ツイッター paper.li Vol.22

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The Ocean Conference (5-8 June 2017) | @SustDev

Which countries provide their citizens with the best higher education? (5/4/2017) | @wef

Predicting a quake’s impact: Kiwi scientists model seismic waves to identify at-risk buildings (w Video; 5/7/2017) | @mcquillanator @NZStuff @UCNZ

Building an Economy that Works for Everyone: Implications of Privatization and the Pacheco Law (5/11/2015) | @MassBudget

FRANCE IS THE IDEA – Who are the new movers and shakers of French creativity? (w Video) | @nytimes @BFranceNA

ツイッター paper.li Vol.21

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Explainer: The internet of things (7/21/2016) | Joe Myers @wef

Explainer: The internet of things (7/21/2016) | Joe Myers @wef

Denmark has the best work-life balance. Here’s why (3/17/2017) | Alex Gray @wef

Digital economy in Hull and East Yorkshire worth almost £7bn (6/30/2015) | @_KCHome

Digital economy in Hull and East Yorkshire worth almost £7bn (6/30/2015) | @_KCHome

Flamborough Cliffs | David Nichols @YorksWildlife

The New Smart Grid in Hawaii: JUMPSmartMaui Project | @HitachiEurope

Easter イースター 2017

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USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden Easter 2017 (4/16/2017) | World Solutions

Good Friday (& Agreement) (4/14/2017) | World Solutions

Why Easter is called Easter, and other little-known facts about the holiday (4/12/2017) | @BrentLandau @ConversationUS

Here’s Why Easter Eggs Are a Thing (4/14/2017) | @OBWax @TIME Prof Carole Levin @UNLincoln, Prof Henry Kelly @UCLA, Prof Ronald Hutton @BristolUni, Prof Anthony Aveni @colgateuniv

(Ireland,) Sweden, France, Australia, USA, Norway Easter traditions around the world: who delivers the eggs?! | @AlisonBough @HerFamilydotie

(UK,) Hungary, Norway, Armenia, Belarus, Malta, Italy(Liguria) Easter traditions in Europe (4/1/2017) | @BradtGuides

Finland Easter in Finland is filled with witches, fun traditions and flavours | @Gofinland_fi

Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Denmark, UK, Lebanon, Mexico(Capirotada), Greece(Tsoureki), South Africa(Cape Malay Pickled Fish) What the World Eats and Drinks for Easter (3/23/2017) | @bonematlarge @foodandwine

France Easter‘s Traditions in France (4/14/2017) | Camille Chevalier-Karfis @FrenchToday

Italy 12 Italian Easter foods you have to try at least once (4/12/2017) | @TheLocalItaly

Germany All about Easter Eggs | @LearnGermanCoac

Switzerland Egg-smashing and bread bunnies: how to celebrate Easter the Swiss way (4/6/2017) | @TheLocalSwitzer

Austria How to celebrate Easter in Austria (4/10/2017) | @TheLocalAustria

Helen’s ‘homecoming’ lamb recipe | @Tesco

Leg of lamb with amazing gravy | @jamieoliver

Iceland Launches Chocolate-Infused Cheese For Easter (And We’re Not Sure How We Feel About It) (3/28/2017) | @tashahinde @HuffPostUK

Decorate Easter eggs | @arduino

What’s so ‘good’ about Good Friday? (4/14/2017) | @BruceAshford @FoxNewsOpinion

#EasterMonday Canada Vol.32 (Prince Edward Island) (4/17/2017) | World Solutions

#BeefWellington New Zealand Vol.10 (Wellington, Manawatu-Wanganui) (4/15/2017) | World Solutions

The world’s first Christian country Caucasus Vol.1 (Armenia) (4/11/2017) | World Solutions

Religious state South Carolina Vol.2 (4/13/2017) | World Solutions

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South Africa | World Solutions

Switzerland’s next act: from business hub to world’s digital labor hub (2/24/2017) | @KPMG_CH

This Danish School Has Installed The World’s Largest Solar Façade (2/2017) | @peter_koekoek @ClimateKIC

Research pops cork on lunar–effect wine theory (2/13/2017) | @LincolnUniNZ

ツイッター paper.li Vol.19

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Cape Town bursting at the seams (12/19/2014) | @nashhannibal,@rox_henderson @TimesLIVE

Rightsizing the Region: France Redraws its Map (12/9/2014) | @BrookingsInst

Signs of an economic improvement (1/19/2015) | @Bundesbank

Analysis: UK wind generated more electricity than coal in 2016 (1/5/2017)| @DrSimEvans @CarbonBrief

Quebec tables balanced budget; says economic climate remains ‘favourable’ (3/17/2016) | @NickVanPraet @globeandmail

B.C. could lead Canadian economic growth in low-loonie era, economists say (1/15/2016) | @CBC

Economic Outlook 2016: B.C. to fly above resource mire (1/5/2016) | @jenstden @bizinvancouver

Prince Edward Island | @UWaterloo

Economic Development and Tourism | @CornwallHeath @InfoPEI

Saskatchewan to Rebound from Recession in 2016 (12/7/2015) | @Conferenceboard

Strong Saskatchewan economy despite challenges (1/16/2016) | @MJTimesHerald @PressReader

How will low oil prices affect Saskatchewan’s economy? (1/18/2016) | @LeishaCBC,@JSGSPP @CBC

ツイッター paper.li Vol.18

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Making the case in the neonic debate (4/29/2015) | @arpee_AG @CntryGuide

Why Agrium Inc. Is Poised to Become a Top Canadian Dividend Stock (5/20/2015) | @AdamMancini4 @TheMotleyFoolCA

Albertans raise ‘Kobe’ hogs on hazelnuts and beer mash (5/14/2015) | @arpee_AG @CBC

Denmark cracked ‘secret code’ in water-energy nexus, official claims (1/31/2017) | @FredSimonEU @Euractiv

Leavers complain, but they’ve shared the benefits of cheap EU labour (2/3/2017) | @johnharris1969 @guardian

7 GREAT REASONS TO VISIT DURBUY, BELGIUM (12/1/2014) | @CheeseWeb_eu

cf. Global Power City Index 2016 | Institute for Urban Strategies, Mori Memorial Foundation

Australia-New Zealand Summit Meeting 豪NZ首脳会談

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English, Turnbull singing from the same page (w Video; 2/18/2017) | @tracy_watkins @NZStuff
The pair are still forging a personal relationship, but could be forced together when working out how to deal with the US president.

It was a show of trans-Tasman mateship – and its indirect target was US President Donald Trump. …
Turnbull’s passionate rejection of a retreat into protectionism and “putting up walls” was another indirect dig at the Trump administration turning its back on trade liberalisation. …
The chemistry between Turnbull and English’s predecessor John Key had been a strength in the relationship, and helped push a better deal for Kiwi expats in Oz across the line last year.
Turnbull and Key were similar in their outlook and backgrounds, while Turnbull and English are chalk and cheese – Turnbull the more urbane money man, while English still wears his southern farming roots on his sleeve. …
Speaking with one voice on the TPP is not hard for either country, however; the bigger test of the Anzac spirit will come if the US calls on its traditional allies to commit troops to its fights, like Iraq or Syria. …

Turnbull works on English bromance (2/17/2017) | @SBS
… Given the public “bromance” between Mr English’s predecessor, John Key, and Mr Turnbull the fleeting trip is about reaffirming the strong connection between their two sporting rival countries. …
Both expressed a desire to work together in their push for free trade on the back of the US’ withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
There were no further announcements on pathways to citizenship for Kiwis in Australia but Mr English appreciated the agreement struck last year.
It’s estimated up to 70,000 New Zealanders who arrived between February 2001 and 2016 will be eligible from July 1. …
Mr English also revealed a New Zealand offer to take 150 asylum seekers from Australia still stands despite Mr Turnbull’s deal with the Obama administration.
Industry Minister Arthur Sinodinos and Economic Development Minister Simon Bridges used the trip to sign a science and innovation treaty aimed at collaborating on research to tackle among other challenges, chronic disease. …

Turnbull, English’s plan to tackle ‘The Donald’ (w Video; 2/17/2017) | @PatrickGower @NewshubNZ
… “The only approach is to be frank and forthright, I’m too old to be any different. I suspect Bill’s too old to change too “, Mr Turnbull says. …
The Trump administration is believed to have made a big ask of Australia behind the scenes – more troops for Iraq, meaning New Zealand will likely be hit up too for ‘Troops for Trump’.
“We’ll assess all requests on their merits as we always do,” Mr Turnbull said; Mr English echoing: “I simply couldn’t pre-judge that”.
And the Christchurch fire invoked the Anzac spirit, with Mr Turnbull offering support to help against the Port Hills blaze.
He also paid tribute to Steve Askin, the former SAS member who died when his helicopter crashed fighting the Port Hills fires. …
“The trans-Tasman trade and economic relationship provides an excellent model for deeper economic integration and we continue to build on that foundation as we engage with other partners.”

Turnbull and English meet amid global turmoil (2/17/2017) | @chrisbramwell @radionz
… Labour Party trade spokesperson David Clark said Australia and New Zealand had worked well together traditionally on trade and the two countries should look to leverage that on the world stage.
“Whether that is through the TPP minus USA, which in my view is a face-saving exercise by those who have staked their credibility on getting the TPP through last year, or whether it’s through some alternative trade agreement, we should be looking for opportunities for New Zealand to benefit, so long as those benefits are shared fairly across the population.”
New Zealand International Business Forum executive director Stephen Jacobi said the TPP minus the US was far from dead. …
Green Party co-leader James Shaw, said there were two clear messages Bill English should be giving Malcolm Turnbull.
“First of all, is that New Zealand does not accept the way that Australia has been treating these refugees over the course of the last few years – we agree with the United Nations assessment that they are in inhumane conditions.
“And the second message is that if Australia’s arrangement with the United States falls through, that New Zealand would be willing to take those refugees.” …
cf. NZ’ers in Australia could get easier citizenship path (2/19/2016) | @demelzaleslie @radionz

Trade dominates English, Turnbull talks (2/17/2017) | @NewstalkZB
… Mr English reiterated that New Zealand’s four-year-old offer to take 150 refugees from Australian detention centre on Nauru and Manus Island still stands.
He also praised the Australian government for its significant shift in policy to allow a pathway for up as many as 60,000 New Zealanders living in Australia to become citizens. …
Mr English thanked Australia for its assistance battling the Port Hills fire and in the aftermath of the Kaikoura earthquake…
While Mrs Turnbull asked Defence Force members how the Port Hills fire battle was progressing, Mr Turnbull paid tribute to Steven Askin, the helicopter pilot killed fighting the blaze. …
Mr Turnbull also acknowledged the loss many small communities like Arrowtown had suffered during World War I and the importance of the Australia-New Zealand relationship. …

Malcolm Turnbull’s Aussie-Kiwi bromance with New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English (2/17/2017) | @matt_killoran @newscomauHQ

U.S.-Japan Summit Meetings 日米首脳会談 Vol.5(Abe’s Visit to the U.S. 安倍首相訪米)

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Japan’s Abe Says U.S., Japan Leaders Working On New Economic Dialogue: New discussions could serve as replacement for stalled Trans-Pacific Partnership (2/10/2017) | @damianpaletta & @TokyoWoods @WSJ
… The two leaders agreed that the economic dialogue between their deputies, Messrs. Pence and Aso, will cover three broad areas: coordinating fiscal and monetary policies; infrastructure investments, energy issues and cybersecurity; and bilateral trade, according to a senior official in a briefing with reporters. …
…he had hinted in recent weeks that Tokyo could be open to discussing a bilateral pact with the U.S. if requested by the Trump administration…
… A train that runs on Japan’s magnetic levitation, or maglev, system could travel between Washington and New York in about an hour, Mr. Abe told Mr. Trump, according to the Japanese official. Tokyo has funded an ongoing early-stage study to build the first leg of such a railway system between Washington and Baltimore.

Trump reaffirms U.S.-Japan security alliance in bid to soothe fears in Tokyo (w Videos; 2/10/2017) | @DavidNakamura & @abbydphillip @washingtonpost
… He denounced a sizable U.S. trade deficit to Japan and suggested Japan and South Korea were not paying their share to support American troops based in the region.
But the summit, aggressively pursued by the Japanese, aimed to erase doubts, even as the two sides remain at odds over how to move forward on trade and economic ties.
Trump sought to present the two countries in close harmony over shared challenges on North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs and China’s aggression in the South China Sea — “both of which I consider a very, very high priority,” he said. …
The Japanese leader also pledged that his country would play a “greater role” in defense and security operations, although he was vague on what that might entail. Japan’s Self-Defense Forces are prohibited from combat missions abroad under the constitution imposed on the country by the United States after World War II. …
The summit was being watched closely by U.S. allies and partners across the globe for signs over how Trump would deal with a powerful ally after the unpredictable bluster of his campaign and early weeks of his presidency. …
It was not clear, however, whether Trump understood him; the president failed to attach the earpiece of his translation device until after Abe’s opening statement.

US-Japan alliance top priority as Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump embrace at the White House (w Video; 2/11/2017) | @AAPinLA @smh
“We have a very, very good bond.”
“Very, very good chemistry.” …
Ahead of the meeting, Mr Abe said that hacking, anti-trust laws and mistrust between the world’s largest nations was hindering global trade, and warned of a “threat” to the world economy in a speech to the US Chamber of Commerce. …
…announcing the US would build up its military presence alongside Japan to make their defensive capabilities “impenetrable”. …
…US Defence Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have already confirmed that the US continues to see the isles as part of its commitment to the alliance…
…the main aim of this meeting is to show clearly to those at home and abroad that the US-Japan alliance is unshakable,” Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Koichi Hagiuda…

Donald Trump shook the Japanese Prime Minister’s hand for 19 seconds (w Video; 2/11/2017) | @brennawilliams @CNN
Diplomacy is an art. …

In Welcoming Shinzo Abe, Trump Affirms U.S. Commitment to Defending Japan (w Video; 2/10/2017) | @juliehdavis & @peterbakernyt @nytimes
… “This administration is committed to bringing those ties even closer. We are committed to the security of Japan and all areas under its administrative control and to further strengthening our very crucial alliance.” …
Speaking without notes later in the news conference, Mr. Trump said he had hit it off with Mr. Abe personally. “We have a very, very good bond — very, very good chemistry,” he said. “I’ll let you know if it changes, but I don’t think it will.” …
Acutely aware of Mr. Trump’s complaints about foreign competitors, Mr. Abe stressed that “Japanese businesses have built factories all over the United States” and invested $150 billion, creating many American jobs. “Japan, with our high level of technical capability, we will be able to contribute to President Trump’s growth strategy,” he said. “There will be even more new jobs being born in the United States.” …
…may have questions in private for Mr. Trump about his provocative statements related to Japan, including his warning to Toyota on Twitter that he would slap a “big border tax” on the carmaker if it built a new plant in Mexico and…
Even so, Mr. Abe’s visit could fuel suspicions in Beijing that Mr. Trump intends to make Japan, rather than China, the focal point of his engagement with Asia. That would be a distinct shift from former President Barack Obama, who hosted Mr. Xi in 2013 for an informal summit meeting at the 200-acre Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage, Calif. …
After a working lunch at the White House on Friday, the two leaders planned to board Air Force One and fly to… Mar-a-Lago…

Trump says US committed to Japan security, in change from campaign rhetoric (2/10/2017) | @reuters @CNBC
… A joint U.S.-Japanese statement said the U.S. commitment to defend Japan through nuclear and conventional military capabilities is unwavering.
The statement amounted to a victory for Abe, who came to Washington wanting to develop a sense of trust and friendship with the new U.S. president and send a message that the decades-old alliance is unshakable.
… The statement said the two leaders affirmed that Article 5 of the U.S.-Japan security treaty covered the islands, known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China. …
Abe said he was “fully aware” of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the multilateral trade accord. But he said…
“I am quite optimistic that … good results will be seen from the dialogue,” he said, adding that Japan was looking for a fair, common set of rules for trade in the region. …
The Mar-a-Lago visit will be Trump’s first use of his Florida getaway for diplomatic purposes. …

Trump, Abe news conference – live updates (2/10/2017) | @RebeccaShabad @CBSPolitics

Global Power City Index(世界の都市総合力ランキング)2016 - Institute for Urban Strategies, Mori Memorial Foundation(森記念財団都市戦略研究所)

The below link is in English.

標記 Global Power City Index 2016 | Institute for Urban Strategies, The Mori Memorial Foundation において、東京が3位にランクインしています。
日本発の数少ない指標において日本の代表都市が正々堂々上位ランクインしていることを残しておく意味でも、ご参考まで summary の一部を以下貼らせて頂きます。

姉妹都市 Vol.4(Exploring opportunities in sister cities)

(The below link is in English.)

Exploring opportunities in sister cities (5/12/2017) | @siah_ang (@BNZ @VicUniWgtn) @NZStuffBusiness の一部抜粋です。

… New Zealand’s cities and towns have more than 150 sister city arrangements. Close to 100 of these are with cities and towns in Japan, China and Australia.
Auckland and Wellington regions each have 19 sister city arrangements. Christchurch has seven of these partnerships. …
… Each sister city organisation is independent and plans and implements cooperative activities and exchanges in cultural, educational, municipal/technical, business, and humanitarian fields.
… Thousands of inbound and outbound exchanges take place every year, as well as virtual exchanges and other remote, cooperative activities.
…unlike geographical and logistical challenges that may come out of trade considerations, sister city arrangements are not weighed down by these constraints. A study has concluded that geographical distance has negligible influence on the choice of sister cities. …
In New Zealand’s engagements with Asia, it is important to bear in mind that we already have 79 existing sister city arrangements to build on. …