Australia オーストラリア Vol.10(pharmaceutical corporations 製薬会社)

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Pennsylvania Vol.11 (corporations: CSL Behring) / Australia Vol.29
UK Vol.173 (pharmaceutical corporations: Seqirus) / Australia Vol.30


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U.K. イギリス Vol.31(pharmaceutical corporations 製薬会社)

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UK Vol.170 (pharmaceutical corporations: GlaxoSmithKline)


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World 世界情勢等 Vol.7

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World Vol.51
World Vol.50
World Vol.49
World Vol.48
World Vol.47
World Vol.46
World Vol.45
World Vol.44
World Vol.43
World Vol.42
World Vol.41

Science and Technology 科学技術 Vol.10 / #Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.12(pharmaceutical products 医薬品 Vol.3:vaccines ワクチン)

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(The below Vaccine Tracker is from @nytimes.)

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker (10/24/2020) | @nytimes
〇 Genetic Vaccines – Vaccines that deliver…coronavirus’s own genes into our cells to provoke an immune response.
• Moderna & National Institutes of Health [PHASE 3] mRNA
…planned to wait until a significant number of volunteers became sick with Covid-19 and then see how many had been vaccinated. It may take till the end of 2020 or early 2021 to reach the necessary numbers.
• BioNTech & Pfizer & Fosun Pharma (China) [PHASE 2 & 3] mRNA
… Pfizer and BioNTech would not apply for an emergency use authorization before late November at the earliest. …
…will have to be chilled to minus 80 degrees Celsius (minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit) until it’s ready to be injected.
• Zydus Cadila (India) [PHASE 2] DNA-based
• CureVac (Germany) [PHASE 2] mRNA
• Imperial College London (UK) & Morningside Ventures (UK) [PHASE 1 & 2] “self-amplifying” RNA
• AnGes (Japan) & Osaka University (Japan) & Takara Bio (Japan) [PHASE 1 & 2] DNA-based
• Arcturus Therapeutics (CA) & Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore) [PHASE 1 & 2] mRNA
• Inovio (PA) [PHASE 1] DNA-based
• Genexine (South Korea) [PHASE 1] DNA-based
• Academy of Military Medical Sciences (China) & Suzhou Abogen Biosciences (China) & Walvax Biotechnology (China) [PHASE 1] mRNA-based
• Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) & Chula Vaccine Research Center (Thailand) [PHASE 1] mRNA-based
• Entos Pharmaceuticals (Canada) [PHASE 1] DNA
• Sanofi (France) & Translate Bio (MA) [PRECLINICAL] mRNA

〇 Viral Vector Vaccines – Vaccines that contain viruses engineered to carry coronavirus genes. …
• CanSino Biologics (China) & Academy of Military Medical Sciences (China) [PHASE 3]
• Gamaleya Research Institute (Russia) [PHASE 3]
• Johnson&Johnson & Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (MA) [PHASE 3]
• AstraZeneca & University of Oxford [PHASE 2 & 3]
ReiThera (Italy) & Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases (Italy);Vaxart (CA);Merck & Themis Bioscience (Austria) & Institut Pasteur (France);German Center for Infection Research (Germany);Merck & IAVI (NY);ImmunityBio (CA);Novartis …
〇 Protein-Based Vaccines – Vaccines that contain coronavirus proteins but no genetic material. …
• Novavax [PHASE 3]
• Anhui Zhifei Longcom (China) & Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (China) [PHASE 2]
Finlay Vaccine Institute (Cuba);Vector Institute (Russia);Sanofi & GSK、SpyBiotech (UK);Clover Biopharmaceuticals (China) & GSK & Dynavax (CA); University of Queensland (Australia) & CSL (Australia);Medicago (Canada) & GSK & Dynavax;Vaxine (Australia);Kentucky BioProcessing (KY);Medigen (Taiwan) & Dynavax;Adimmune (Taiwan);COVAXX (NY) …
〇 Inactivated or Attenuated Coronavirus Vaccines – Vaccines created from weakened coronaviruses…
• Wuhan Institute of Biological Products (China) [PHASE 3]
• Sinopharm (China) [PHASE 3]
• Sinovac Biotech (China) [PHASE 3]
• Indian Council of Medical Research (India) & National Institute of Virology (India) & Bharat Biotech (India) [PHASE 3]

Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trials set to resume: Investigators found the unexplained illnesses in both trials appeared unconnected to the vaccines (10/24/2020) | @washingtonpost
… In the Johnson & Johnson trial, which was paused on Oct. 12, a man who received a vaccination suffered a stroke that may have been triggered by an infection. To conclude it was not likely to be related to the shot, investigators probed not only the medical details of the event, but also examined a safety database of 100,000 people who have received vaccines that use the same underlying technology. …
… The company is testing the only vaccine that aims to protect people with a single shot; other prospective vaccines require a return visit and second shot three to four weeks after the first to trigger a protective immune response.
It was the second late-stage vaccine trial put on hold in recent weeks; the vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford was halted on Sept. 6 after a British participant developed a neurological problem. …
… Carlos del Rio, an infectious diseases physician at Emory University School of Medicine. “As long as the data and safety monitoring board has reviewed the data and says its OK to proceed, we proceed.”
… William Hartman, a principal investigator of the AstraZeneca trial at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. “It is too soon to tell whether participant enthusiasm will approach what it was prior to the pause. …

Covid: More coronavirus vaccine trials in Wales ‘within weeks’ (24/10/2020) | @BBC

Rush for results could lead to inferior Covid vaccine, say scientists (25/10/2020) | @guardian

Dozens of COVID-19 vaccines are in development. Here are the ones to follow. : Here are the COVID-19 vaccine prospects that have made it to phase three trials and beyond. (10/13/2020) | @NatGeo
• Novavax (MD) NVX-CoV2373
• Johnson & Johnson (NJ) JNJ-78436735
• Moderna Therapeutics (MA) mRNA-1273
• Pfizer (NY) & BioNTech (Germany) BNT162b2
• University of Oxford (UK) & AstraZeneca (UK) ChAdOx1 nCoV-19
• Sinovac (China) & Butantan (Brazil) CoronaVac
• Sinopharm (China) & Wuhan Institute of Biological Products (China) None
• Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (Australia) & University of Melbourne (Australia) Bacillus Calmette-Guerin BRACE trial
• CanSino Biologics (China) Ad5-nCoV
• The Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology (Russia) Sputnik V

U.K. イギリス Vol.30(pharmaceutical corporations 製薬会社)

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UK Vol.169 (pharmaceutical corporations: AstraZeneca)


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Recent articles about Japan (mainly on new cabinet) 主に新内閣発足についての日本関連英文記事 Vol.1

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While I have not intended to collect news articles mainly on Japan’s new cabinet, I have come to confirm that there are more articles – mainly by Reuters – related to such issues than before as I have thought. That is why I collected roughly and posted here mainly tweets after the last post (Sep 8). This is the first of the three posts this time.

U.K. イギリス Vol.29(incl #CrownDependencies, #BritishOverseasTerritories, Brexit, #GE2019 王室属領、海外領土 など)

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UK Vol.168 (Crown Dependencies Vol.2) 王室属領
UK Vol.167 (Crown Dependencies Vol.1) 王室属領
UK Vol.166 (British Overseas Territories #BOTs #UKOTs Vol.2) 海外領土
UK Vol.165 (British Overseas Territories #BOTs #UKOTs Vol.1) 海外領土
UK Vol.164 (Brexit Vol.59: agriculture, fishery, etc.)
UK Vol.163 (Brexit Vol.58)
UK Vol.162 (Brexit Vol.57: General election 2019)
UK Vol.161 (Brexit Vol.56: General election 2019)


U.K. イギリス Vol.28(England イングランド Vol.10 – Greater London 大ロンドン)

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UK Vol.160 (England Vol.26 – Greater London Vol.3)
UK Vol.159 (England Vol.25 – Greater London Vol.2)
UK Vol.158 (England Vol.24 – Greater London Vol.1: London borough councils)

Clair Report No.485:英国のナイトタイムエコノミーについて (PDF; 08/30/2019) | (一財)自治体国際化協会 ロンドン事務所
西武、ロンドンに高級ホテル開業 プリンス、和風にこだわり | 山陽新聞
ロンドン証取、買収提案を拒否 | 朝日新聞
ロンドン大学と武蔵大学とのパラレル・ディグリー・プログラム(PDP)| 武蔵大学
【英国】ロンドンスクールオブエコノミクス・サマースクール | 明治大学
ロンドンに法の知識集中 | @QMUL 法学部
部局間協定交流校:ロンドン大学東洋アフリカ研究学院 | 大阪大学経済学研究科
ロンドン大学 International Foundation Programme | 京都インターナショナルユニバーシティー(KIU)
姉妹校・友好校・パートナーシップ校 15ヵ国・地域61校 | 北陸大学
交流協定締結校 | 一橋大学国際化推進本部
ロンドンの都市競争力戦略 -混雑税 Congestion Charging 導入を通して-(PDF; 2005年9月) | 日本政策投資銀行ロンドン駐在員事務所
GLA(グレーター・ロンドン・オーソリティ)の区域 (PDF) | 大阪府
大ロンドン庁ロンドン開発局 (PDF) | 京都府
第30次地方制度調査会諮問事項「大都市制度のあり方」関連資料 ~諸外国の大都市制度について~ (PDF) | 総務省
各国の国土政策の概要:英国 | 国土交通省国土政策局

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U.K. イギリス Vol.27(England イングランド Vol.9 – South West サウスウェスト地方)

All the below links are in English or Japanese.

Gloucestershire、Bristol/Bath、Wiltshire、Dorset、SomersetDevon、Cornwall、Isles of Scilly

UK Vol.141 (England Vol.20 – South West Vol.1)
RWC19 mascot going to Japan is from Gloucestershire | @GRFUrugby
グロスターシャー大学(イギリス)と学術交流協定が締結されました | 神奈川大学
グロースターシャー大学【2014年度前期帰国】| 龍谷大学 国際学部国際文化学科 留学レポート

UK Vol.142 (England Vol.21 – South West Vol.2)
Washi: Japan’s Handmade Paper | @spikeprint
Bristol Japan Cultural Showcase 2019 | @japanuk20192020
Japan’s No 8 Amanaki Mafi to join Bath next month | @guardian
イギリス・ブリストル大学 研究留学レポート | 大阪府立大学 工学研究科
英国バース大学で開催された世界最大級のロボット競技会に本校生徒が出場 | 筑波大学附属中学校

Wiltshire, Dorset, & Somerset
UK Vol.143 (England Vol.22 – South West Vol.3)
The Wiltshire B&B that is famous in Japan | @BBC
A TASTE OF DORSET IN JAPAN | @bournemouth247
〔イギリス〕ボーンマス大学研修 | 東洋大学

Devon & Cornwall incl Isles of Scilly
UK Vol.144 (England Vol.23 – South West Vol.4)
For top U.K. ceramics, no need to see Cornwall | @japantimes
イギリス University of Exeter(エクセター大学)からのインタビュー対応について | 日清医療食品株式会社
飲めば飲むほど…記憶する? 英エクセター大学、飲酒で真逆の効果を確認 | @jcast_news
自然の中で週に数時間過ごすと身も心も健康に好影響、英エクセター大学研究 | @DIME_HACKS
2019年はCO₂濃度が例年よりも速く上昇 エクセター大学の教授が予測を発表 | @axismag
エクセター大学 | 東京大学
ジェレミー・ブラック英国エクセター大学教授による岸外務副大臣表敬 | @MofaJapan_jp
マイケル・デンハム(プリマス大学名誉教授、脳科学・人工知能[AI]研究者)| 三宝出版
スマートエネルギーアイランド シリー諸島 発電した電力をIoTで共有 | 日立製作所

U.K. イギリス Vol.26(England イングランド Vol.8 – South East サウスイースト地方)

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Oxfordshire、Buckinghamshire、Berkshire、Surrey、Hampshire、Isle of Wight、West Sussex、East Sussex、Kent

UK Vol.140 (England Vol.19 – South East Vol.5)
UK Vol.138 (England Vol.17 – South East Vol.4)
Crown Prince Naruhito’s memoir of time at Oxford reissued in English ahead of May 1 accession

Berkshire & Buckinghamshire
UK Vol.137 (England Vol.16 – South East Vol.3)
Berkshire Pork: Taste the Difference
英国レディング大学での研究生活 | 阪南大学 経営情報学部
留学日記(バッキンガム大学)| 創価大学 文学部

Hampshire & Isle of Wight
UK Vol.136 (England Vol.15 – South East Vol.2)
Ancient tropical plants produce cones in UK for first time on record
ウィンチェスター大学 | 西南学院大学

Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, & West Sussex
UK Vol.135 (England Vol.14 – South East Vol.1)
Museum devoted to Japanese novelist Natsume Soseki, shuttered in London in 2016, to reopen in Surrey
East Sussex soap company secures contract in Japan
ケント大学 | 東海大学国際教育センター
ケント大学 | 神戸女子大学
サリー大学と進学協定を締結しました。| 立教英国学院
Joseph Tidd サセックス大学 教授 | 一般社団法人日本能率協会 KAIKAプロジェクト室
第6回サセックス大学研修訪問団 報告レポート集(PDF)| 兵庫県立大学