Italy イタリア Vol.3

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Italy Vol.13 (Durum wheat) デュラム小麦

Italy Vol.12 (Leonardo) レオナルド


World 世界情勢等 Vol.34(Russia, etc. ロシア など)

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World Vol.269 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.268 (economy – Russia, etc.)

World Vol.267 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.266 (Bloomberg business)

World Vol.265 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.264 (U.S. sanctions, oil prices, etc.)

World Vol.263 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.262 (Russia – economy)

World Vol.261 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.260 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.259 (U.S.: projo, sevendaysvt, bfp_news, PressHerald, etc.; oil corporations, etc.)

World Vol.258 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World269 The Weakness of the Despot StephenKotkin,@DrunkRemnick,@juliaioffe,@NewYorker
World268 Russia built an economy like a fortress but the pain is real @AP
World268 Russia plans to seize assets of western companies that pull out @guardiannews,@RJPartington
World268 Russia devises plan to seize firms abandoned in foreigner exodus @nationalpost
World266 Russia Headed for One of Biggest Inflation Shocks in Decades @business
World266 Stocks Surge Most Since 2020, Oil Sinks With Bonds @business,Kirkland,@VildanaHajric
World264 Food prices jump 20.7% yryr to hit record high in Feb, U.N. agency says @Reuters
World264 After sanctions barrage, Russia's emerging market allies explore workarounds @Reuters
World263 The Ukraine conflict and international law @Harvard_Law,Blum,@NazModirzadeh
World263 The ‘rules-based international order’ doesn’t constrain Russia — or the United States @YaleLawSch,@samuelmoyn,@PostEverything
World262 Russia’s central bank head ‘is mourning for her economy’ @guardian,@RJPartington
World262 A look at West’s tightening sanctions on Russia @AP
World262 The West Weaponizes Russia’s Central Bank Against Putin @bpolitics,@TimOBrien
World262 The real proof of just how screwed Russia’s economy is @PalmerReport
World259 Seal Up, Less Energy @sevendaysvt,@EfficiencyVT
World34 Ukraine War Threatens to Cause a Global Food Crisis @nytimes,@jacknicas
World34 First drought, now war Global wheat supplies in peril @NBCNews,@evanbush,@AP
































World 世界情勢等 Vol.32(Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ロシアのウクライナ侵攻)

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As not a small number of people in the world had thought, the first negotiation for ceasefire did not reach an agreement. The invasion continued, and Japanese media’s coverage has become more detailed.
Our company’s websites will basically stop following lines themselves of the invasion from now on, and for now will return to normal – our economy-oriented style including other issues.
We really hope that innocent people of Ukraine – an independent country – will not be damaged anymore, and that all the attacks including military assaults will be stopped as soon as possible.

World Vol.257 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.256 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.255 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.254 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.253 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.252 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.251 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.250 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.249 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)

World Vol.248 (Belarus) ベラルーシ

World Vol.247 (Moldova) モルドバ

World Vol.246 (Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: AFP, AP, TIME, TheEconomist, etc.)

All the human beings need to control ourselves NOT to make fake news, unlaid opinions, etc., at this perilous moment, because human beings are not so smart.
And, of course, if China can mediate appropriately, it must be very welcome.

World 世界情勢等 Vol.31(Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ロシアのウクライナ侵攻)

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取り急ぎ以下貼っておきます。最新のポストは をご覧ください。

World Vol.245 (BakerInstitute, BushSchool, ClintonSchool, Kennedy_School, HooverInst, etc.)

World Vol.244 (U.S., U.N., etc. – Russia)

France Vol.27 (Macron) / Germany Vol.35 (Scholz) / World Vol.243 (Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine)

World Vol.242 (CrisisGroup, valdaitweets, etc.)

World Vol.241 (CUP_PoliSci, PolStudies, OUPAcademic, etc.) / UK Vol.191

World Vol.240 (FPRI, BertelsmannFdn, ASI, cepr_org, CERI_SciencesPo, etc.)

World Vol.239 (CEPS_thinktank, Bruegel_org, ecfr, etc.)

World Vol.238 (gmfus, CSIS)

World Vol.237 (AFP, dwnews, BrookingsFP, AtlanticCouncil, ForeignPolicy, ForeignAffairs)

World Vol.236 (Russia, U.S., U.K.) / UK Vol.190

World Vol.234 (Russia, Ukraine, etc.) / France Vol.26

World Vol.233 (Russia)


World245 In Ukraine, Putin Has Already Lost @BelferCenter,Ryan,@TheNatlInterest
World242 NATO Must Boost Hybrid Warfare Defenses @just_security,Dolan,@LVC,@SEEUniversity
World242 Guide to the Chess Game at the United Nations on Ukraine Crisis @just_security,@RichardGowan1,@crisisgroup
World241 Russia’s Annexation of the Crimea and the War in the Donbas Serhy Yekelchyk @OUPAcademic
World241 The West, Russia and European security Still the long peace @PolStudiesAssoc,@BritJPIR,@andrewcottey,@SAGECQPolitics
World240 Transatlantic Primer 2022 Cross-Cutting Currents @BrandonBohrn,@ChloAlexLaird
World240 Russia-backed rebels a thorn in Ukraine’s side @AP
World240 transatlantic Transponder @BertelsmannFdn,@BrandonBohrn
World239 MSCreport @ecfr,@MunSecConf,@markhleonard
World239 What Europeans think about the war in Ukraine @ecfr,@markhleonard,IvanKrastev
World239 European natural gas imports @GeorgZachmann,@GSgaravatti,@McwilliamsBen,@Bruegel_org
World239 Russia’s threat to invade Ukraine and Europe’s soft power @CEPS_thinktank,@Michael1254O
World238 Normandy Format @csiserep,@CSIS,@andrewlohsen,@morcos_pierre
World238 To Change Putin’s Behavior, the West Needs a New Strategy @csis_isp,@SMonaghanCSIS,@WPReview
World237 The Day After Russia Attacks @ForeignAffairs,@AVindman,@DomCruzBus
World237 The Sliding-Doors Approach to the Russia Crisis @BrookingsFP,@thomaswright08,@TheAtlantic
World237 For Biden, wreaking havoc on Russia’s economy is the least bad option @AtlanticCouncil,@brianoftoole,@AmbDanFried,@edwardfishman
World237 The Gold Medal for Foreign Policy Goes to Germany @ForeignPolicy,@stephenWalt









































Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.42

Baltic バルト Vol.6(Lithuania リトアニア)

続き cont.

Baltic Vol.10 (Lithuania – companies) 民間企業


@Lietuvosbankas リトアニア中央銀行

Baltic バルト Vol.5(Lithuania, etc. リトアニア など)

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Baltic Vol.5 (Lithuania: LRTenglish, etc.)

「Baltic Vol.11 (universities)」 追加予定

Baltic Vol.4 (Lithuania, etc.)

Baltic Vol.9 (Lithuania, etc.) NATO


Baltic バルト Vol.3(Latvia ラトビア)

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Baltic Vol.3 (Latvia – LSM_eng, BNNNEWSCOM, etc.)


World 世界情勢等 Vol.30 / U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.185

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World Vol.226 (incl U.S. politics)

World Vol.225 (U.S., Russia, Ukraine)

World Vol.224 (Tonga eruption)

World Vol.223 (U.S., Australia, etc.)

World Vol.222 (U.S. economy, Kazakhstan protests, diplomatic boycott, etc.; BerkeleyHaas, etc.)

World Vol.221 (NewshubNZ; U.S. meat, Happy New Year, etc.)

World Vol.220 (Pennsylvania, Colorado, Australia, China, etc.)

World226 Goldman Sachs Says We're Entering a Commodity Supercycle. Here Are 3 Names to Play It. @Flower_Power_67,@YahooFinance,@MotleyFoolMoney
World223 Rising Interest Rates Hurting Tech Growth Stocks in Favor of Value Stocks @thinkorswim,@TDAmeritrade
World223 Tech Investors Extend Rotation to Value From Growth as Rates Rise @barronsonline
World222 Is Gasoline Becoming Unaffordable @energyathaas,@BorensteinS
World222 Why are so many Americans quitting their jobs @BerkeleyHaas,@NPR,@umalmend
World222 S&P 500 posts worst start to a year since 2016 @BNNBloomberg
World221 Biden Promotes Plan Aimed at Tackling Meat Prices @WSJPolitics,@PatThomas1318,@catherine_lucey
World221 planned merger @NewshubNZ,@Orcon,@2degreesmobile
World221 Urban farming's popularity rising in New Zealand as low carbon growing alternative @NewshubNZ
World220 UK-houses @business,@BloombergUK
World220 Seattle-houses @seattletimes




























Recent articles about Japan 日本関連英文記事 Vol.39(Omicron, earthquake, etc. オミクロン、地震 など)