Iran イラン Vol.1

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取り急ぎ、現在までに取りまとめた情報を貼っておきます。 To be continued.

Iran Vol.1 (neighbors) イラク、パキスタン、アフガニスタン、トルクメニスタン、アゼルバイジャン、アルメニア 等
Iran Vol.2 (neighbors) トルコ、シリア、レバノン 等
Iran Vol.3 (neighbors) ヨルダン、イスラエル、エジプト 等

Middle East Vol.11 (Sunni Versus Shiite (Shia) / Iran Vol.7) 

Middle East Vol.15 (Iran Vol.11: JCPOA)
Middle East Vol.14 (Iran Vol.10: JCPOA)
Middle East Vol.13 (Iran Vol.9: JCPOA)
Middle East Vol.12 (Iran Vol.8: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA))
Middle East Vol.10 (Iran Vol.6 – US Withdrawal from Nuclear Agreement)
Middle East Vol.5 (Iran Vol.5 – Nuclear Agreement Vol.5)
Middle East Vol.4 (Iran Vol.4 – Nuclear Agreement Vol.4)
Middle East Vol.3 (Iran Vol.3 – Nuclear Agreement Vol.3)
Middle East Vol.2 (Iran Vol.2 – Nuclear Agreement Vol.2)
Middle East Vol.1 (Iran Vol.1 – Nuclear Agreement Vol.1)

Middle East Vol.9 (Iran and miscellaneous)
US Policy Changes Vol.80 (Middle East Vol.6)
US Policy Changes Vol.40 (Foreign Policy Vol.6 – Israel-Palestine, Iran)
US Policy Changes Vol.36 (Foreign Policy Vol.5 – Israel-Palestine, Russia, Iran, Syria)
US Policy Changes Vol.57 (National Security Vol.4 – nuclear ideas)

Why would Iran attack two tankers near the Strait of Hormuz? (06/14/2019) | Shawn Snow @MilitaryTimes
With Trump Blessing, Japan’s Abe Seeks to Mend Iran Bridges (06/13/2019) | Golnar Motevalli, Isabel Reynolds, and Ladane Nasseri @bpolitics
Japan premier warns US, Iran ‘accidental conflict’ possible (w Video; 06/13/2019) | AMIR VAHDAT, AYA BATRAWY and JON GAMBRELL @AP @yahoo

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