World 世界情勢等 Vol.34(Russia, etc. ロシア など)

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World Vol.269 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.268 (economy – Russia, etc.)

World Vol.267 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.266 (Bloomberg business)

World Vol.265 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.264 (U.S. sanctions, oil prices, etc.)

World Vol.263 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.262 (Russia – economy)

World Vol.261 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.260 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.259 (U.S.: projo, sevendaysvt, bfp_news, PressHerald, etc.; oil corporations, etc.)

World Vol.258 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World269 The Weakness of the Despot StephenKotkin,@DrunkRemnick,@juliaioffe,@NewYorker
World268 Russia built an economy like a fortress but the pain is real @AP
World268 Russia plans to seize assets of western companies that pull out @guardiannews,@RJPartington
World268 Russia devises plan to seize firms abandoned in foreigner exodus @nationalpost
World266 Russia Headed for One of Biggest Inflation Shocks in Decades @business
World266 Stocks Surge Most Since 2020, Oil Sinks With Bonds @business,Kirkland,@VildanaHajric
World264 Food prices jump 20.7% yryr to hit record high in Feb, U.N. agency says @Reuters
World264 After sanctions barrage, Russia's emerging market allies explore workarounds @Reuters
World263 The Ukraine conflict and international law @Harvard_Law,Blum,@NazModirzadeh
World263 The ‘rules-based international order’ doesn’t constrain Russia — or the United States @YaleLawSch,@samuelmoyn,@PostEverything
World262 Russia’s central bank head ‘is mourning for her economy’ @guardian,@RJPartington
World262 A look at West’s tightening sanctions on Russia @AP
World262 The West Weaponizes Russia’s Central Bank Against Putin @bpolitics,@TimOBrien
World262 The real proof of just how screwed Russia’s economy is @PalmerReport
World259 Seal Up, Less Energy @sevendaysvt,@EfficiencyVT
World34 Ukraine War Threatens to Cause a Global Food Crisis @nytimes,@jacknicas
World34 First drought, now war Global wheat supplies in peril @NBCNews,@evanbush,@AP
































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