World 世界情勢等 Vol.41(soybeans, corn, etc. 大豆、トウモロコシなど) / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.192

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World41 Ukrainian farmers planting soybeans over corn, Seed Association says @MillingandGrain
World41 CBOT Managed Money Positions @Ole_S_Hansen,@SaxoBank,@business
World41 Avg Prices for #corn #soybean #wheat @commodityweek,@ACESIllinois,@JosephJanzen
World41 Ag Market View for June 15.22 @TradeADMIS













World 世界情勢等 Vol.40(Ukraine, etc. ウクライナなど) / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.191

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World Vol.343 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – NATO, Putin-Xi, etc.)

World Vol.342 (U.S., etc. – interest rate hikes, etc.)

World Vol.341 (economy – U.S., Europe, etc.)

World Vol.340 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.339 (Americas, U.K., etc.)

World Vol.338 (oil & gas)

World Vol.337 (China, U.K., U.S., Australia)

World Vol.336 (miscellaneous)

World Vol.335 (Twitter – stock, etc.)

World Vol.334 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – U.S., etc.)

World Vol.333 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Europe, etc.)

World Vol.332 (economy – miscellaneous)

World343 Sending Stingers To Ukraine Has Increased The Urgency Of Developing New U.S. Army Air Defenses @lthompsonlex,@Forbes
World343 3-year agriculture partinership with Ukraine to address the food crisis @farnazfassihi,@nytimesworld
World342 projections @federalreserve
World342 Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement @federalreserve
World341 Nagel “The era of zero or negative interest rates is over” @bundesbank,@derspiegel
World341 Eurosystem staff macroeconomic projections for the euro economy @ecb
World341 Negotiated wage rises for 2022 the results so far @banquedefrance
World341 Inflation Demands Bold Fed Action @WSJopinion
World340 sea-lane-grain-exports @FarmPolicy
World340 Turkey-25percent-discount @ragipsoylu,@MiddleEastEye
World340 stealing-grain-selling @Textyorgua_Eng
World340 end-sister-cities @latimes
World340-Sci old-tech @CBSEveningNews
World340-Sci 3D-laser-scanning @dwnews
World340-Sci end-climate-policy @BjornLomborg,@ForeignPolicy
World339 Russian military moves in the Arctic worry the U.S. and NATO @YahooNews Melissa Rossi
World339 Cn-Ru defended sanctions NK missile tests @taiwanplusnews
World338 Op-Ed Put a price cap on Russian oil while the EU hammers out an embargo @baselinescene,@LukaszRachel,@latimes,@RobinBrooksIIF
World338 Warning Signs For The Next Oil Price Crash @laffngeconomist,@Forbes
World338 Sorry, But for You, Oil Trades at $250 a Barrel @JavierBlas,@bopinion,@ProfessorKaren
World338 forecasts @EIAgov
World337 Secretary of State Blinken to China You Want to Compete Bring It On! @djrothkopf,@thedailybeast
World337 Chinese fighter jet 'chaffs' Australian plane near South China Sea, Canberra alleges @BradLendon,@cnni
World336 German submarines are giving Turkey an edge over Greece @TheEconomist
World335 Why Wall Street Thinks Elon Musk Is Getting Out of the Twitter Deal @alex_kirshner,@DivesTech,@slate
World334 HIMARS @ studylib
World333 China quietly increases purchases of low-priced Russian oil @chinapersian,@Florence_Tan,@Reuters,@CSIS_Trade
World333 Austria Could Require Years to Cut Off Russian Gas Entirely @virtualnomad,@martoneder,@SStapczynski,@business
World332 Fed Saw Aggressive Hikes Providing Flexibility Later This Year @economics,@ctorresreporter,@SteveMatthews12
World332 DigitalEconomy US Trade in ICT @BEA_News
World332 Profit expectations fall at US companies, NABE says @CFODive,@JamesLTyson,@business_econ
World332 HomeBuilder and first home buyer grants made housing less affordable says Reserve Bank @ABCaustralia,@abcnews,@RBAInfo
World40 Oil Crops Outlook June 2022 @USDA_ERS
World40 June WASDE shows slight changes to corn, soybeans @HighPlainsJrnl
World40 Ukrainians struggle to ship grain out of war-torn country @csdigest,@FPShow
World40 June Corn & Soybean Outlook Update @PUCommercialAg,@FarmPolicy










































































































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World 世界情勢等 Vol.39(Russia, etc. ロシアなど)

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World Vol.328 (U.S., etc – miscellaneous)

World Vol.326 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – NATO, Finland, Sweden; U.S.)

World Vol.325 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Finland, Sweden, NATO, U.K., etc.)

World Vol.324 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – G7, U.S.)

World Vol.323 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – U.S., Canada, Germany, etc.)

World Vol.322 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.321 (miscellaneous: rtenews, 9NewsAUS, France24_en, DispatchAlerts, Jerusalem_Post, ajplus, etc.)

World Vol.320 (food crisis, etc.)

World Vol.319 (interest rate hikes)

World Vol.331 (World Economic Forum)
World Vol.330 (World Economic Forum)
World Vol.329 (World Economic Forum)

World328 The end of natural gas has to start with its name @voxdotcom,@rebleber
World326 An Offer NATO Cannot (and Should Not) Refuse Finland’s Membership @lispahani,@just_security,@Karl_Ritter,@AP
World326 What you need to know about Finland, Sweden and NATO @joshberlinger,@cnni
World325 map - Finland's leaders seek to join NATO without delay @washingtonpost
World325 Baltic states hail Finland and Sweden’s expected Nato accession @rmilneNordic,@sdbernard,@FinancialTimes
World325 Finland is all but certain to join the Western military alliance NATO, with Sweden to follow. @JanMOlsen,@AP
World325 How Putin's NATO Nightmare Became a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy @brendanmarkcole,@Newsweek
World324 FACT SHEET United States and G7 Partners Impose Severe Costs for Putin’s War Against Ukraine @WhiteHouse
World324 G7 Leaders’ Statement @G7,@10DowningStreet
World324 G7 Leaders’ Statement @G7,@CanadianPM
World323 Trudeau Canada unannounced visit @nytimes
World322 Starving Ukrainians blocked from receiving aid, lack of Ukrainian wheat may cause world food shortage @CBSNews,@60Minutes
World322 Russians steal vast amounts of Ukrainian grain and equipment, threatening this year's harvest @CNN
World321 Commerce Secretary warns that delays on semiconductor aid could limit Intel's Ohio project @BizMarkWilliams,@DispatchAlerts
World321 Romania ramps up its effort to export Ukrainian crops @rtenews
World321 South Australian ocean organism could be key to animal-free meat, research shows @savannahmeacham,@9NewsAUS
World320 Russia's economy could spiral into a depression under an EU oil embargo. An energy analyst breaks down why Moscow won't be able to rely on China and India to fill the gap. @philrosenn,@busines
World320 Facing a Wheat Crisis, Countries Race to Remake an Entire Market on the Fly @jessenewman13,@PatThomas1318,@WSJ
World319 What Is the U.S. Federal Reserve @CFR_org
World319 Powell wants to get rates closer to neutral. But what’s neutral Think between 5% and 6%, former top Fed staffer says @grobb2000,@MarketWatch
World319 Stagflation Fear Fuels Big Stock Reversal as Post-Fed Cheer Ends @worrachate,@denitsa_tsekova,@economics
World39 EV battery costs could spike 22% by 2026 as raw material shortages drag on @LEBEAUCARNEWS,@CNBC
World39 Russia may boost platinum market as automakers switch from palladium, WPIC says @Reuters,@FoxBusiness
World39 clean-energy-metals @IEA,@nytimes,@PAManufacturers
World39 Russian and Ukrainian commodities review base metals @TheEIU







































































World 世界情勢等 Vol.38(Ukraine, etc. ウクライナなど) / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.190

Almost all the below tweets/links are in English.


World Vol.318 (New Zealand, U.S., Canada – miscellaneous: incl VancouverSun)

World Vol.317 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.316 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.315 (U.S., etc – miscellaneous)

World Vol.314 (U.S., Canada, Australia, etc. – miscellaneous: incl CP24, abcnews)

World Vol.313 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.312 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – U.S.)

World Vol.311 (economy incl G20)

World Vol.310 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – European Council, Spain, Denmark)

World Vol.309 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.308 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: U.S. media, etc.)

World Vol.307 (miscellaneous: U.S. media, etc.)

World318 global-stagflation @valentinaromei,@theboysmithy,@financialtimes,@financialpost,@VancouverSun
World318 provinces-inflation @pamheaven,@financialpost,@VancouverSun
World318 supply-housing-affordability @BatPost,@VancouverSun
World318 The odds of a home price decline hitting your local housing market, as told by one interactive chart @NewsLambert,@FortuneMagazine,@CoreLogicInc,@UsajRealty
World317 Is Weakening Russia a Bad Idea @ForeignPolicy,@MatthewKroenig,@EmmaMAshford
World316 statement-visit-to-kyiv @SpeakerPelosi
World315 We should not forget the dangers hiding under Afghan soil @AJEnglish,@CharlotteSlente
World314 bird-flu @nytimes
World314 Climate change may increase risk of new infectious diseases @CP24,@AP,@drewcostley
World313 Behind Austin’s Call for a ‘Weakened’ Russia, Hints of a Shift @nytimes,@SangerNYT
World312 Secretary Blinken and Secretary Austin’s Travel to Ukraine @StateDept
World311 War Dims Global Economic Outlook as Inflation Accelerates @IMFNews
World311 IMF says Russia's war in Ukraine will 'severely set back' global economy @juliakhorowitz,@CNNBusiness
World311 EXPLAINER - What’s the impact if Europe cuts off Russian oil @AP
World310 Denmark,Spain @Lylalilas EUCO @TheSAnews
World309 Kharkiv map @mhmck
World309 map @JominiW
World308 Mariupol map @ABC,@AP
World307 Biden launches $6B effort to save distressed nuclear plants @AP,@JenMcDermottAP,@MatthewDalyWDC
World307 Why meat with 'raised without antibiotics' labels could be misleading @ABC,@kmcckelly
World307 Record arrivals of Cubans, Nicaraguans and Colombians fuel 22-year high in U.S. border arrests @CBSNews
World307 Good ventilation helps prevent COVID spread — if businesses invest in it @NewsHour,@KHNews
World38 U.S.’s Baby-Formula Shortage Further Snarled, This Time by Ukraine War @l_e_whyte,@WSJ
World38 Ukraine and Russia are the world’s two biggest exporters of edible vegetable fats such as sunflower oil @TheEconomist
World38 Sunflower oil supplies improve as EU market adapts to war in Ukraine @Reuters,@rapplerdotcom
World38 It’s time to trade 8 free-trade deals Brussels wants to seal @LeonieKij,@SarahAnneAarup,@POLITICOEurope
































































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Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.53

Switzerland スイス Vol.5

Switzerland Vol.11

World Vol.331 (World Economic Forum) ダボス会議

World Vol.330 (World Economic Forum) ダボス会議

World Vol.329 (World Economic Forum) ダボス会議

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Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.50(Quad Summit, Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF), etc. 日米豪印クアッド、インド太平洋経済枠組み など)/ U.S.-Japan Summit Meetings 日米首脳会談 Vol.26(President Biden’s visit to Japan バイデン米大統領訪日)


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World 世界情勢等 Vol.37(Ukraine, etc. ウクライナなど) / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.189

All the below links and tweets are in English.


World Vol.305 (U.S., etc. – miscellaneous)

World Vol.304 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.303 (economy incl default, sanctions)

World Vol.302 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) / Germany Vol.36

World Vol.301 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

UK Vol.192 (Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s unannounced visit to Ukraine) / World Vol.300 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.299 (U.S.: newspapers, etc.)

World Vol.298 (U.S., etc. – miscellaneous)

World Vol.297 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.296 (economic sanctions on Russia)

World Vol.295 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – U.N. Security Council, International Criminal Court, etc.)

World Vol.294 (U.S., etc. – miscellaneous)

World305 The Huge Endeavor to Produce a Tiny Microchip @usa_chipmaking,@nytimes
World305 Intel Oregon The Heart of Our R&D @IntelPolicy,@AT983
World304 Pope Francis For 1st Time Denounces Putin As Potentate Fomenting Savage War - Mulls Ukraine Trip @zerohedge
World303 Russia’s First Default in a Century Looks All But Inevitable Now @YahooFinance,@business
World303 Russia relies on ‘payment theatre’ as bondholders prepare for default @FT
World303 Greece seeking role in energy strategy @ekathimerini
World302 map @War_Mapper
World299 FOMC @federalreserve
World299 Fed’s Bullard wants to get benchmark interest rate up to 3.5% this year @MKTWeconomics
World299 Arctic leaders unsure what Russian aggression means for the region’s @adndotcom
World298 banana Ecuador @AFP
World297 map April8 @TheStudyofWar
World297 How Russia is increasingly becoming the Saudi Arabia of the North @jricole,@infcomment
World296 President Biden’s Plan to Respond to Putin’s Price Hike at the Pump @nexta_tv,@WhiteHouse
World296 Weaponisation of finance how the west unleashed ‘shock and awe’ on Russia @FT,@valentinapop,@Sam1Fleming,@JamesPoliti
World296 Can the U.S. and allies freeze Russian gold @CBSNews
World296 A new Indo-Russian transaction platform may be up this week @EconomicTimes,@NinaByzantina
World295 Zelensky vilifies Russia over atrocities @nytimesworld,@rickgladstone
World295 At U.N. Security Council meeting, Zelenskyy accuses Russia of war crimes @NewsHour,@AP
World294 SAP Germany's best — and only — tech giant celebrates 50 years @dwnews
World294 Opinion The Taliban must not get away with suppressing girls' education @dwnews
World37 Ukraine corn map @USDA











































































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