Crisis Management 危機管理 Vol.1

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9月1日は、日本では防災の日(参考 Preparing for Disaster a Part of Japanese Life | Richard Medhurst @nippon_en)です。防災・危機管理の訓練を各組織で行うのが通例です。地球気候変動による自然災害の増加に加え、事故や事件が減ることも無い上、国際情勢の流動性・連動性により国家安全保障事案も増え、ますます平時より不測の事態に備えるしかありません。



Japan 日本
Olympic task: Tokyo is already in crisis management mode for 2020 Games (Sep 1) | Justin McCurry @EYnews @guardian
With four years to go, Tokyo wants to ensure its Olympic Games will be protected against both cyber-attacks and earthquakes
~ Preparing for natural disasters
~ The threat from cyberspace
~ Towards sustainability

Natural disasters 自然災害
Five Key Points from the 2016 World Risk Report (Aug 26) | Caitlin Werrell & Francesco Femia; @CntrClimSec @UNUEHS
~ Fact 1: Disasters and disaster risk are on the rise worldwide
~ Fact 2: There is no such thing as a natural disaster
~ Fact 3: Infrastructure is a key risk factor
~ Fact 4: Infrastructure alone is not enough, it must also be maintained and managed correctly
~ Fact 5: Southeast Asia, Central America, Oceania and the Southern Sahel are consistently disaster risk hotspots

National security 国家安全保障
Vietnamese president says there will be no winners if countries war over South China Sea: Tran Dai Quang said the “recent worrying developments” in the disputed waters is threatening regional security. (Aug30) | Nandini Krishnamoorthy ‏@IBTimes @AssociatedRisks

Violence 銃事件
American University attack: at least 12 dead and 44 injured in Afghanistan- Students in Kabul were trapped in classrooms amid explosions and automatic gunfire as militants attacked the university (Aug 25) | Sune Engel Rasmussen @guardian @ScholarsAtRisk

Terrorism テロリズム
Terrorism and political violence guide (Aug 16) | @StrategicRISK

Oil production エネルギー安全保障
3 reasons why an OPEC production cap is still unlikely (Aug 14) | Jon Lang @risk_insights

Economic stability 経済の安定
economic rebalancing and reforming the IMF: The former Bank of England governor discusses Brexit, radical regulatory reform, the difficulties rebalancing the European and global economies and an overhaul of the International Monetary Fund (Aug 24) | Christopher Jeffery @CentralBanking_ @RiskDotNet

Cables 通信回線の物理的脆弱性
Severed Communications: Businesses face risks from undersea data cable vulnerabilities. (Aug 3) | Jonathan McGoran @RiskInsurance

Cyber サイバー攻撃
Incidents in 2015 proved that executives need to get familiar with cyber-risk. Find out your company’s risk level (Feb 4) | Rob Sloan @DJCompliance @InfosecurityMag

Earthquakes 地震
Small Villages Hit Hardest by Italian Earthquake (Aug 24) | Caroline McDonald‏ @RiskMgmt

Flood 洪水
3 strategies for recovering from flood losses (Aug 22) | ROBERT W. O’BRIEN @PC_360 @RiskStrategies

Climate change 気候変動
Cities and climate change – the funding gap (Aug 26) | Cecilia Reyes @Zurich

Compliance コンプライアンス
Why Walmart’s Chemicals Disclosure Is a Smart Business Move (Jul 22) | Jessica Lyons Hardcastle @ELDaily @ComplianceRisks

Compliance コンプライアンス
Enterprise compliance retail companies: Changing requirements – Prepare for what’s around the corner | @DeloitteRisks

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