U.S.-Japan Summit Meetings 日米首脳会談 Vol.2(Obama’s visit to Hiroshima Vol.2)

Here is just a part of Twitter articles related to the visit (through early August 6 (JST)). [All the below are in English.]

On Aug. 6, 1945, an A-bomb devastated Hiroshima, where Obama paid his respects this year. | @The_Japan_News

Today on The Bridge @MarcM_Tweets looks at Pres Obama’s Hiroshima comments and wonders if the Asia Pivot has begun. | @Strategy_Bridge

As Obama touches down in Hiroshima, @FitzpatrickIISS reflects on the impact of his visit | @IISS_org

Japan remembers Hiroshima, urges world to follow Obama and visit | @ReutersWorld

Obama’s Hiroshima rhetoric obscures a growing role for nuclear weapons, write Stephan Frühling and @oneil_ak | @LowyInstitute

“Obama’s Hiroshima rhetoric obscures growing role for nuclear weapons” – Stephan Fruehling #ANU_SDSC | @ANUBellSchool

Obama’s Prague vision, Hiroshima visit undermined by Republicans & Putin – @MilesPomper @MarkThompson_DC in @TIME | @CNS_Updates

Only nuclear weapons can turn a small confrontation into a catastrophe like the one Obama commemorated in Hiroshima | @ProSyn

Obama in Hiroshima: A Mandate for Looking Back #twitterstorians | @The_OAH

Nukes Will Be Obama’s Legacy @johnfeffer | @myfairobserver

Obama called for a moral revolution at Hiroshima. Will he lead it? | @americamag

At Hiroshima, President Obama spoke eloquently against nuclear weapons. But do his policies send the same message? | @BosPublicRadio

Dan Sneider in @nippon_en: “The best judgment of the impact of Obama’s Hiroshima visit may be what follows…” | @StanfordSAPARC

In Hiroshima President Obama Can Help Save History leadership | @Real_Leaders

Obama, Truman and Hiroshima #culture | @COZMOPOLIS

Hibakusha group says Obama Hiroshima speech ‘avoided responsibility’ via the Japan Times | @TheAtomicAge

Overwhelming majority in Japan & esp Hiroshima think of President Obama’s visit as an implicit apology | @LSEUSAblog

Japan atomic bomb survivors criticise Obama’s Hiroshima speech | @France24_en

Obama’s Ironic Visit to Hiroshima | @opednews

How President Obama’s recent visit to Hiroshima makes the world more dangerous | @theTrumpet_com

At Hiroshima, Obama Asks Fundamental Questions About Science And War | @mrjimmc

Take a look at the context behind President Obama’s trip to Hiroshima | @amsecproject

Pres. Obama calls for a “moral revolution” w/ regard to nuclear weapons. Read his full Hiroshima speech here | @nextgenshapers

Photo of Obama, origami cranes on display at A-bomb museum in Hiroshima | @DaiwaFoundation

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum places Pres Obama’s origami cranes on display @japantimes | @Stimson_EAsia

ICYMI: President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima last month. Here’s the full length of his speech (video)…. | @NYPeaceFilmFest

Preliminary Reflections on Political Forgiveness — a compelling new policy brief from @wendyrsherman @BelferCenter | @HarvardAsh

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