World 世界情勢等 Vol.43(Russia, etc. ロシア など)

All the below links and tweets are in English.


World Vol.369 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – incl Zelenska’s address to U.S. Congress)

World Vol.367 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Ukraine’s First Lady on U.S. trip)

World Vol.366 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – grain, etc.)

World Vol.365 (economy – incl G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Bali)

World Vol.364 (miscellaneous – incl U.S. President Biden’s trip to Middle East)

World Vol.363 (U.S. economy)

World Vol.362 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – G20 foreign ministers meeting in Indonesia, economy)

World Vol.361 (economy)

World Vol.360 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Ukraine Recovery Conference, etc.)

World Vol.359 (miscellaneous)

World Vol.358 (U.S., Hong Kong, etc.)

World Vol.357 (miscellaneous)

World369 OlenaZelenska US Congress @NewsHour
World367 Secretary Blinken’s Meeting With Ukraine’s First Lady Zelenska @StateDeptSpox
World366 Turkey announces deal with Ukraine, Russia and UN aimed at resuming grain exports @Reuters,@guardian
World366 White House warns Russia planning to annex parts of southern Ukraine @kiranstacey,@FT
World365 U.S. inflation hits @BLS_gov,@StatistaCharts
World365 Housing shortage @emilymbadger,@EveSuane,@UpshotNYT,@nytimes
World365 What is generational wealth and how do you build it @kiaraalfonseca,@ABCWorldNews
World364 US, Saudi Arabia agree on stopping Iran getting nuclear weapons @Reuters,@Jerusalem_Post
World363 June inflation soared 9.1%, a new 40-year high, amid spiking gas prices @rachsieg,@washingtonpost,@msn
World363 A Hot CPI Report Makes a Recession a Near Certainty @RevShark,@realmoney,@TheStreet
World363 GeigeBook-July13.2022 @federalreserve
World363 Pres Biden Statement @WhiteHouse
World362 Shaping the path to economic recovery @OECD
World362 Secret Economy What Hiding the Stats Does for Russia @UliaStarostina,@CarnegieEndow
World362 Russian Parliament Passes 1st Vote on War Economy @Reuters,@newsmax
World362-2 Russia's Lavrov walks out of G20 as West denounces Ukraine war @Reuters
World361 Swiss Inflation Hits 29-Year High on Ukraine War, Supply Chains @swissstatistics,@bbaschuk,@markets
World361 The dollar is almost equal in value to the euro. Here are the upsides and downsides @PaulWisemanAP,@AP,@latimes
World361 A new indicator of domestic inflation for the euro area @ecb
World361 Posts overstate American drivers' gas usage @rleverafp,@AFPFactCheck
World361 Wages climbed 5.1 percent, a still-rapid pace as Fed awaits slowdown. @jeannasmialek,@nytimes
World361 minutes @federalreserve
World361 ‘It’s really a mess’ The growing split between workers and bosses on returning to the office @ktkjohnston,@BostonGlobe
World360 July6 @KyivIndependent
World360 Shmyhal @TpyxaNews
World358 HK-economy @RFI_En,@AFP
World358 drone-commerce-states @bskorup,@mercatus
World358 guns-regulated @lisakrstin
World357 Los Angeles may ban new gas stations to help combat climate emergency @dani_anguiano,@guardian
World357 As Abortion Pills Take Off, Some States Move to Curb Them @christinevestal,@pewtrusts
World43 @RobinBrooksIIF-@HannoLustig
World43 Russia posts declines in gas production and gas exports @anders_aslund,@BOFITresearch
World43 Russia’s Sakhalin-2 LNG Plant Asks Buyers to Pay Gazprombank @SStapczynski,@business
World43 Sakhalin @RKSingh96828356














































































































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