France フランス Vol.3(2019 G7 Summit G7サミット – Biarritz ビアリッツ)

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France フランス Vol.2(2019 G7 Summit G7サミット – Biarritz ビアリッツ)

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Germany ドイツ Vol.3(corporations, etc. 民間企業など)

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Germany Vol.16 (Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Personal Care, Medical – Bayer, Merck, Nivea, Schwarzkopf, Fresenius)
Germany Vol.15 (Gas, Engineering – Linde, etc.)
Germany Vol.14 (Engineering – ThyssenKrupp)
Germany Vol.13 (Chemical – BASF)
Germany Vol.12 (Conglomerate / Manufacturing – Bosch)
Germany Vol.11 (Conglomerate / Manufacturing – Siemens)
Germany Vol.10 (Software – SAP)
Germany Vol.9 (Finance)
Germany Vol.8 (Finance)
Germany Vol.7 (Finance)

Germany 外交関係など

European Union Vol.6 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.6: DE, AT, etc.)
European Union Vol.8 (Commission, Council, Parliament)

2019 G20 Osaka summit G20大阪サミット Vol.4

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Here are the tweets through around 23:50, June 30 (JST).




2019 G20 Osaka summit G20大阪サミット Vol.3

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Updated at around 23:30, June 30, 14:30, July 1, and 10:00, July 4.
下記14ヶ国及びEUに係る6月30日早朝までの標記関連ツイートを、取り急ぎ以下貼っておきます。 To be continued.
Here are tweets including those concerning the below thirteen countries and the European Union through early morning, June 30 (JST).

South Africa





South Korea

European Union








PM Modi’s G20 Summit concludes with six bilaterals on last day
Prime Minister Phúc in the thick of things at G20 Summit
Chile’s Pinera arrives for G20 (YouTube)

European Parliament election 2019 欧州議会議員選挙

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(アメリカの雑誌では、”Parliamentary” という言葉を使っている例も散見されました。)

European Union Vol.1 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.1: RO, BG, GR, CY, MT) ルーマニア、ブルガリア、ギリシャ、キプロス、マルタ

European Union Vol.2 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.2: PL, CZ, SK, HU, SI, HR) ポーランド、チェコ、スロバキア、ハンガリー、スロベニア、クロアチア

European Union Vol.3 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.3: NL, BE, LU, SE, DK, FI, EE, LV, LT) オランダ、ベルギー、ルクセンブルグ、スウェーデン、デンマーク、フィンランド、エストニア、ラトビア、リトアニア

European Union Vol.4 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.4: FR, IT, ES, PT) フランス、イタリア、スペイン、ポルトガル

European Union Vol.5 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.5: UK, IE) イギリス、アイルランド

European Union Vol.6 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.6: DE, AT, etc.) ドイツ、オーストリア、(今後の)欧州委員会委員長選挙 など

European Union Vol.7 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.7) 全体結果 など

Australia オーストラリア Vol.7(2019 federal election results, etc. 総選挙結果など)

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Australia Vol.17 (2019 federal election)

cf. Australia オーストラリア Vol.6(states, economy, politics, etc. 各州, 経済, 政治 など)
Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.3 (Miscellaneous)
Antarctic Vol.1
など etc.

Alliances Adrift: Is this the end of America’s Asian alliances? (14/05/2019) | Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific 以下、一部抜粋。
… In the face of structural change towards a more multipolar Asian security order, however, coupled with unprecedented uncertainties regarding US credibility and resolve in this part of the world, most of the United States’ Asian alliances are arguably looking increasingly brittle.
Leading experts from Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand contributed their views on the nature and trajectory of alliances at a one-day workshop “Alliances Adrift: Is this the end of America’s Asian alliances?”
The workshop held on 23 April 2019 in Singapore …
… ANU participants included Professor Brendan Taylor, Emeritus Professor William Tow and Dr Lauren Richardson. …
Taylor and Tow subsequently visited Manila on 26th April to attend a roundtable discussion on the “Dilemmas of the Indo-Pacific”. They interacted with Philippines officials and scholars at the Asia-Pacific Pathways-sponsored event where they examined the US’ Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP) strategy. …
Emeritus Professor William Tow provided a synoptic review of the Trump administration’s policy in the Indo-Pacific … also tackled catalysts for the FOIP, such as the possibility of an emerging China-containment doctrine by the US, domestic pressures on the Trump administration to have a different foreign policy from Obama, and the complementarity of ideology and geography to operationalise the “America First” rhetoric.
Professor Brendan Taylor discussed Australia’s stakes in the Indo-Pacific, such as its fears of exclusion from the region and economic decline … underscored the conceptual ambiguity and the divergent interests within the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (between Japan, US, Australia, and India) that may derail future development.
… During the open discussion, participants raised issues such as the feasibility and appropriateness of having a China-containment goal for the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between Japan, the US, Australia, and India …
Taylor and Tow will bring the discussions and papers from these workshops together by co-editing a special issue in an internationally respected journal planned to appear in early 2020. They will also visit Northeast Asia and the United States later this year to follow up the Singapore session …

自由貿易の原則の下での各種の国益最重視 を堅持すれば長期的に国全体としてうまく行く、

Ireland アイルランド Vol.8(St. Patrick’s Day セントパトリックスデー)

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Ireland Vol.37 (St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Vol.1: Republic of Ireland) アイルランドの様子
Ireland Vol.38 (St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Vol.2: Chicago, Boston, New York) シカゴ、ボストン、ニューヨークの様子
Ireland Vol.39 (St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Vol.3: United States) アメリカのその他地域の様子
Ireland Vol.40 (St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Vol.4: Miscellaneous, United Kingdom) イギリスの様子その他


U.K. イギリス Vol.25(England イングランド Vol.7 – East of England)

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Luton を含む Bedfordshire、
Thurrock 及び Southend-on-Sea を含むEssex、
Peterborough を含む Cambridgeshire、です。

Cambridgeshire including Peterborough
UK Vol.120 (England Vol.13 – East of England Vol.6) – Cambridgeshire including Peterborough –
UK Vol.119 (England Vol.12 – East of England Vol.5)
UK Vol.118 (England Vol.11 – East of England Vol.4) – University of Cambridge –
Cambridge’s Silicon Fen shaken by the winds of change (23/07/2016) | @TerryMac999 @guardian
Japan working with UK companies (21/10/2011) | Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce
It’s a new day for Sosei Heptares (19/10/2018) | Mike Scialom @CambridgeIndy
University of Cambridge Kendo Society | @Cambridge_Uni
£2,000 Japanese gin is ‘world’s most expensive’(19/11/2015) | Amy Hopkins @spiritsbusiness
Sushi wars are hotting up in Cambridge as another restaurant opens in the city (23/06/2018) | Raymond Brown @Cambslive
On the market: 1980s Japanese-style single-storey property in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire (11/25/2013) | @WowHauser
英国産「SAKE」で日本発信 欧州で初の酒蔵完成、富裕層中心に商機狙う (09/15/2018) | 産経新聞

Essex including Thurrock and Southend-on-Sea
UK Vol.117 (England Vol.10 – East of England Vol.3)
Japanese specialist plastics company opens first UK premises in Essex | @investessex
Olympus Keymed | @investessex
The Japan-British Exhibition of 1910 (03/06/2019) | ESSEX GARDENS TRUST
New links forged with Japan through Vice-Chancellor’s visit (02/03/2017) | @Uni_of_Essex
University of Essex | 国際教養大学
Japanese Roof Garden | @SOAS
エセックスサマースクール2017を早稲田大学で開講しました ‐スーパーグローバル大学創成支援「Waseda Ocean構想」 (11/07/2017) | 早稲田大学
エセックス大学 | 獨協大学

Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire including Luton
UK Vol.116 (England Vol.9 – East of England Vol.2)
Japanese food comes to Hertford with Oishii by Elle (03/08/2017) | @hertslife
Hertfordshire fire officer leads UK Japan rescue team (14/03/2011) | @BBC
Wasabi launches first UK airport outlet at Luton (21/09/2015) | Caterlyst
Japanese garden wins award (09/08/2011) | Bedford Today
Case Study: Nissan Technical Centre Europe, Cranfield Technology Park, Bedfordshire (PDF) | @BruelKjaerUK
Impact case study (REF3b) – Institution: University of Bedfordshire | #REF2014
Japan: The World’s First Post-Growth Economy? (01/02/2011) | Jeremy Williams @postgrowth
Was this Thatcher’s greatest legacy? (14/09/2009) | Giles Edwards @BBC

Norfolk and Suffolk
UK Vol.115 (England Vol.8 – East of England Vol.1)
Global Perspectives: East Anglian heritage is ‘big in Japan’ (09/12/2017) | Trevor Heaton @EDP24
Japanese distillers come to Norfolk for Maris Otter | @HBanhamLTD
British parts supplier to open largest Honda motorcycle museum outside Japan (01/28/2015) | Kurt Ernst @HemmingsNews

U.K. イギリス Vol.24(England イングランド Vol.6 – East Midlands)

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UK Vol.96 (England Vol.7 – East Midlands Vol.2) – Lincolnshire, Rutland, and Northamptonshire –

Lincolnshire リンカーンシャー州 サッチャー元首相の出身地
First events programmed for Lincoln Japan Festival revealed – and yes, the MOST popular from 2017 is back (16/01/2018) | Dawn Hinsley @LincsLive
£2bn Lincolnshire wind farm takes a step closer as Japanese take stake (08/13/2018) | Sam Metcalf @TBDEastMidlands

Rutland ラトランド州
Kyoto – A Taste of Japan | @info_cookery

Northamptonshire ノーサンプトンシャー州 靴製造で有名
Shoe firm Tricker’s opens Tokyo store (25/04/2019) | @BBC
About British Kendo Association | @Nsport

西3州 “スティルトン チーズ” の3州である、というのは確かです。
UK Vol.84 (England Vol.6 – East Midlands Vol.1) – Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire –
Here you can check out sites related to “Stilton cheese” as well.

Derbyshire ダービーシャー州
なお、競馬用語 “ダービー” は、第12代目ダービー伯爵(サリー州出身)に由来する、とされています。
Toyota to build new Suzuki car at Burnaston factory (20/03/2019) | @bbcemt
Toyota City, Japan | @Derbyshirecc
Westminster visit promotes importance of twinning of Derbyshire and Toyota City (13/09/2018) | @DerbyUni
Derbyshire schools to receive Japanese Sakura cherry trees (21/02/2019) | @chesterfielduk
University of Derby research visit to Japan (20/09/2018) | @EMChamberNews
International Ambassadors experience Japanese summer (01/10/2018) | @BSDCofficial
Big in Japan: Derbyshire-designed headphones tae off in Tokyo (09/12/2014) | @sparky000
トヨタ 欧州向け新型カローラを英ダービーシャーにて生産開始 (01/15/2019) | @carviewcojp
日本ブランドを選ぶ英国人自動車購入者が3分の1増加し、日英の自動車貿易は引きつづき強固 (11/02/2017) | @SankeiBiz_jp
姉妹都市ダービーシャーのご紹介 (観光情報) | 豊田市
イギリス・ダービー大学と心理学部の共同研究が始まる (08/03/2018) | 中京大学

Nottinghamshire ノッティンガムシャー州
Japanese tourists visit first Bramley tree in Southwell (23/08/2012) | @BBC
Japanese Water Gardens
イギリス留学を通じて- Nottingham Trent 大学 (PDF) | @ 豊田工業大学
イギリスにおけるタウンセンターファースト政策を支える必要性の評価と影響評価 (PDF; 11/2013) | @ 公益社団法人 日本都市計画学会

Leicestershire レスターシャー州
British cheese now a ‘status symbol’ in the US and Japan (06/04/2018) | Katie Morley @Telegraph
Burleighs unveils pink gin inspired by Japan (12/08/2016) | Annie Hayes @SpiritsBusiness
Norton Motorcycles makes £20m Japan export deal (11/01/2019) | @LLEPnews
Japanese princess found secretly living in Leicester (20/09/2015) | David Trayner @Independent
Anime (LANMA) | @UoLActivities
レスター残留が決まった岡崎慎司…地元メディアに決意語る! (02/02/2019) | @footballtribejp
まだ終わりじゃない。岡崎慎司、 レスター退団を明言して燃やす向上心 (04/02/2019) | @webSportiva
【導入事例】レスターシャー州警察 | イプロス