Science and Technology 科学技術 Vol.8(Telemedicine 遠隔医療 Vol.2)/ #Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.10

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How Does Telemedicine Work? | @WebMD
How to Get the Most Out of Telemedicine
Try the technology ahead of time. …
Be prepared. …
Beef up your bandwidth. …
Prepare to punt. …
What Telemedicine Services Can I Use?
Check your insurance plan to find out what’s covered under telemedicine, including your doctor and urgent care, plus copays and other fees. …

10 Best Telemedicine Companies | @Healthline
1. Teladoc
2. MeMD
3. iCliniq
4. Amwell
5. MDlive
6. Doctor on Demand
7. LiveHealth Online
8. Virtuwell
9. PlushCare
10. HealthTap

Exclusive: Telemedicine Company Doctor On Demand Raises $75 Million To Expand During The Covid-19 Pandemic (07/08/2020) | @Forbes
… Doctor On Demand, a fast-growing telemedicine company that announced on Wednesday a Series D funding round of $75 million led by private equity firm General Atlantic.
… employs more than 700 doctors and has completed over 3 million patient visits. This new capital brings the total amount of funding for the company to almost $240 million.
… Not only are patient appointments up 139% this year at Doctor on Demand, but provider interest has increased as well. “We have 1,000 [doctors] waiting to join our practice,”…
… Competitor AmWell raised $194 million in May, and shares of Teladoc have been steadily increasing since the beginning of 2020.
… recently it became the first big telemedicine provider to cater to the approximately 33 million seniors that are Medicare Part B beneficiaries.

Virtually Perfect? Telemedicine for Covid-19 (w Voice; 04/30/2020) | @NEJM
… A central strategy for health care surge control is “forward triage” — the sorting of patients before they arrive in the emergency department (ED). Direct-to-consumer (or on-demand) telemedicine, a 21st-century approach to forward triage that allows patients to be efficiently screened, is both patient-centered and conducive to self-quarantine, and it protects patients, clinicians, and the community from exposure. It can allow physicians and patients to communicate 24/7, using smartphones or webcam-enabled computers. …
… Before the Covid-19 outbreak, many EDs modified the “provider-in-triage model” (rapid initial evaluation and testing) by allowing a remote provider to perform intake. Aurora Health, for example, partnered with a commercial telemedicine vendor, and others have developed their own software for this purpose. …
Electronic intensive care unit (e-ICU) monitoring programs, which allow nurses and physicians to remotely monitor the status of 60 to 100 patients in ICUs in multiple hospitals — such as services offered by Mercy Virtual Care Center, Sutter Health, and Sentara Healthcare — are ideal for monitoring sicker patients. …
… Houston’s Project ETHAN (Emergency Telehealth and Navigation) has used telemedical oversight by physicians to augment care offered in person by 911 responders, reducing the need for transportation to the ED.4 In the face of Covid-19, Avera Health is preparing to send mobile home health care units directly to patients …
Much medical decision making is cognitive, and telemedicine can provide rapid access to subspecialists who aren’t immediately available in person. This approach has been explored most fully in the context of stroke, for which systems such as Jefferson Health, Cleveland Clinic, and the University of Pittsburgh provide virtual emergency neurologic care at large numbers of hospitals. The Mount Sinai system …

This is supposed to be telemedicine’s time to shine. Why are doctors abandoning it? (06/25/2020) | @statnews
… The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have urged physicians and other health care providers to use telemedicine, and both the federal government and private health plans have implemented numerous temporary regulatory and payment changes to facilitate its use. …
… Not surprisingly, bigger organizations with dedicated information technology, procurement, and implementation teams were able to do it more successfully. …
… there is also uncertainty in other aspects of telemedicine. They are confused by state Medicaid programs’ coverage of telemedicine or frustrated by the low payment. …

What is telemedicine and how do you apply it? (w Videos; 06/26/2020) | @JotForm
… In 2018 and 2019, online searches for telemedicine increased nearly 25 percent. … In a March 2020 survey, 41 percent of healthcare providers said that they were using telemedicine technology, an increase from 22 percent in 2018.
… For years, registered nurses (RNs) have answered patients’ questions by phone, either from a doctor’s office or on an RN hotline. …
Telemedicine is booming
The market for telemedicine services is expected to more than double by 2025, up to $55.6 billion from $25.4 billion in 2020. But given the explosion in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic, with some telemedicine companies seeing a 50 percent increase in visit volumes, that could be a low figure. …
… A staggering 90 percent of the $3.5 trillion spent annually on healthcare in the U.S. is to care for people with chronic conditions. Telemedicine can reduce those costs while still providing patients with the care they need. …

Is Telemedicine The Future Of Health Care? (YouTube; 05/17/2020) | @CNBC
Telemedicine (YouTube; 12/01/2017) | @JohnsHopkinsDOM
What Is Telemedicine? (YouTube; 06/19/2014) | GlobalMed Telemedicine
Telemedicine Companies (03/24/2020) | Investopedia
Why telemedicine needs more than just video chat to be successful (06/16/2020) | @medcitynews
Four new statistics that prove that telemedicine isn’t just a pandemic fad (07/09/2020) | @MedEconomics
Telemedicine |

U.K. イギリス Vol.29(incl #CrownDependencies, #BritishOverseasTerritories, Brexit, #GE2019 王室属領、海外領土 など)

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UK Vol.168 (Crown Dependencies Vol.2) 王室属領
UK Vol.167 (Crown Dependencies Vol.1) 王室属領
UK Vol.166 (British Overseas Territories #BOTs #UKOTs Vol.2) 海外領土
UK Vol.165 (British Overseas Territories #BOTs #UKOTs Vol.1) 海外領土
UK Vol.164 (Brexit Vol.59: agriculture, fishery, etc.)
UK Vol.163 (Brexit Vol.58)
UK Vol.162 (Brexit Vol.57: General election 2019)
UK Vol.161 (Brexit Vol.56: General election 2019)


Science and Technology 科学技術 Vol.7(#ArtificialIntelligence 人工知能 含む)/ #Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.9

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Science and Technology Vol.28 (incl Artificial Intelligence)
Science and Technology Vol.27
Science and Technology Vol.23
Science and Technology Vol.30 (incl #coronavirus)
Science and Technology Vol.29 (incl #coronavirus)
Science and Technology Vol.26 (#coronavirus)
Science and Technology Vol.25 (#coronavirus)
Science and Technology Vol.24 (#coronavirus)
Science and Technology Vol.22 (#coronavirus)

ツイッター検索で出て来た 人工知能 #ArtificialIntelligence の日本関連ツイート

World 世界情勢等 Vol.5 / #Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.8

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World Vol.20 (#coronavirus)
World Vol.30
World Vol.25 (#coronavirus finance)
World Vol.29
World Vol.28 (incl #coronavirus)
World Vol.27 (incl #coronavirus)
World Vol.26 (incl #coronavirus)
World Vol.24 (incl #coronavirus)
World Vol.23 (incl #coronavirus)
World Vol.22 (incl #coronavirus)
World Vol.21 (incl #coronavirus)


Australia オーストラリア Vol.9(corporations 企業)

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ツイッター検索において企業の日本関連について出て来たものを取り急ぎ以下貼っておきます。(大学のツイートについては Vol.8 をご覧ください。)

Australia オーストラリア Vol.8(corporations, universities, etc. 企業、大学など)

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Australia Vol.23 (corporations)
Australia Vol.22 (corporations)
Australia Vol.21 (corporations)
Australia Vol.20 (corporations)
Australia Vol.19 (think tanks, banks)
Australia Vol.28 (University of North South Wales)
Australia Vol.27 (University of Sydney)
Australia Vol.26 (University of Queensland)
Australia Vol.25 (Monash University)
Australia Vol.24 (University of Western Australia, University of Adelaide)
Australia Vol.18 (Australian National University, University of Melbourne)

ツイッター検索において大学の日本関連について出て来たもの(企業のツイートについては Vol.9 をご覧ください。)

Cyber Security etc. サイバーセキュリティ等 Vol.5

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#Coronavirus #コロナウイルス Vol.7(Japan’s lifting the state of emergency 日本の緊急事態宣言解除)

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For your information, I paste tweets in English, which were easily found on Twitter, concerning the lifting – a bigger turning point – as below. (through around 4pm on 27th)
Please note that I think we will not be yet able to be careless at all from now on and that we will continue to need various countermeasures, because we have not yet understood completely what the coronavirus is and we will not seemingly get any satisfactory drugs or vaccines soon.

New Zealand ニュージーランド Vol.9(economy, government, election, universities, corporations, etc. 経済、政府、選挙、大学、企業など)

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New Zealand Vol.21 (corporations)
New Zealand Vol.20 (corporations)
New Zealand Vol.18 (organisations, government, etc.)
New Zealand Vol.6 (economy, industries)
New Zealand Vol.19 (University of Otago, Auckland University of Technology, Victoria University of Wellington)
New Zealand Vol.17 (University of Auckland, banks)
New Zealand Vol.16 (including University of Canterbury, University of Waikato, Lincoln University, Massey University)
New Zealand Vol.5 (Manifesto 2014 of NZ Labour Party – current largest opposition party; ruling party 1999-2008, et al.)
New Zealand Vol.4 (Manifesto 2014 of New Zealand National Party)
New Zealand Vol.1
New Zealand ニュージーランド Vol.5(#JacindaArdern coalition between Labour and New Zealand First アーダーン連立政権)
Crisis Management 危機管理 Vol.2
姉妹都市 Vol.3(Tripartite Economic Alliance ロサンゼルスLA=オークランドAK=広州GZ 三市経済連携)
New Zealand Vol.15 / Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.1

ツイッター検索において「New Zealand Japan」等と入れて出て来たもの

New Zealand ニュージーランド Vol.6(South Island 南島)

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All the below three were recently updated, though the dates are a little older.
New Zealand Vol.9 (Marlborough, Nelson&Tasman)
New Zealand Vol.8 (West Coast, Canterbury)
New Zealand Vol.7 (Southland, Otago)