イギリス Vol.4(”Brexit”? – UK’s Referendum on EU Membership イギリスEU残留国民投票 Vol.3)

Here is just a part of articles/videos concerning the Brexit on Twitter through 13 June (BST).

Brexit and the Globalization Trilemma | @rodrikdani

Six economists on Brexit – interviews by @MrVikas | @yanisvaroufakis

What happens if we vote for Brexit? | @alanjrenwick @ConUnit_UCL

Unit publishes new Briefing Paper on Brexit and its consequences for Devolution and the Union [with PDF & Video] | @ConUnit_UCLScotland, Northern IrelandLong term consequences

Brexit, Hungary and EU Funding | Dr Thomas Lorman @UCLSSEES


Berlin and Paris need a strategy for Brexit | @GuntramWolff @Bruegel_org
– Which political strategy should the EU and its biggest two members, France and Germany, pursue if the UK were to leave? –

Debunking the Brexit myths: Four-fifths of scientists support staying in the EU. Here is why. | Sir PAUL NURSE @NewStatesman

Mapped: The Cosy Climate-Euro Sceptic Bubble Pushing for Brexit and Less Climate Action | @kylamandel @DeSmogUK

THE IDEOLOGUES WITHIN | @JohnSpringford @SimonTilford @CER_London
– Britain’s right-wing populists will not stop at Brexit – they want control of the Tory party and thus the country. Their ideological, unempirical world view provides few solutions to the problems facing the UK. –

European nations & organisationsNew Europeansafter poll surgeBeLEAVEfib.

U.S. Investors Are More Worried About Brexit Than a Summer Fed Hike or the Presidential Election | @julieverhage @LJKawa

You won’t ‘get back your country’ if you vote for a Brexit – you’ll give it to the most right-wing UK government in recent history | @Jon_Danzig
– The social policies once proposed by the pro-Brexit Iain Duncan Smith were described by the European Court of Justice as ‘unfit for a modern democracy’ and ‘verging on frighteningly authoritarian’ –

The Treasury ‘grossly exaggerated’ the economic and financial impact of Brexit, says academic review – and Cameron and Osborne are ‘treating us like children’ | @matt_dathan

A Don’s Life: Why I have voted ‘Remain’ — or ‘STAY, UK’ as I prefer to call it.

Boeing gives Brexit ANOTHER ‘fantastic’ boost by picking Britain for new European HQ [with Video – Boris Johnson] | @LanaC
– THE world’s largest aircraft maker has made the case for leaving the union even stronger by choosing Britain for its new European headquarters. –

Brexit would make the UK more secure by scuppering plans for an EU army, French admirals claim | @KateEMcCann

Brexit supporters have unleashed furies even they can’t control | @pollytoynbee

The UK Leaving the EU Would Change the European Music Industry | @laurasnapes @pitchfork

Brexit would mean fewer new homes built, major housebuilders say | @rowenamason

Brexit: It’s smarter to stay | @Brinkbaeumer & @FAHarms
– The choice is between a moment of pride and a new future built together: If Britain is clever, it will remain a member of the EU, because it will recognise that the future of the west is at stake. –

Why Leave campaign is personal and political for Gove [with Video] | @bbclaurak

Brexit would absolutely be applauded in Russia, says defence secretary | @NortonTaylor
– Michael Fallon tells defence committee that leaving EU would be ‘extraordinarily irresponsible at a very dangerous moment’ –

Brexit could lead to EU break-up – Swedish FM @margotwallstrom

‘Danexit’: Should Brexit Succeed Denmark Could Be Next | @TomlinsonCJ

Brexit Is a Bad Trade: U.K. trade policy would become a mess if the country leaves the EU. [with CARTOON GALLERY] | @ChadBown

Yen Soars As Markets Dive On Brexit Worries | @Investingcom

Pound Judgment Day Means Either Drop to 30-Year Low or 6% Rally | @aragaomarianna @Josh_A_Robinson

Brexit Could Be So Bad It’s Good for the Pound – Eventually | @is_fink

David Cameron’s Brexit threat to pensioners is a new low | @FraserNelson @spectator

Massive swing in UK to Brexit: poll | ARNAU BUSQUETS GUÀRDIA @POLITICOEurope

UK voters back Norway-style Brexit, poll reveals | @Pete_Spence

Trauma of SNB Haunts Currency Traders Planning for Brexit Vote | @chiaraalbanese @stespezzati

If Britain Leaves the EU, Paris Wants London’s Business | @FeargusOSull

This is an ex-project – John Cleese blasts EU and backs Brexit | @heraldscotland

Sam Cam – I’m in for my kids: In her own words, the PM’s wife delivers a Brexit broadside and says she won’t gamble on her children’s futures

Corbyn reveals the real reason he’s been so ‘silent’ on Brexit | CARLYN HARVEY @TheCanarySays

EU referendum: Sir James Dyson backs Brexit as Leave opens up poll lead | @robindepeyer @standardnews

CEO of @Unilever @PaulPolman talks to @JonSnow @Channel4News about how Brexit could hit the price of ice cream

Stephen Hawking, @Lord_Sugar, … | @StrongerIn

Brexit Countdown | @FT

“Deliberately Overblown” Brexit Fears Backfire | Tyler Durden @zerohedge

Leave: ‘We can rebuild the fishing industry outside EU’

Nine in ten fishermen will back Brexit, survey suggests | @DanSmatterings

Brexit Would Hand U.K’.s Trading Fate to Others | @StephenFidler1
– Outside the EU, Britain could find many countries weighing in on its trade arrangements –

Why Brexit Doesn’t Necessarily Mean a U.K. Recession | @CharltonEmma

Investors pull £65bn out of UK in two months | @ValRome0 @FundStrategy

Britain needs EU in fight against terrorism, warns former spymaster | @NortonTaylor

Brexit likelihood has increased, but Remain is still favourite | @MattSingh_

An even earlier Brexit had far worse consequences | @darrendodd

Yes or No, Brexit has already changed the UK | Rayhan Chouglay @risk_insights

Euroskepticism Beyond Brexit | @bruceestokes
– Significant opposition in key European countries to an ever closer EU –

Brexit and Scottish independence: Does campaign information actually change voters’ minds during a referendum? | @dmorisi

Brexit would be death knell for British influence in the world | @CatherineGegout @NottsPolitics

Central Banks Fear Trouble Ahead as Brexit Stress Goes Global | @endacurran @simonjkennedy

Poll reveals possible Brexit boost after Nigel Farage proved more convincing than Cameron | @ZoieOBrien_
– HE has been shunned from the official Leave campaign but Nigel Farage may well have given Brexit a boost last night ahead of the EU referendum. –

Anthill2: Brexit special – Prof Paul Whiteley @uniessexgovt talking economics, immigration and identity [Podcast] | @ConversationUK

More on the Bookies Odds of BREXIT | @DavidNFBell @ScotFES

So Just How United Are SNP Supporters on Europe? | @whatukthinks @WhatScotsThink

Blair Sees U.K. Rejecting Brexit as He Attacks Boris Johnson | John Micklethwait, @RobDotHutton

The EU is an outsized behemoth beyond reform – the Green case for Brexit | @GreenJennyJones
– This top-down dogmatic project promoting endless industrial development and growth doesn’t fit with the Green vision of a future lived on a more human scale –

On Brexit, Banks and Bargains | Philippe Brugere-Trelat




Employment and the ‘EU’: Are you voting for ‘Brexit’ or ‘Brita-in’?

‘Brexit’ Vote Looms As Sides Squabble Over Whether To Leave EU

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