U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.105(Hawaii ハワイ州)

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Hawaii Vol.6
Hawaii Vol.5
Hawaii Vol.4 (corporations)
Hawaii Vol.3
Hawaii Vol.2
Hawaii Vol.1 


Science and Technology 科学技術 Vol.4(Telemedicine 遠隔医療 Vol.1)/ #Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.4


In the time of coronavirus, telemedicine brings physicians where they’re needed most – Expert Opinion (04/10/2020) | Frederick Hitti @PhillyInquirer
… The system’s most obvious use is permitting physicians who are unable to physically come to the hospital – perhaps because they are under quarantine – to remotely care for patients. This telemedicine system is also a boon for physicians physically present at the hospital. There is a severe shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gowns and masks, so the eICU system could be used to care for patients without entering the room, reducing the amount of PPE used. Furthermore, the computer system monitors vital signs and alerts physicians if a patient’s condition deteriorates. The eICU system and other telemedicine systems are also enabling critical care and emergency department doctors to remotely consult doctors in other specialties, providing the best multidisciplinary care. …

A healthy connection: Pandemic shows need for rural broadband as health care providers turn to telemedicine (04/18/2020) | Anna Brugmann @columbiatribune
… Yet, some practitioners and patients have been slow to incorporating telehealth into their daily practice. Not only can it be an additional time tax on busy rural providers, but some patients find it strange to discuss something as intimate as health outcomes from their sofa. …
…86% of Missourians have access to internet speeds of 25 megabits a second (mbps)…
Standard internet video services, like Zoom, require speeds of 0.6 and 1.2 mbps for an extended period of time. But the higher the internet speeds, the more people and devices can operate on one line. All of this makes fiber internet ideal for video conferencing and household use. …

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.104(Alaska アラスカ州)

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Alaska Vol.8 (state, etc.)
Alaska Vol.7 (cities, economy, etc.)
Alaska Vol.6
Alaska Vol.5
Alaska Vol.4 (corporations)
Alaska Vol.3
Alaska Vol.2 (miscellaneous)
Alaska Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.103(Massachusetts マサチューセッツ州)

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Massachusetts Vol.10 (cities, etc.)
Massachusetts Vol.9 (state, etc.)
Massachusetts Vol.8 (corporations, universities)
Massachusetts Vol.7 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.22 (#SuperTuesday)
Massachusetts Vol.6 (Harvard University)
Massachusetts Vol.5 (Harvard University)
Massachusetts Vol.4 (corporations)
Massachusetts Vol.3 (corporations)
Massachusetts Vol.2
Massachusetts Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.102(Illinois イリノイ州)

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Illinois Vol.9 (corporations)
Illinois Vol.8 (cities, counties)
Illinois Vol.7 (state, economy, etc.)
Illinois Vol.6 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.32 (#SuperTuesday3) 
Illinois Vol.5 (state, corporations, etc.)
Illinois Vol.4 (cities, etc.)
Illinois Vol.3
Illinois Vol.2
Illinois Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.101(Washington D.C. ワシントンDC コロンビア特別区)

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Washington D.C. Vol.3 (think tanks, universities)
Washington D.C. Vol.2 (federal government, the mass media, etc.)
Washington D.C. Vol.1 (local government, museums, etc.)

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.100(West Virginia ウェストバージニア州)

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West Virginia Vol.5 (incl #coronavirus) 5/23追加
West Virginia Vol.4 (state, cities)
West Virginia Vol.3 (West Virginia University)
West Virginia Vol.2
West Virginia Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.99(West Virginia ウェストバージニア州)

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MINERAL WELLS, WV | Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia, Inc. (TMMWV) | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia: Women of the Line (03/09/2019; YouTube) | The Wheel Network
Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia (TMMWV) – 20th Anniversary (09/22/2016; YouTube) | The Wheel Network

NS Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc.

US Locations | Diamond Electric Mfg. Corp

Global Networks – North America | NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD.
NGK Spark Plug MFG (U.S.A.), Inc. | @CAAlliance

Nippon Thermostat of America Corp
WV: Nippon Thermostat’s New $4M Expansion Investment Doubles Jobs (22/08/2012)

Nippon Tungsten USA


Teikoku USA/Chempump

JPN Precision LLC
Japanese company to open first North American operation in Charleston (02/05/2016) | @WSAZnews

Kureha PGA, LLC | @CAAlliance

Contact Us | Kuraray America, Inc.

Locations | Toyota Tsusho America, Inc.
Locations – North America | MEIJI CORPORATION
Contact Us | K.S. of West Virginia Co. Ltd.
Weirton Facility | Feroleto Steel Company, Inc.
Locations | Green Metals, Inc.
Overseas business locations | 岡谷鋼機株式會社

Japanese Investment in West Virginia (PDF) | @wvdevo

International Investment in West Virginia (PDF) | @wvdevo
Mountain State Manufacturing (PDF) | @WVExecMag

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.98(Connecticut コネティカット州)

All the below links/tweets but some in Japanese are in English.

Connecticut Vol.6 (state, cities, etc.)
Connecticut Vol.5 (New Haven, Hartford, etc.)
Connecticut Vol.4 (economy, etc.)
Connecticut Vol.3 (corporations)
Connecticut Vol.2
Connecticut Vol.1

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U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.97(Oregon オレゴン州)

All the below links/tweets but some in Japanese are in English.

Oregon Vol.7 (cities, companies, etc.)
Oregon Vol.6 (cities, etc.)
Oregon Vol.5 (state, cities, etc.)
Oregon Vol.4 (corporations)
Oregon Vol.3 (University of Oregon, Willamette University)
Oregon Vol.2 (Oregon State University)
Oregon Vol.1

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