World 世界情勢等 Vol.42(Russia, etc. ロシア など) / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.193

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World Vol.356 (NATO Summit 2022 in Madrid)

World Vol.355 (NATO Summit 2022 in Madrid)

World Vol.354 (NATO Summit 2022 in Madrid)

World Vol.353 (G7 Summit 2022 in Schloss Elmau)

World Vol.352 (G7 Summit 2022 in Schloss Elmau)

World Vol.351 (G7 Summit 2022 in Schloss Elmau)

World Vol.350 (G7 Summit 2022 in Schloss Elmau)

World Vol.349 (G7 summit 2022 in Schloss Elmau)

World Vol.348 (Ukraine’ EU candidate status – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.347 (Russia, European Union, etc. – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.346 (miscellaneous)

World Vol.345 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Johnson, von der Leyen)

World Vol.344 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Macron-Scholz-Draghi-Iohannis-Zelensky)

World356 Then and Now The Changes Between 2 NATO Madrid Summits @JimGaramone,@DeptofDefense
World355 A More Muscular NATO Emerges as West Confronts Russia and China @StevenErlanger,@shearm,@nytimesworld
World355 NATO pivots to highlight Chinese ‘challenges’ for 1st time @JWilsonBCN,@JillLawless,@SylvieCorbet,@AP
World355 Those 300,000 high-readiness NATO troops ‘Concept,’ not reality. @michaelbirnbaum,@emilyrauhala,@washingtonpost
World354 Turkey Lifts Its Objections To Sweden, Finland Joining NATO @JillLawless,@JWilsonBCN,@SylvieCorbet,@AP,@HuffPost
World353 ban on gold imports from Russia @RanjeethaPakiam,@Edspencive,@bpolitics,@YahooFinance
World353' Cn, In buing more Russia oil @josh_wingrove,@bpolitics,@YahooFinance
World353 Russia closer to defaulting on foreign debt @eshelouise,@INechepurenko,@AMartinezNYT,@jimtankersley,@arappeport,@nytimes
World353 Prime Minister announces additional support for Ukraine and shared priorities at G7 Summit in Germany @CanadianPM
World353 The G7, NATO, and the Future of the West @CFR_org
World352 G7 ready to explore caps on energy prices to curb Russian revenues @Sam1Fleming,@GuyChazan,@FinancialTimes
World352 G7 summit Leaders detail $600bn plan to rival China's Belt and Road initiative @BBCWorld
World351 Biden’s proposal to ban Russian gold is a policy disaster of epic proportions @pandeyism_,@tfiglobal
World350 family-photo @EUCouncil
World349 FACT SHEET President Biden and G7 Leaders Formally Launch the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment @USTDA
World349 Proposed price cap on Russian oil moves closer at G7 summit @guardian
World349 Biden G-7 to ban Russian gold imports to deny Putin revenue for Ukraine war @mviser,@LovedayM,@rick_n,@washingtonpost
World348 NATO-EU @POLITICOEurope,@ediramaal
World348 Moldova’s deputy prime minister urges the EU to expand its membership @TheEconomist
World347 The European Union Is Turning on China @ForeignPolicy
World347 Russia's loss June23 @KyivIndependent
World346 Ads delivered to your mailbox German activists say 'nein' @dwnews
World346 Electric-vehicle issues may be all in your head @JilMcIntosh,@drivingdotca,@edmontonjournal
World346 Calgary renters struggle to handle 21% average hike to rent @JoshAldrich03,@calgaryherald
World346 Why these economists think Canada's housing correction is going to be worse than they feared @pamheaven,@financialpost,@calgaryherald
World345 intelligence-update @POLITICOEurope,@DefenceHQ
World344 Judy Asks 17 @Judy_Dempsey,@Carnegie_Europe
World344 praises path to EU, but arms are the key @AndrewKramerNYT,@nytimesworld
World42 Russia’s bright, shiny anti-sanctions weapon Inside the billion-dollar business of ‘blood gold’ @joshuakeating,@GridNews,@JustinRood
World42 Sanctions push Petropavlovsk to the brink @Reuters,@mining
World42 Gold mining behemoth Petropavlovsk to delist from LSE sparking a 40% stock drop @finbold




































































































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