Cyber Security etc. サイバーセキュリティ等 Vol.3

All the below tweets are in English.
Partly because it is the last day of (National) Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and because we have felt odd/suspicious disturbances on a daily basis, we had RTed to try to have a kind of summary of the month on Twitter. During that time, there came such disturbances as usual. If we may, we would say this is not a delusion of persecution, and that there is at least a person who always react to our RTs and work against our efforts while we are very fair under the rule of law. Whoever of any country unfairly disturb lawful/healthy economic activities need(s) to be strictly judged and punished in the end under the rule of law. It is obvious that all the people can live and countries can exist, thanks to the presence of sound private-sector economy.

投稿者: ワールド ソルーションズ