ツイッター paper.li Vol.23

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Cisco chooses the Netherlands for digital investment (07/02/2017) | Dieter Oude Kotte @Iamsterdam

UT to Play Leading Role in NASA Aviation Revolution (04/10/2017) | @ChancellorDav @ResearchUTK

People killed by terrorism per year in Western Europe 1970-2015 (22/05/2017) | @galka_max @Datagraver

New Alliance to Drive and Measure Industry Progress to Curb Antimicrobial Resistance (18/05/2017) | @IFPMA

A G7 Summit of Solid Security Success: Prospects for Togetherness with Trump at Taormina (05/23/2017) | @jjkirton @g7_rg @g7_g20

Bemoaning the BuzzFeed treatment of science (11/05/2017) | @JeanBalchin @HumanitiesOtago @odtnews @simonecmarshall

Which countries provide their citizens with the best higher education? (04/05/2017) | @wef

U.K. イギリス Vol.11 (Brexit Vol.10: General Election 2017 イギリス解散総選挙 Vol.1 - Manifestos, et al. 政党マニフェスト抜粋等)

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UK Vol.87 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.16: 2017 General Election – Conservative Party Manifesto) 保守党マニフェスト抜粋

UK Vol.86 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.15: 2017 General Election – Labour Party Manifesto) 労働党マニフェスト抜粋

UK Vol.88 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.17: 2017 General Election – a long-term plan for elderly care and the war on terror) (マニフェストや記事を読んだ限りでは税ではないなど少々名付けられ方とは異なると言え、しかし各種個人費用は元来青天井でもありその話題に正面から突っ込むといずれにしても確かに批判の対象にもなり易いため国民への補助の範囲を広げるにしても選挙後に真剣に取り組むべきであった)『認知症税』 及び (警察官の数が減ったからと言うよりもっと分析的な批判は無いのかと感じざるを得ない)テロ対策 の関連
※ 日本時間6月5日昼時点で政権交代にまで踏み込んだ英語情報はありませんが、EU離脱以外に出てきたこの2つの争点により政権交代の可能性も出てきたと見ております。特に、警察官の数が減ったという事実の指摘は誰でも分かるものなので、選挙報道としては繰り返され易く、内容は無いが威力が強いと言えましょう。

UK Vol.81 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.14 – Theresa May calls for a General Election to be held on June 8th) 解散関連


ツイッター paper.li Vol.19

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Cape Town bursting at the seams (12/19/2014) | @nashhannibal,@rox_henderson @TimesLIVE

Rightsizing the Region: France Redraws its Map (12/9/2014) | @BrookingsInst

Signs of an economic improvement (1/19/2015) | @Bundesbank

Analysis: UK wind generated more electricity than coal in 2016 (1/5/2017)| @DrSimEvans @CarbonBrief

Quebec tables balanced budget; says economic climate remains ‘favourable’ (3/17/2016) | @NickVanPraet @globeandmail

B.C. could lead Canadian economic growth in low-loonie era, economists say (1/15/2016) | @CBC

Economic Outlook 2016: B.C. to fly above resource mire (1/5/2016) | @jenstden @bizinvancouver

Prince Edward Island | @UWaterloo

Economic Development and Tourism | @CornwallHeath @InfoPEI

Saskatchewan to Rebound from Recession in 2016 (12/7/2015) | @Conferenceboard

Strong Saskatchewan economy despite challenges (1/16/2016) | @MJTimesHerald @PressReader

How will low oil prices affect Saskatchewan’s economy? (1/18/2016) | @LeishaCBC,@JSGSPP @CBC

U.S.-Japan Summit Meetings 日米首脳会談 Vol.5(Abe’s Visit to the U.S. 安倍首相訪米)

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Japan’s Abe Says U.S., Japan Leaders Working On New Economic Dialogue: New discussions could serve as replacement for stalled Trans-Pacific Partnership (2/10/2017) | @damianpaletta & @TokyoWoods @WSJ
… The two leaders agreed that the economic dialogue between their deputies, Messrs. Pence and Aso, will cover three broad areas: coordinating fiscal and monetary policies; infrastructure investments, energy issues and cybersecurity; and bilateral trade, according to a senior official in a briefing with reporters. …
…he had hinted in recent weeks that Tokyo could be open to discussing a bilateral pact with the U.S. if requested by the Trump administration…
… A train that runs on Japan’s magnetic levitation, or maglev, system could travel between Washington and New York in about an hour, Mr. Abe told Mr. Trump, according to the Japanese official. Tokyo has funded an ongoing early-stage study to build the first leg of such a railway system between Washington and Baltimore.

Trump reaffirms U.S.-Japan security alliance in bid to soothe fears in Tokyo (w Videos; 2/10/2017) | @DavidNakamura & @abbydphillip @washingtonpost
… He denounced a sizable U.S. trade deficit to Japan and suggested Japan and South Korea were not paying their share to support American troops based in the region.
But the summit, aggressively pursued by the Japanese, aimed to erase doubts, even as the two sides remain at odds over how to move forward on trade and economic ties.
Trump sought to present the two countries in close harmony over shared challenges on North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs and China’s aggression in the South China Sea — “both of which I consider a very, very high priority,” he said. …
The Japanese leader also pledged that his country would play a “greater role” in defense and security operations, although he was vague on what that might entail. Japan’s Self-Defense Forces are prohibited from combat missions abroad under the constitution imposed on the country by the United States after World War II. …
The summit was being watched closely by U.S. allies and partners across the globe for signs over how Trump would deal with a powerful ally after the unpredictable bluster of his campaign and early weeks of his presidency. …
It was not clear, however, whether Trump understood him; the president failed to attach the earpiece of his translation device until after Abe’s opening statement.

US-Japan alliance top priority as Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump embrace at the White House (w Video; 2/11/2017) | @AAPinLA @smh
“We have a very, very good bond.”
“Very, very good chemistry.” …
Ahead of the meeting, Mr Abe said that hacking, anti-trust laws and mistrust between the world’s largest nations was hindering global trade, and warned of a “threat” to the world economy in a speech to the US Chamber of Commerce. …
…announcing the US would build up its military presence alongside Japan to make their defensive capabilities “impenetrable”. …
…US Defence Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have already confirmed that the US continues to see the isles as part of its commitment to the alliance…
…the main aim of this meeting is to show clearly to those at home and abroad that the US-Japan alliance is unshakable,” Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Koichi Hagiuda…

Donald Trump shook the Japanese Prime Minister’s hand for 19 seconds (w Video; 2/11/2017) | @brennawilliams @CNN
Diplomacy is an art. …

In Welcoming Shinzo Abe, Trump Affirms U.S. Commitment to Defending Japan (w Video; 2/10/2017) | @juliehdavis & @peterbakernyt @nytimes
… “This administration is committed to bringing those ties even closer. We are committed to the security of Japan and all areas under its administrative control and to further strengthening our very crucial alliance.” …
Speaking without notes later in the news conference, Mr. Trump said he had hit it off with Mr. Abe personally. “We have a very, very good bond — very, very good chemistry,” he said. “I’ll let you know if it changes, but I don’t think it will.” …
Acutely aware of Mr. Trump’s complaints about foreign competitors, Mr. Abe stressed that “Japanese businesses have built factories all over the United States” and invested $150 billion, creating many American jobs. “Japan, with our high level of technical capability, we will be able to contribute to President Trump’s growth strategy,” he said. “There will be even more new jobs being born in the United States.” …
…may have questions in private for Mr. Trump about his provocative statements related to Japan, including his warning to Toyota on Twitter that he would slap a “big border tax” on the carmaker if it built a new plant in Mexico and…
Even so, Mr. Abe’s visit could fuel suspicions in Beijing that Mr. Trump intends to make Japan, rather than China, the focal point of his engagement with Asia. That would be a distinct shift from former President Barack Obama, who hosted Mr. Xi in 2013 for an informal summit meeting at the 200-acre Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage, Calif. …
After a working lunch at the White House on Friday, the two leaders planned to board Air Force One and fly to… Mar-a-Lago…

Trump says US committed to Japan security, in change from campaign rhetoric (2/10/2017) | @reuters @CNBC
… A joint U.S.-Japanese statement said the U.S. commitment to defend Japan through nuclear and conventional military capabilities is unwavering.
The statement amounted to a victory for Abe, who came to Washington wanting to develop a sense of trust and friendship with the new U.S. president and send a message that the decades-old alliance is unshakable.
… The statement said the two leaders affirmed that Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan security treaty covered the islands, known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China. …
Abe said he was “fully aware” of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the multilateral trade accord. But he said…
“I am quite optimistic that … good results will be seen from the dialogue,” he said, adding that Japan was looking for a fair, common set of rules for trade in the region. …
The Mar-a-Lago visit will be Trump’s first use of his Florida getaway for diplomatic purposes. …

Trump, Abe news conference – live updates (2/10/2017) | @RebeccaShabad @CBSPolitics

Global Power City Index(世界の都市総合力ランキング)2016 - Institute for Urban Strategies, Mori Memorial Foundation(森記念財団都市戦略研究所)

The below link is in English.

標記 Global Power City Index 2016 | Institute for Urban Strategies, The Mori Memorial Foundation において、東京が3位にランクインしています。
日本発の数少ない指標において日本の代表都市が正々堂々上位ランクインしていることを残しておく意味でも、ご参考まで summary の一部を以下貼らせて頂きます。

ツイッター paper.li Vol.17

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Explainer: what rights do workers have to getting paid in the #GigEconomy? (1/23/2017) | @ConversationEDU

The End of Conventional Industry Sectors (1/3/2017) | (@pwc_de @PwC_Luxembourg) @stratandbiz

Animal biology, human health dominate 2016 @EurekAlert! trending news list (12/27/2016)

Facebook Establishes Large Data Centre in Odense (1/19/2017) | @SteenHommel @InvestinDenmark @UM_dk

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.16(Policy Changes Vol.6 ー 政策変更)

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Vol.55(ニクソン政権との比較 Vol.1)

Vol.54(R&D Vol.2)

Vol.53(観光、IT等 Vol.3 - ホテル産業、デジタルディバイド)

Vol.52(その他 Vol.7 - 価値観、国体)

Vol.51(その他 Vol.6 - 論文:格差と民主主義制度の反応性)

Vol.50(インフラ Vol.5 - 水道)

Vol.49(外交 Vol.8)

Vol.48(ヘルスケア Vol.4)

Vol.47(その他 Vol.5 - 論文:政治の機能不全)

Vol.46(雇用 Vol.5 - 貿易、有給休暇、最低賃金、収入)

Vol.45(外交 Vol.7 - 論文:グローバリゼーション)

Vol.44(安全保障 Vol.3 - テロリズム、予算、核、IS)

German Arctic Office to act as consultant to politics and industry

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German Arctic Office to act as consultant to politics and industry (1/4/2017) | @AWI_de @EurekAlert
ドイツは北極圏に属さず領海も狭く北極関連の枠組みでも原則的にはメンバーになっていない反面、技術に強い経済大国であるところ、ドイツの Arctic Office についての記事と一部抜粋です。なお、現在、1月22-27日(於:TROMSØ,NORWAY。主催:Arctic Frontiers。)の”WHITE SPACE – BLUE FUTURE” が開催されています。

… The shrinking sea ice and collapsing permafrost coasts are now also becoming topics on the agenda of international politics and industry. …
… Due to the geopolitical, geo-economic and geo-ecological significance of the north polar region, which is changing particularly rapidly as a result of global warming, the German government endeavours to make the Arctic a key issue of German politics. … …Dr Volker Rachold. …
The German Arctic Office was initiated by the German Foreign Office, which represents Germany as an observer in the Arctic Council, and by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which promotes Arctic research in Germany. …
… “Our network includes polar scientists of the Alfred Wegener Institute, but also scientists from other research institutions such as the Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research. …
… “These countries are interested in our research results, for example the designation of marine protected areas. … Germany for instance contributes to the improvement of ice predictions for shipping and to averting possible environmental risks as a result of increased shipping,”…
He believes that investments by industry and politics in the Arctic region cannot be stopped, they can only be given sustained and vigilant support – for example by making use of modern environmental technology and by means of forward-thinking research. “One of our tasks at the Arctic Office is to explore specific questions asked by the government and companies together with institutions and universities, so that researchers can look into these issues. …

ツイッター paper.li Vol.16

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CSIRO backs PhotonAssay gold technology: @CSIROnews is partnering with Chrysos Corp to bring to market its PhotonAssay X-ray gold detection technology (1/4/2017) | @MiningMagazine

Government’s ‘reckless attitude’ to steel could trigger crisis in car manufacturing, warns Welsh expert (3/31/2016) | @gavindjharper @WalesOnline

@MPAA: U.S. Film & TV Industry Generates $121 Billion in Wages (9/2/2016) | @Deadline @lights_film @THR

So let’s talk about the debate tonight (9/26/2016) | @tore_more @CFBStrategies

The top stories of 2016 (12/16/2016) | @RyersonU

US Policy Changes Vol.26 (National Security Vol.2 – Key posts, Europe…) (12/19/2016) | World Solutions

U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.15(Policy Changes Vol.5 ー 政策変更)

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Vol.43(観光、放送等 Vol.2 - キューバの観光業界、タクシー・ホテルのギグエコノミー、AT&Tとタイムワーナーの合併話)

Vol.42(雇用 Vol.4 - 人類進歩の新指標、責任あるナショナリズム)

Vol.41(規制緩和 Vol.6 - 金融、連邦準備制度改革)

Vol.40(外交 Vol.6 - イスラエル=パレスチナ、イラン)

Vol.39(その他 Vol.4 - 論文:ハリケーンSandy)

Vol.38(インフラ Vol.4 - 公共投資、第5世代通信方式)

Vol.37(貿易 Vol.5 - 都市部雇用、米ドル高、グローバリゼーション)

Vol.36(外交 Vol.5 - イスラエル=パレスチナ、ロシア、イラン、シリア)

Vol.35(雇用 Vol.3 - 所得格差)

Vol.34(規制緩和 Vol.5 - 金融)

Vol.33(その他 Vol.3 - 論文:イノベーションのための企業相互交流 Levine, S. S., Gorman, T., & Prietula, M. J.)

Vol.32(その他 Vol.2 - 論文:投票率 Henry S. Farber)