イギリス Vol.6(”Brexit”? – UK’s Referendum on EU Membership イギリスEU残留国民投票 Vol.5)

Here is just a part of articles/videos concerning the Brexit on Twitter through early morning, 20 June (BST).

E.U. Countries Warn Britain on ‘Brexit’: You’ll Pay if You Leave Us | @stevenerlanger

Nobel prize-winning economists warn of long-term damage after Brexit | @GuardianAnushka & @jilltreanor
– ‘Economic arguments are clearly in favour of remaining in the EU’, economics professors write –

Could British EU Exit Be Watershed for Global Economy? | @dgmchugh

City bets on pound to suffer bigger plunge than ‘Black Wednesday’ after Brexit vote | @Pete_Spence & @Tim_Wallace

The Battle of EvermorePeaks & troughs
– It has been a bad-tempered and unenlightening campaign, during which few have changed their minds. But Vote Leave now has an edge –

French ambassador urges UK to help shape a ‘reformed Europe’ | @philipstephens
– Sylvie Bermann defends the EU and says the two nations are ‘real allies’ that should collaborate on what is a ‘work in progress’ –

Asia stocks gain as Brexit fears ebb slightly, safe-havens retreat | Shinichi Saoshiro

New York Times Tries to Pin ‘Violence’ on Brexit Campaign | @JamesDelingpole

What’s working with supporters of the leave and remain camps? | @Usherwood

Brexit is being driven by English nationalism. And it will end in self-rule | @fotoole
– The EU referendum could lead to the creation of a new nation state –

Brussels slaps down British threats to rewrite immigration rules | @tobyhelm
– President of European parliament says UK has ‘no chance of curbing basic principle of free movement’ –

Schaeuble Says EU Set to Avoid Chaos If Britons Vote for Exit | @bjennen1

Will Brexit bring UK property doom or years of future boom? | @ed_mead & Paul Smith @haart_uk
– Two estate agents give contrasting views on what leaving the EU could mean for house prices and international investment –

Brexit Alarms Propel Gold Investors to Near Record Rally Wagers | @luzi_ann

Brexit Edinburgh includes the BNP | @bellacaledonia

Could Brexit Lead To New Scottish Referendum? | @jamesmatthewsky

EU Referendum: Swansea people are searching for leave more than stay on Google | @readmybook

After Brexit: Roadmap for a leap in the dark | @macdonaldrtr

EU referendum: Which papers are backing Brexit and Remain? | @GavinCordon
– The Mail on Sunday and The Observer backed Remain while The Sunday Times and The Sunday Telegraph backed Leave –


What would British business be like after Brexit? | @phillipinman

Welcome to the Fantasy Island of Little England | @emile_simpson

Brexit Could Set Off Frightening Chain Reaction In EU | @schrieberg

Central banks ready to intervene in case of Brexit: ECB’s Visco | @Islabin @AndrewHeavens

Fear, Loathing and Brexit | @paulkrugman

The financial markets aren’t afraid of Brexit – they are afraid of the incompetence of global leadership | Hamish McRae

Britain will become an isolated trading post ‘with the significance of GUERNSEY’ if we vote for Brexit says French minister | @petereallen

In Gibraltar, Brexit Vote Stirs Fears of a Rocky Road: Residents and workers worry a U.K. exit from the EU could complicate their access to the European market | @JENeumann

Brexit: UK should remain
– The result of next week’s crucial UK referendum on whether or not to remain in the European Union will have worldwide repercussions. –

Central banks mull dollar liquidity injection as Brexit looms | Anirudh Sethi

The Brexit debate has exposed the Establishment | Brendan O’Neill

Military chief switches sides to back Brexit against EU ‘army’ | @AnnabelPHoward
– Field Marshal Lord Guthrie says he was wrong to back Remain and now believes leaving would be ‘better’ for British defence –

Consequences of Brexit sink in for US politicians after killing of MP | @RobertsDan & @Bencjacobs
– The death of UK member of parliament sent a shock through Washington as the EU referendum vote could affect foreign policy and international relations –

@jimcramer’s game plan: Brexit won’t cause chaos many expect

IMF: Brexit May Not Mean A British Recession| @EdConwaySkyIMF





Brexit – The Strategic Implications [Video: PanelDiscussion] | Professor Sir @LawDavF, Emeritus Professor of @warstudies; Professor @FHeisbourg, Chairman of the Council, @IISS_org; @NigelInkster, Director of Future Conflict and Cyber Security, @IISS_org

@Erik_Jones_SAIS: Calling an EU referendum was a bad idea; voting to leave would be worse | @IISS_org

Brexit and the Law of Unintended Consequences [with PDF] | @LawDavF @IISS_org


If you think the UK will be in control after Brexit, dream on | Andrew Graham
– It’s a fantasy that the EU will trade with us on our terms. Only by remaining will we have any clout –

Brexit: Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg warns Britons ‘won’t like’ life outside EU | @ashcowburn
– ‘Brussels will decide without the Brits being able to participate in the decision-making’ –

EU referendum: Dutch newspaper writes open letter in response to The Sun backing Brexit | @histubbs
– ‘We not only love you, we need you’ –

Europeans are scooping up gold on Brexit fears | Frank Holmes

Japanese yen pushed higher by Fed safe-haven flows amid Brexit fears | @LeslieShaffer1

What brexit could mean for the creative industries | @sabrinashim
– With the deadline to register to have a say in the future of the UK in Europe fast approaching, it’s time to take stock of what we could lose by leaving the EU. –

America’s gun laws and our rush to Brexit are symptoms of fearful nations | @gabyhinsliff
– Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic make a mistake by pandering to fear instead of defusing it. It can lead to bad decisions –

NEW BREXIT POLLS: Leave has surged to BIG LEADS in hugely important surveys | @adampayne26











Brexit would be a ‘lose lose’ for everyone, warns German politician | @Colmkelpie

North of England has most to lose from Brexit, says ‘In’ campaign | @kyliemaclellan

Want to know the reality of employment law after Brexit? Just look at this document the government buried four years ago | @hannahfearn
– If we leave the EU, the Conservatives have a blueprint for scrapping workers’ rights –

What would Brexit mean for the City of London? [with Video] | Patrick Jenkins
– UK exit from the EU would have big consequences for international banks –

Brexit and the UK’s geopolitical destiny [with Video “Head to Head – Brexit: Au revoir Europe?” (interview with Lord Norman Lamont, 48:49)] | @E_Karagiannis
– The future of the UK is tied, for better or worse, to the rest of Europe if only for reasons of proximity. –

How to keep your EU citizenship after Brexit: British nationals are set to lose out, but there are some workarounds | @joncstone 

Brexit would help us control immigration. Like me, many Labour voters want out | @frankfieldteam
– There’s a dangerous gap between Labour supporters and the parliamentary party on this issue. Europe isn’t working for workers any more –

Rethinking sovereignty: why “taking back control” is an empty slogan | @RobinNiblett
– “Let’s take back control” is an empty slogan unless doing so improves prospects for British citizens. –

Brexit would help UK manufacturing survive in a global market | @DrGerardLyons
– The challenge posed by low-cost producers such as China will continue, whatever the EU referendum outcome –

Brexit fears wipe £100bn off FTSE 100 in four days – business live | @graemewearden

Brexit fears drive German bond yields to below zero | @SP_Morgan

Stocks Slide With Pound Amid Brexit Risk as Sovereign Bonds Jump | @inyhwang & @JoeCiolli

Axa CEO Warns There’s an ‘Extremely High’ Probability of Brexit | @FabioWire

‘Anglophile’ Rutte Says Brexit Won’t Happen as Voters See Sense | @corinaruhe & @ACBerlin

BREX-ITCH: Dutch Activists Cruise Into UK To Help Farage Campaign For Brexit | @RaheemKassam @BreitbartLondon

Holland BACKS Brexit: Dutch people urge Britons to QUIT doomed bloc and lead EU revolution | @parfitt_tom @Daily_Express
– THE vast majority of Dutch people want Britain to quit the European Union in this month’s historic in/out referendum, according to a new poll –

Chance Of A Lifetime To Beat The Neoliberals | Doug Nicholls

Four union leaders argue Brexit is the only option in the interests of workers | MICK CASH, @MickWhelanASLEF, @Ronniebfawu, Doug Nicholls

Remain and Renegotiate! How to stop the Brexit bandwagon: Labour needs an urgent new offer on EU migration | @paulmasonnews @Medium

Global stocks fall, Bund yields go negative on Brexit fears | Herbert Lash

Don’t Be Too Pessimistic About Brexit | @jimcramer @RhondaSchaffler @TheStreet

Huge hit...scaremongering...The TimesFT

Brexit: Facts Not Fear | @toadmeister @SpecCoffeeHouse @spectator_ch

Brexit chances surge: live chart of bookmakers’ odds | John O’Neill @SpecCoffeeHouse @spectator_ch

EU Referendum: Turnout odds may have surged too far | @LeightonVW

Bookies Are Still Pretty Sure Brexit Isn’t Going to Happen | @DaraDoy

Brexit Countdown: 8 days to go | @henrymance
– Sour note for concert, warning on Leave pledges, and the ‘neverendum’? –

European integration with or without Britain | @Kemal_Dervis

EU referendum – when to buy your holiday money | Larry Elliott

Trumping the Brexiteers | @johnmcternan
– Britain does not ‘need’ Europe, but Europe needs Britain; the UK should have pride in its place in the EU. –





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