World 世界情勢等 Vol.40(Ukraine, etc. ウクライナなど) / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.191

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World Vol.343 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – NATO, Putin-Xi, etc.)

World Vol.342 (U.S., etc. – interest rate hikes, etc.)

World Vol.341 (economy – U.S., Europe, etc.)

World Vol.340 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.339 (Americas, U.K., etc.)

World Vol.338 (oil & gas)

World Vol.337 (China, U.K., U.S., Australia)

World Vol.336 (miscellaneous)

World Vol.335 (Twitter – stock, etc.)

World Vol.334 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – U.S., etc.)

World Vol.333 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Europe, etc.)

World Vol.332 (economy – miscellaneous)

World343 Sending Stingers To Ukraine Has Increased The Urgency Of Developing New U.S. Army Air Defenses @lthompsonlex,@Forbes
World343 3-year agriculture partinership with Ukraine to address the food crisis @farnazfassihi,@nytimesworld
World342 projections @federalreserve
World342 Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement @federalreserve
World341 Nagel “The era of zero or negative interest rates is over” @bundesbank,@derspiegel
World341 Eurosystem staff macroeconomic projections for the euro economy @ecb
World341 Negotiated wage rises for 2022 the results so far @banquedefrance
World341 Inflation Demands Bold Fed Action @WSJopinion
World340 sea-lane-grain-exports @FarmPolicy
World340 Turkey-25percent-discount @ragipsoylu,@MiddleEastEye
World340 stealing-grain-selling @Textyorgua_Eng
World340 end-sister-cities @latimes
World340-Sci old-tech @CBSEveningNews
World340-Sci 3D-laser-scanning @dwnews
World340-Sci end-climate-policy @BjornLomborg,@ForeignPolicy
World339 Russian military moves in the Arctic worry the U.S. and NATO @YahooNews Melissa Rossi
World339 Cn-Ru defended sanctions NK missile tests @taiwanplusnews
World338 Op-Ed Put a price cap on Russian oil while the EU hammers out an embargo @baselinescene,@LukaszRachel,@latimes,@RobinBrooksIIF
World338 Warning Signs For The Next Oil Price Crash @laffngeconomist,@Forbes
World338 Sorry, But for You, Oil Trades at $250 a Barrel @JavierBlas,@bopinion,@ProfessorKaren
World338 forecasts @EIAgov
World337 Secretary of State Blinken to China You Want to Compete Bring It On! @djrothkopf,@thedailybeast
World337 Chinese fighter jet 'chaffs' Australian plane near South China Sea, Canberra alleges @BradLendon,@cnni
World336 German submarines are giving Turkey an edge over Greece @TheEconomist
World335 Why Wall Street Thinks Elon Musk Is Getting Out of the Twitter Deal @alex_kirshner,@DivesTech,@slate
World334 HIMARS @ studylib
World333 China quietly increases purchases of low-priced Russian oil @chinapersian,@Florence_Tan,@Reuters,@CSIS_Trade
World333 Austria Could Require Years to Cut Off Russian Gas Entirely @virtualnomad,@martoneder,@SStapczynski,@business
World332 Fed Saw Aggressive Hikes Providing Flexibility Later This Year @economics,@ctorresreporter,@SteveMatthews12
World332 DigitalEconomy US Trade in ICT @BEA_News
World332 Profit expectations fall at US companies, NABE says @CFODive,@JamesLTyson,@business_econ
World332 HomeBuilder and first home buyer grants made housing less affordable says Reserve Bank @ABCaustralia,@abcnews,@RBAInfo
World40 Oil Crops Outlook June 2022 @USDA_ERS
World40 June WASDE shows slight changes to corn, soybeans @HighPlainsJrnl
World40 Ukrainians struggle to ship grain out of war-torn country @csdigest,@FPShow
World40 June Corn & Soybean Outlook Update @PUCommercialAg,@FarmPolicy










































































































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World 世界情勢等 Vol.38(Ukraine, etc. ウクライナなど) / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.190

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World Vol.318 (New Zealand, U.S., Canada – miscellaneous: incl VancouverSun)

World Vol.317 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.316 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.315 (U.S., etc – miscellaneous)

World Vol.314 (U.S., Canada, Australia, etc. – miscellaneous: incl CP24, abcnews)

World Vol.313 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.312 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – U.S.)

World Vol.311 (economy incl G20)

World Vol.310 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – European Council, Spain, Denmark)

World Vol.309 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.308 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: U.S. media, etc.)

World Vol.307 (miscellaneous: U.S. media, etc.)

World318 global-stagflation @valentinaromei,@theboysmithy,@financialtimes,@financialpost,@VancouverSun
World318 provinces-inflation @pamheaven,@financialpost,@VancouverSun
World318 supply-housing-affordability @BatPost,@VancouverSun
World318 The odds of a home price decline hitting your local housing market, as told by one interactive chart @NewsLambert,@FortuneMagazine,@CoreLogicInc,@UsajRealty
World317 Is Weakening Russia a Bad Idea @ForeignPolicy,@MatthewKroenig,@EmmaMAshford
World316 statement-visit-to-kyiv @SpeakerPelosi
World315 We should not forget the dangers hiding under Afghan soil @AJEnglish,@CharlotteSlente
World314 bird-flu @nytimes
World314 Climate change may increase risk of new infectious diseases @CP24,@AP,@drewcostley
World313 Behind Austin’s Call for a ‘Weakened’ Russia, Hints of a Shift @nytimes,@SangerNYT
World312 Secretary Blinken and Secretary Austin’s Travel to Ukraine @StateDept
World311 War Dims Global Economic Outlook as Inflation Accelerates @IMFNews
World311 IMF says Russia's war in Ukraine will 'severely set back' global economy @juliakhorowitz,@CNNBusiness
World311 EXPLAINER - What’s the impact if Europe cuts off Russian oil @AP
World310 Denmark,Spain @Lylalilas EUCO @TheSAnews
World309 Kharkiv map @mhmck
World309 map @JominiW
World308 Mariupol map @ABC,@AP
World307 Biden launches $6B effort to save distressed nuclear plants @AP,@JenMcDermottAP,@MatthewDalyWDC
World307 Why meat with 'raised without antibiotics' labels could be misleading @ABC,@kmcckelly
World307 Record arrivals of Cubans, Nicaraguans and Colombians fuel 22-year high in U.S. border arrests @CBSNews
World307 Good ventilation helps prevent COVID spread — if businesses invest in it @NewsHour,@KHNews
World38 U.S.’s Baby-Formula Shortage Further Snarled, This Time by Ukraine War @l_e_whyte,@WSJ
World38 Ukraine and Russia are the world’s two biggest exporters of edible vegetable fats such as sunflower oil @TheEconomist
World38 Sunflower oil supplies improve as EU market adapts to war in Ukraine @Reuters,@rapplerdotcom
World38 It’s time to trade 8 free-trade deals Brussels wants to seal @LeonieKij,@SarahAnneAarup,@POLITICOEurope
































































「Ukraine」及び「sunflower oil」を入力検索して出て来たツイート

Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.52(IPEF, North Korea)

Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.51(Quad, Taiwan)

Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.50(Quad Summit, Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF), etc. 日米豪印クアッド、インド太平洋経済枠組み など)/ U.S.-Japan Summit Meetings 日米首脳会談 Vol.26(President Biden’s visit to Japan バイデン米大統領訪日)


Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.46

Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.45

World 世界情勢等 Vol.30 / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.185

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World Vol.226 (incl U.S. politics)

World Vol.225 (U.S., Russia, Ukraine)

World Vol.224 (Tonga eruption)

World Vol.223 (U.S., Australia, etc.)

World Vol.222 (U.S. economy, Kazakhstan protests, diplomatic boycott, etc.; BerkeleyHaas, etc.)

World Vol.221 (NewshubNZ; U.S. meat, Happy New Year, etc.)

World Vol.220 (Pennsylvania, Colorado, Australia, China, etc.)

World226 Goldman Sachs Says We're Entering a Commodity Supercycle. Here Are 3 Names to Play It. @Flower_Power_67,@YahooFinance,@MotleyFoolMoney
World223 Rising Interest Rates Hurting Tech Growth Stocks in Favor of Value Stocks @thinkorswim,@TDAmeritrade
World223 Tech Investors Extend Rotation to Value From Growth as Rates Rise @barronsonline
World222 Is Gasoline Becoming Unaffordable @energyathaas,@BorensteinS
World222 Why are so many Americans quitting their jobs @BerkeleyHaas,@NPR,@umalmend
World222 S&P 500 posts worst start to a year since 2016 @BNNBloomberg
World221 Biden Promotes Plan Aimed at Tackling Meat Prices @WSJPolitics,@PatThomas1318,@catherine_lucey
World221 planned merger @NewshubNZ,@Orcon,@2degreesmobile
World221 Urban farming's popularity rising in New Zealand as low carbon growing alternative @NewshubNZ
World220 UK-houses @business,@BloombergUK
World220 Seattle-houses @seattletimes




























Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.39(Omicron, earthquake, etc. オミクロン、地震 など)

World 世界情勢等 Vol.29 / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.184

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World Vol.219 (U.S. media)

World Vol.218 (Christmas, economy, etc.)

World Vol.217 / Science and Technology Vol.88 (semiconductors) 半導体

World Vol.216 (WEF; oil & gas corporations)

World Vol.215 (coronavirus – Omicron variant) オミクロン株

World Vol.214 (central banks of Australia and New Zealand; oil & gas corporations)

World219 BayArea-ZIP-rental-prices @sfchronicle,@zillow
World219 What COVID-19 therapies are available in U.S. @StarAdvertiser,@AP
World218 RayDalio @CNBC
World217 Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Inflation The Role of Semiconductors @stlouisfed,@STLFedResearch
World217 Southwest-Economy-4Q-2021 @DallasFed,@gttuttle
World217 Visualizing The Global Semiconductor Supply Chain @VisualCap,@asegroup_global
World217 How New York's ecosystem is uniquely positioned to drive American semiconductor innovation @POLITICO,@dariogila
World216 age-priorities @wef,@pewresearch
World216 5-trends-work @wef,@AdeccoGroup
World215 vaccines @MikeSington,@NIH
World215 fear-Omicron-teamUp-Delta @NewshubNZ
World215 SA-wave-already-peaking @nymag,@intelligencer
World214 ChartPack-1 @RBAInfo
World214 ChartPack-2 @RBAInfo