U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.23(U.S.-North Korea summit meeting 米朝首脳会談 Vol.4 — Policy Changes 政策変更 Vol.10)

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US Policy Changes Vol.91 (North Korea Vol.8)

US Policy Changes Vol.89 (North Korea Vol.7: US-North Korea summit meeting)

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.22(U.S.-North Korea summit meeting 米朝首脳会談 Vol.3 — Policy Changes 政策変更 Vol.9)

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US Policy Changes Vol.88 (North Korea Vol.6: US-North Korea summit meeting)

US Policy Changes Vol.87 (North Korea Vol.5: US-North Korea summit meeting)

US Policy Changes Vol.86 (North Korea Vol.4: US-North Korea summit meeting)

US Policy Changes Vol.85 (North Korea Vol.3: US-North Korea summit meeting)

US Policy Changes Vol.84 (North Korea Vol.2: US-North Korea summit meeting)

US Policy Changes Vol.75 (North Korea Vol.1)

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.21(U.S.-North Korea summit meeting 米朝首脳会談 Vol.2 — Policy Changes 政策変更 Vol.8)


U.S.-Japan Summit Meetings 日米首脳会談 Vol.17(Abe’s visit to the U.S. 安倍首相訪米:U.S.-North Korea summit meeting 米朝首脳会談 Vol.1 など)/ G7 Canada 先進国首脳会議 サミット / Tariffs 輸入制限・関税


U.S.-Japan Summit Meetings 日米首脳会談 Vol.16(Abe’s visit to the U.S. 安倍首相訪米:North Korea, China, South Korea など)


Op-ed: A Roadmap for the Day After the Trump-Kim Summit | Martin B. Malin, Hui Zhang @ Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Op-ed: A Bold and Risky Gambit: The Trump Play on North Korea | Elizabeth D. Sherwood-Randall @TheHill
Kim Jong-un has a maximum pressure and engagement strategy of his own: Why talk of a North-South peace treaty is more of the same (04/18/2018) | Jung H. Pak @BrookingsInst
YouTube: Laura Holgate – WMDs, Bad Actors, and North Korea | Snack Break with Aroop Mukharji
Kim Jong-un will not give up North Korea’s nuclear weapons (04/09/2018) | Evans J.R. Revere @BrookingsInst
What China gained from hosting Kim Jong Un: An edge over Washington, not friendship with Pyongyang (04/10/2018) | What China gained from hosting Kim Jong Un | Oriana Skylar Mastro @AEI
Why China Won’t Yield to Trump (04/17/2018) | JEFFREY FRANKEL @ProSyn
Challenging China (04/13/2018) | Gary J. Schmitt, Jamie M. Fly @weeklystandard @AEI


U.S.-Japan Summit Meetings 日米首脳会談 Vol.15(Abe’s visit to the U.S. 安倍首相訪米:North Korea, China, South Korea など)


Another date at Mar-a-Lago: Will Abe and Trump go steady? (04/16/2018) | Mireya Solís @BrooingsInst


TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)


Canada Vol.38 / Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.4

Australia Vol.15 / Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.2

New Zealand Vol.15 / Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.1

Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.3 (Miscellaneous)


TPP, RCEP, and Japan’s Agricultural Policy Reforms (PDF; 03/31/2014) | Hiro Lee, Ken Itakura @osaka_univ_e
CPTPP ‘levels the playing field’ in Japan (02/03/2018) | @WTO Center VCCI

Obama’s visit to Japan(#Hiroshima関連:オバマ前米大統領訪日)



Donald Trump and North Korea tipped to be on agenda as Barack Obama renews friendship with Shinzo Abe (25/03/2018) | Danielle Demetriou @guardian
Abe to lunch with ex-President Obama in Tokyo (03/25/2018) | @NHKWorldNews_EN
安倍首相、オバマ前米大統領と銀座ですしランチ (日本語;写真有;2018年3月25日) | @AFP
「北朝鮮は本当の脅威」 来日中のオバマ元米大統領が北朝鮮情勢について発言 (日本語;2018年3月25日) | 産経新聞
…「第4回世界オピニオン・リーダーズ・サミット オバマ前大統領との対話」(NPO法人世界開発協力機構主催)にゲストとして出席。ブレンダン・スキャネル元駐日アイルランド大使との対談で、北朝鮮情勢や自身の広島訪問などについて語った。…
( Sake Royalty – What PM Shinzo Abe Poured Obama in Tokyo – And Why (May 2014) | @TrueSake )
Obama, in Japan, says NKorea’s isolation means less leverage (03/25/2018) | Yuri Kageyama @AP (@washingtonpost 等多数)
Obama envisions creating ‘a million young Barack Obamas’ during speech in Japan (03/25/2018) | Daniel Chaitin @dcexaminer

Post-presidency Obama meets PM Lee in S’pore: He wants to tell the world about the Obama Foundation and what it can do. (03/20/2018) | Belmont Lay @MothershipSG
Former US President Barack Obama catches up with PM Lee during his brief visit to Singapore (03/20/2018) | @CoconutsSG
Some very lucky young people got to meet Obama in Singapore – here’s what he’s been up to so far (03/20/2018) | Jessica Lin @BusInsiderSG
Listening to former US president Obama in person was 10 times better than seeing a pop star: Generation Grit millennial (03/19/2018) | Theresa Tan @STcom
Ganesh meets Obama in Singapore (03/21/2018) | LUQMAN ARIF ABDUL KARIM @NewStraitsTimes
Barack Obama shows he hasn’t lost his touch in Sydney visit (03/24/2018) | SAM BUCKINGHAM-JONES @australian
President Obama’s delivers invite-only address in Sydney: FACT and logic are being tested around the world, former President Obama has told an exclusive invite-only crowd in Sydney. (03/24/2018) | @newscomauHQ
Former US President Barack Obama’s third and final day in New Zealand (23/03/2018) | @nzherald
Obama in New Zealand for meetings, golf, but no public talks (03/25/2018) | Nick Perry @AP @washingtonpost
Former US president Barack Obama jets in to Auckland tonight (20/03/2018) | Claire Trevett @NewstalkZB

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Germany ドイツ Vol.2(The 4th Merkel Administration, et al. メルケル政権4期目発足 等)

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Germany Vol.6 (Grand Coalition 2018 #GroKo, et al.)

Germany Vol.5 (Economy, et al.)

Germany Vol.3 (German Federal Election 2017)

Germany Vol.4 (Coalition talks)

Germany Vol.2 (German history)
Germany Vol.1 (Bundesbank Jan2015)

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.19(North Korea, China, Hawaii, Guam, South Korea, New Zealand, TPP, Pakistan, Iranなど)

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TRUMP IN 2018 | @BrookingsInst
The consequences of increasing concentration and decreasing competition—and how to remedy them (01/05/2018) | William A. Galston and Clara Hendrickson @BrookingsInst
New tax law means fighting over unfunded state pension plans is about to get worse (01/11/2018) | Robert C. Pozen @BrookingsInst
The danger in deregulation (01/09/2018) | Samantha Gross @BrookingsInst
Post-American Europe and the new geopolitics (Podcast; 01/12/2018) | Fred Dews and Thomas Wright @BrookingsInst
The future of U.S.-Pakistani Relations (01/12/2018) | Madiha Afzal @BrookingsInst

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Iran Nuclear Agreement Vol.1
Iran Nuclear Agreement Vol.2
Iran Nuclear Agreement Vol.3
Iran Nuclear Agreement Vol.4
Iran Nuclear Agreement Vol.5