, Local Authorities, Universities, et al.
AmazonKindle OnSale IrelandPolGovCorpsLAsUnis
さて、平成30年9月20日に、弊社代表中港の渾身の標記初作がついに出版となりました! (あくまでではございますが)弊社業務の一例として創ったものです。
アイルランドの政治・行政・企業・地方・大学: 英文脚注15000以上-アイルランド・米国・英国・欧州・日本企業情報を含む Kindle版 をクリックして頂くと書籍紹介をご覧頂けますし、
Kindle ストアにて「中港拓」を検索頂くと写真画面に辿り着きます。
告知させて頂いていたとおり、キュレーションの集合体とも言えるこの“客観的な” 電子書籍は、一個人がテクノロジー等により多分野広範囲をそれなりにカバーできるという意味で時代が感じられるものになったはずですし、アイルランドのみならずアメリカ・イギリス等の英語圏や欧州各国の企業などの情報も含みます。多数の“英文脚注(ハイパーリンク)”を含む“電子書籍”であるため、世界の多くの人の情報源に手軽に成り得ます。
The above first book of the President of World Solutions LLC, which he wrote and compiled with all his might, has been publicized by Amazon Services International, Inc. on September 20 (JST), 2018. This “objective” eBook contains ample information in English about U.S., U.K. and European corporations as well. Such an “eBook” which contains many English “footnotes (hyperlinks)” about corporations, universities, government, etc., would be a convenient information source for many people on the globe. Please click the above links to check out the information about it.
On the URLs of Amazon U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, India, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Netherlands, this eBook is also sold.

あくまでご参考(2018年10月): 初めてのことで完全に理解しているとは言い難いのですが、アマゾンアソシエイトに登録しました。

JFYI: While it is difficult to say that his understanding is perfect because this is the first time, he has just started using the Amazon Associates program.

World white

World Solutions LLC has never had its peculiar political thoughts and asserted its peculiar public policies based on such thoughts, from our current standpoint. RTs on Twitter, which the LLC operates almost everyday, are based on this neutrality. If we dare to say, our thought is just that ordinary citizens can live without unreasonable difficulties on a daily basis. On the Internet, there seem to be some person(s) who, without notice, links and registers the LLC with photos of such political thoughts and public policies unrelated to the LLC, i.e. nuisance. However, such person and photos are not affiliated to us at all. And we will soon come to know who the person(s) is(are) through the contents of the photos, etc. The nuisance will get a taste of his/her(their) own medicine(s). There are truly boring people who have often bothered other people and have always wasted their own time, regardless of nationality, race, gender, age, profession, etc.
March 13 (JST): When I saw the LLC’s English site to update for the first time since I did three days ago, I found an impossible/abnormal non-display which I didn’t see yesterday, on a part which I didn’t change at the last update. Such abnormality, which has sometimes occured, can be unavoidable due to the internationality of the LLC’s business (even though I and the LLC don’t assert its peculiar public policies). However, partly because such troubles are due not to technology but to the nuisance, the LLC will need to firmly deal with them. Note that our non-assertiveness has enabled us to decrease unconstructive handling.
1:30pm, March 27 (JST): Now I found the similar impossible/abnormal non-display on a part which I didn’t change at the last update as that on March 13. I guess there are surely some people who don’t like English owned-media which have certain influence (though the LLC’s English site doesn’t have almost any influence on all over the world).
3:30pm, April 3 (JST): After a fashion, we restored the part of the English website.

また、「中港」というキーワードで中国・香港関係(あくまで参考例:一国両制下における統合: 中国大陸と香港を中心に(PDF;日本語)の情報が大量に出て来ますが、弊社としては業務対象とする予定は今のところありません。弊社中港個人も、特段の関心も関わりも持ったことはありません、念のためですが。
Note that World Solutions LLC, who covers righteous, democratic countries, has not been or will not be involved in China-Hong Kong issues, while there is much information concerned with a keyword “中港”. For a rainy case, he would say he has never been or will not be interested/involved in these issues himself.
He would also say that anyone of any country who commit cyber crimes needs to be strictly punished under the rule of law and that he would like to cooperate with agencies in charge of cybersecurity including international organizations.