U.S.A. アメリカ Vol.87(New Jersey ニュージャージー州)

All the below links/tweets but some in Japanese are in English.

New Jersey Vol.6 (state, cities, etc.)
New Jersey Vol.5 (corporations)
New Jersey Vol.4 (corporations)
New Jersey Vol.3
New Jersey Vol.2
New Jersey Vol.1
US Policy Changes Vol.59 (Foreign Policy Vol.9 – psychology and decision-making)
US Policy Changes Vol.39 (Miscellaneous Vol.4 – Sandy)
US Policy Changes Vol.30 (Miscellaneous Vol.1 – tri-state area demography)
US Policy Changes Vol.63 (Economy Vol.12 / Deregulation Vol.7 – incl reform, inequality)
US Policy Changes Vol.32 (Miscellaneous Vol.2 – voter turnout)
US Policy Changes Vol.29 (Deregulation Vol.4 – privatization)

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