Germany ドイツ Vol.3(corporations, etc. 民間企業など)

(All the below links and tweets other than the below tweets in Japanese are in English.)


Germany Vol.16 (Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Personal Care, Medical – Bayer, Merck, Nivea, Schwarzkopf, Fresenius)
Germany Vol.15 (Gas, Engineering – Linde, etc.)
Germany Vol.14 (Engineering – ThyssenKrupp)
Germany Vol.13 (Chemical – BASF)
Germany Vol.12 (Conglomerate / Manufacturing – Bosch)
Germany Vol.11 (Conglomerate / Manufacturing – Siemens)
Germany Vol.10 (Software – SAP)
Germany Vol.9 (Finance)
Germany Vol.8 (Finance)
Germany Vol.7 (Finance)

Germany 外交関係など

European Union Vol.6 (2019 European Parliament elections Vol.6: DE, AT, etc.)
European Union Vol.8 (Commission, Council, Parliament)

Australia オーストラリア Vol.6(states, economy, politics, etc. 各州, 経済, 政治 など)

All the below links are in English.

標記につき取り急ぎ貼っておきます。なお、 の各ポストは、日付が若干新しくありませんが、内容は最近、大幅に拡充等したものです。


Australia Vol.8 (New South Wales) ニューサウスウェールズ州
Australia Vol.13 (Victoria) ビクトリア州
Australia Vol.12 (Queensland) クイーンズランド州
Australia Vol.10 (South Australia) サウスオーストラリア州
Australia Vol.9 (Western Australia) ウェスタンオーストラリア州
Australia Vol.11 (Tasmania) タスマニア州
Australia Vol.6 (Northern Territory) ノーザンテリトリー(北部特別地域)
Australia Vol.2 (Australian Capital Territory) オーストラリア首都特別地域

Australia Vol.5 (Economy) 経済
Australia Vol.1 (Politics) 政治
Australia Vol.15 / Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Vol.2 TPP
Australia Vol.16 / Meat Vol.2 
Australia Vol.7 (Climate change) 気候変動
Australia Vol.14 / Antarctic Vol.2 南極

各州名及びJapanなどを入れて検索して出てきたツイートです。政府に関連するという立場でない弊社としては、現時点で日本の命運を左右する話題ではなく経済動向と不可分である国際情勢等の空気も見えるもの を敢えて外さないことがあってもむしろ良いのではないかと考え、今回は一部その類のものを含めています。
The below tweets are found if you enter such words as states’ names and Japan, etc. As far as our LLC, which is not related to the Government of Japan, has considered, this time it would be rather better to dare not to take off the information which does not affect the fate of Japan as of May 15, and which shows the atmosphere of international affairs inseparably linked to economy.

U.K. イギリス Vol.20(ウェールズ Wales)

Wales LocalAuthorityDistricts
加工元地図及び加工後のこの地図に England の Herefordshire が入ってしまっていますが、当然間違いです。公開及びツイートの後で気付きました。
While the original white map and this retouched one of Wales include Herefordshire of England, it is a matter of course that it is wrong. I found this mistake after I published this post and related tweet.


UK Vol.134 (Wales Vol.8 – Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen, Newport, Monmouthshire)

UK Vol.133 (Wales Vol.7 – Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Bridgend, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff)

UK Vol.97 (Wales Vol.5 – Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire)

UK Vol.83 (Wales Vol.4 – Powys, Ceredigion)

UK Vol.78 (Wales Vol.3 – Isle of Anglesey, Conwy, Gwynedd)

UK Vol.74 (Wales Vol.2 – Flintshire, Wrexham, Denbighshire)

UK Vol.107 (Wales Vol.6)
UK Vol.4 (Wales Vol.1)


U.K. イギリス Vol.19(スコットランド Scotland)

UK Scotland1 LocalAuthorityDistricts1

Subdivisions in Eurostat NUTS 地方
Eastern = Angus and Dundee; Clackmannanshire and Fife; East Lothian and Midlothian; Scottish Borders; Edinburgh; Falkirk; Perth and Kinross, and Stirling; West Lothian
South Western = East Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, and Helensburgh and Lomond; Dumfries and Galloway; East and North Ayrshire mainland; Glasgow; Inverclyde, East Renfrewshire, and Renfrewshire; North Lanarkshire; South Ayrshire; South Lanarkshire
North Eastern = Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire
Highlands and Islands = Caithness and Sutherland, and Ross and Cromarty; Inverness, Nairn, Moray, and Badenoch and Strathspey; Lochaber, Skye and Lochalsh, Arran and Cumbrae, and Argyll and Bute (except Helensburgh and Lomond); Eilean Siar (Western Isles); Orkney Islands; Shetland Islands

UK Vol.98 (Scotland Vol.22 – North Eastern)

UK Vol.85 (Scotland Vol.21 – Eastern Vol.3)
UK Vol.80 (Scotland Vol.20 – Eastern Vol.2)
UK Vol.76 (Scotland Vol.19 – Eastern Vol.1)

UK Vol.72 (Scotland Vol.18 – South Western Vol.2)
UK Vol.70 (Scotland Vol.17 – South Western Vol.1)

UK Vol.10 (Scotland Vol.1 – Highlands)

Council areas 一部個別地域
UK Vol.23 (Scotland Vol.14 – Dumfries & Galloway economy)
UK Vol.22 (Scotland Vol.13 – Renfrewshire economy)
UK Vol.21 (Scotland Vol.12 – Orkney Islands economy)
UK Vol.20 (Scotland Vol.11 – Shetland Islands economy)
UK Vol.19 (Scotland Vol.10 – Glasgow economy)
UK Vol.18 (Scotland Vol.9 – East Dunbartonshire economy)
UK Vol.17 (Scotland Vol.8 – Clackmannanshire economy)
UK Vol.16 (Scotland Vol.7 – West Lothian economy)
UK Vol.15 (Scotland Vol.6 – Angus economy)
UK Vol.14 (Scotland Vol.5 – Kincardineshire economy)
UK Vol.13 (Scotland Vol.4 – Aberdeenshire economy)
UK Vol.12 (Scotland Vol.3 – Invernessshire economy)
UK Vol.11 (Scotland Vol.2 – Ross & Cromarty economy)


U.K. イギリス Vol.18(北アイルランド Northern Ireland)

UK NorthernIreland LAdistrictsUK NorthernIreland counties
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Local Authority Districts
Antrim and Newtownabbey; Belfast
UK Vol.99 (Northern Ireland Vol.4)

Newry, Mourne and Down; Ards and North Down; Lisburn and Castlereagh
UK Vol.82 (Northern Ireland Vol.3)

Mid and East Antrim (Carrickfergus, Larne, Ballymena); Mid Ulster (Magherafelt, Cookstown, Dungannon); Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
UK Vol.77 (Northern Ireland Vol.2)

Fermanagh and Omagh; Derry and Strabane; Causeway Coast and Glens
UK Vol.73 (Northern Ireland Vol.1)

その他 Miscellaneous
Good Friday (& Agreement)

UK Vol.91 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.20: 2017 General Election – Plaid Cymru, Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Féin)

UK Vol.59 (Religion and the patterns of conflict in Northern Ireland)

UK Vol.52 (Concern over Brexit’s impact on political landscape in Northern Ireland)

UK Vol.5 (Northern Ireland)


Ireland アイルランド Vol.7(州 counties)

Ireland GreenYellow

All the below links are in English.


Ireland Vol.43 (Leinster Vol.10 – City of Dublin Vol.3)

Ireland Vol.42 (Leinster Vol.9 – City of Dublin Vol.2)

Ireland Vol.41 (Leinster Vol.8 – City of Dublin Vol.1)

Ireland Vol.36 (Leinster Vol.7 – Fingal)

Ireland Vol.35 (Leinster Vol.6 – South Dublin)

Ireland Vol.34 (Leinster Vol.5 – Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown)

Ireland Vol.33 (Leinster Vol.4 – Wicklow, Kildare)

Ireland Vol.32 (Leinster Vol.3 – Meath, Louth)

Ireland Vol.31 (Leinster Vol.2 – Laois, Offaly, Westmeath, Longford)

Ireland Vol.30 (Leinster Vol.1 – Kilkenny, Carlow, Wexford)

Ireland Vol.22 (Munster Vol.3 – Tipperary, Waterford)

Ireland Vol.21 (Munster Vol.2 – Kerry, Cork)

Ireland Vol.20 (Munster Vol.1 – Clare, Limerick; #StPatricksDay)

Ireland Vol.19 (Connacht Vol.2 – Mayo, Galway)

Ireland Vol.18 (Connacht Vol.1 – Leitrim, Sligo, Roscommon)

Ireland Vol.17 (Ulster – Donegal, Cavan, Monaghan)

Pinned tweets, etc. 固定ツイート等

アイルランドの政治・行政・企業・地方・大学: 英文脚注15000以上―アイルランド・米国・英国・欧州・日本企業情報を含む Kindle版 中港拓 (著)

#FoodexJapan2019 non-Japanese companies #フーデックスジャパン2019 外国企業(於:幕張メッセ Makuhari Messe)
U.K. イギリス Vol.18(北アイルランド Northern Ireland)
U.K. イギリス Vol.19(スコットランド Scotland)
U.K. イギリス Vol.20(ウェールズ Wales)

U.K. イギリス Vol.16(Brexit Vol.13:報道等において正面から触れられていないブレグジット三点 3 points concerning Brexit which have not been confronted in the media etc.)
U.K. Vol.17(Brexit Vol.14: 3 points concerning Brexit which have not been confronted in the media etc. – especially outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland)

EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement 日EU経済連携協定(EUJEPA)Vol.2

TPP Vol.4
TPP Vol.5
TPP Vol.6


Honestly, we have understood that it is difficult to understand how to use social network services, if we don’t keep using some specific ones, regardless of being complicated or simple. The strengths of Twitter, which we have kept using as our single tool, would be:
1. in general, we can set it freely and easily, and so forth as well, it is good at spreading stories on the Internet;
2. therefore it is suitable to discussions, content marketing, curation, etc. on difficult topics or contents.
It seems that there will not be such strong services other than Twitter.
Today, when there is too much information, in a sense, it is impossible to accurately understand news without curation.
In this sense, it would be impossible to talk about current era without presense of Twitter, which is suitable to curation, etc.
We can say that the quality of contents is far more important than the numbers of followers, retweets, likes, etc.

1.(無料で使用しているので思うような表示にはなっておりませんが)一応、 という(概ね日本語 Mostly in Japanese の)デジタルサイネージ digital signage があります。アイルランド関連・電子書籍関連に可能な限り絞って貼って行こうと考えています。
2. (in English)
On April 16, 2019, we stopped publishing the eBook-related Facebook page. Thank you so much for having visited that page, etc. We would be very pleased if you continue visiting this website, Twitter accounts, the Teacup digital signage, etc.

#FoodexJapan2019 non-Japanese companies #フーデックスジャパン2019 外国企業(於:幕張メッセ Makuhari Messe)

I was lucky enough to be invited to Foodex Japan 2019, and visited many booths at Makuhari Messe on its first and second days.
As below (no particular order), I pasted names and hyperlinks of about half of the companies with which I exchanged my name cards (and talked with more rich content or less). If you push the names, you can go to the companies’ websites.
Although I usually don’t publicize specific names when I just exchanged my name cards and had conversations, this time I am doing it because I would like to boost foreign companies’ business in Japan (and Japanese companies also need to expand business in foreign countries more).
Please note that I let all the below companies know in advance.
March 13, 2019

Finland フィンランド / Cheese チーズ各種  Finnish Cheese Company Ltd
The Netherlands オランダ / Gouda cheese ゴーダチーズ類  Vergeer Holland
Bulgaria ブルガリア / Cheese, Butter チーズ各種及びバター  Germa Food Stuff Trading LLC
Greece ギリシャ / Feta cheese, Yoghurt, etc. フェタチーズ、ヨーグルト等  ROUSSAS
Greece ギリシャ / Yogurt, Feta cheese, etc. ヨーグルト、フェタチーズ等  Mevgal S.A.
Denmark デンマーク / Eggs 鶏卵  Danaeg Products A/S
Australia オーストラリア / Kangaroo and wild game meat カンガルー及び獣肉  Macro Group Australia Pty Ltd.
Finland フィンランド / Pork 豚肉類  Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy (フィンランド語)
Canada カナダ / Processed pork 豚肉加工品  Siwin Foods Ltd.
Australia オーストラリア / Dumplings, etc. 東欧風餃子等  From Granny
USA アメリカ / Pecan ペカン  Hudson Pecan Company, Inc.
Mexico メキシコ / Canned peppers, salsas, etc. 缶詰トウガラシ・大豆ソース等  La Morena
Indonesia インドネシア / Seasoning 調味料  PT RODAMAS INTI INTERNASIONAL
Belgium ベルギー / Salt 塩  Zoutman
Italy イタリア / Canned tuna, etc. ツナ缶詰等  Macaluso
Italy イタリア / Preserved tomatoes 保存トマト  Finagricola Soc.Coop.
Germany ドイツ / Health and functional confectionary ヘルスケア菓子(サプリメント等)  sanotact GmbH
Italy イタリア / Truffle トリュフ  Selektia Italia s.r.l
Italy イタリア / Pasta パスタ  Pasta Zara S.p.A.
Ukraine ウクライナ / Garlic ニンニク  Agro Patriot
Greece ギリシャ / Green pitted olives, etc. オリーブ加工品等  EL MAR OLIVES LTD
Australia オーストラリア / Olive oil オリーブオイル  Pendleton Olive Estate
Australia オーストラリア / Olive oil オリーブオイル  OLEAPAK PTY.LTD
Greece ギリシャ / Olive oil オリーブオイル  ELEON – Soya Hellas S.A.
UK イギリス / Nuts ナッツ類  Snack Factory Limited
India インド / Cashews カシューナッツ  Prasanthi Cashew Company
Thailand タイ / Snack スナック菓子  Kanom Thaipattana Co., Ltd.
Italy イタリア / Snack スナック菓子  Nutkao
Belgium ベルギー / Biscuits ビスケット  Noble Food Group
Canada カナダ / Banana chips, etc. バナナチップス等スナック菓子  Oh! Naturals
Belgium ベルギー / Ice creams アイスクリーム  COLAC
Spain スペイン / Honey 蜂蜜  Alemany
Ukraine ウクライナ / Berry paste ベリーペースト  LiQberry
Turkey トルコ / Direct juice squeezing, etc. 各種フルーツジュース等色々  Goknur
Costa Rica コスタリカ / Pineapple chunks, etc. 冷凍パイナップル片等  Costa De Oro Internacional S.A.
Costa Rica コスタリカ / Pineapple chunks, etc. ドライバナナ等  Purejoy
UAE アラブ首長国連邦 / Date paste, Premium dates, etc. ナツメヤシペースト、高級ナツメヤシ等  Royal Palm
Tunisia チュニジア / Dried tomatoes, Dried pitted dates, etc. ドライトマト、ドライナツメヤシ等色々   Mila Business Group
Canada カナダ / Blueberries ブルーベリー  Westberry Farms
Austria オーストリア / Pomegranate juice, etc. ザクロジュース等  Rubin Garden Vertriebs GmbH
Poland ポーランド / Berry juice, etc. ベリージュース等  BIO JUICE
Ecuador エクアドル / Coffee コーヒー  El Cafe C.A.
Australia オーストラリア / Coffee コーヒー  Coffee MIO
Czech チェコ / Wine ワイン  Wine Of Czech
Italy イタリア / Wine ワイン  Cantina Frentana
Italy イタリア / Wine ワイン  CASCINA PIAN D’OR Az. Agricola di Barbero Valter
Italy イタリア / Wine ワイン  Cantine Sgarzi Luigi srl
Spain スペイン / Wine ワイン  WINES FROM GALICIA
Spain スペイン / Wine ワイン  Monte La Reina
Spain スペイン / Wine ワイン  VIRGEN DE LAS VINAS
Spain スペイン / Wine ワイン  Bodegas Jimenez-Vila Hnos

U.K. Vol.17(Brexit Vol.14: 3 points concerning Brexit which have not been confronted in the media etc. – especially outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland)

Now we have only one month left to March 29, 2019, the day of Brexit. Whenever possible since the UK referendum in 2016, I have checked out news articles, professional reports. government’s remarks, etc. in English and Japanese. I am listing and explaining the three topics which have seemingly not been confronted in the media, etc., as below.

I. Leaving the European Union Customs Union and Avoiding the return of a Hard Border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are incompatible.
I have gotten an impression from the media, etc.: in the U.K., Leavers and Remainers have respectively been stick to their own convictions since political activities before the referendum; and agreements between the two factions and those between the EU and UK by the deadline seem a steep path.
In the first half of last year, I felt such steepness is due to the Northern-Southern border. And I have come to feel so stronger, last autumn when there arose much news about the Brexit backstop – a safety net in order that the NI and the ROI will maintain the current open border, under the 1998 Good Friday agreement which decided not to make physical facilities on the border, in case no formal deal between the EU and the UK can be reached on trade and security arrangements by the end of transition period, i.e. the end of the year 2020.
In English there is much news articles plainly explaining the border question, and not a few ones whose precondition is the above incompatibility. However, there seems no article which confronts the incompatibility itself. In Japanese, there seems no such news articles other than the one written by a senior researcher of a Japanese think tank who I do not know in person.
That article says the entire Brexit necessitates the hard border – such a tight border control that Japan has done as a distinct economic area; and you need to give up the entire Brexit if you maintain the current open border, which means you need to stay in the EU customs union as you belong to the same economic area as the EU. I agree to it. I have an overall impression that concerned people have actually continued to find some compromise plan because it would have been all for nothing if they had said this clearly in public. However, eventually, nothing comes from nothing.
The incompatibility eventually leads just to “some people choose one of the two”. There are options such as another referendum, a resolution of the House of Commons, a snap election, etc. In the first place, the referendum, one of the campaign promises in the 2015 general election, was conducted in 2016 and followed by a state of seemingly senseless chaos. So, the least unreasonable would be another referendum which confirms whether or not the result of the referendum in 2016 is UK citizens’ will in reality.
Fundamentally, not only referendum but also voting itself tends to be greatly affected by political winds, not decided by the content of the subject on which the judgement of the people was sought. And in 2016, Leave won by a very narrow margin, despite this result will turn over the status quo of the whole UK. If the result were Remain, i.e. maintaining the status quo, a very narrow margin would not matter. But the result was the turnover. What are convincing reasons to avoid another referendum under democracy, which ask people whether it is OK to really exit the EU on the basis of the narrow margin? I have not understood such reasons, while I saw “referendum should not be carried out twice because we had better preserve the credibility of the referendum”, etc. Most of UK citizens will be convinced, if another referendum confirms their judgement and a hard Brexit comes true.

II. The state of things in electoral districts of MPs who left the Labour or the Conservative parties.
As of 21 February, eight Members of Parliament have left the Labour, the largest opposition party, due to their dissatisfaction with its leader’s vague attitude toward Brexit, anti-Semitic attitude, etc. On the other hand, three MPs have left the Conservative, due to their dissatisfaction with the government’s catastrophic handling of Brexit. A total of these eleven members will not join the opposition Liberal Democrats, but form an independent group which aims to conduct another referendum (seemingly similar to my above thought). We can think in general that their actions are based on their concerns that they lament the UK as parliamentarians, or are related to circumstances of constituency to whom they owe many things.
The eight ex-Labours [district/county] are Coffey [Stockport/Greater Manchester], Smith [Penistone and Stocksbridge/South Yorkshire], Shuker [Luton South/Bedfordshire], Gapes [Ilford South/Greater London], Umunna [Streatham/Greater London], Leslie [Nottingham East/Nottinghamshire], Berger [Liverpool Wavertree/Merseyside], Ryan [Enfield North/Greater London]; the three ex-Conservatives Soubry [Broxtowe/Nottinghamshire], Allen [South Cambridgeshire/Cambridgeshire], Wollaston [Totnes/Devon].
According to a UK university’s research, for example, in Coffey’s Stockport, Leave-Remain difference were marginal, and Remainers increased in proportion to house prices. We can think that there are not a few people who have middle-price houses, voted Leave in 2016, but converted themselves to Remainers, while there are usually more middle-price house owners. Would this situational change urge the ex-Labour and ex-Conservative members to secede from the party and to try to conduct another referendum? When we see MPs’ voting behaviors at resolutions in the House of Commons, there must be cases in which it is useful to analyze not only house prices but the state of things in electoral districts.

III. The City of London does not prefer Jeremy Corbyn’s policies.
Although the ruling party achieved a great victory in the 2015 general election, it could not have been intrinsically strange if approval for the party had dropped significantly in the UK where regime changes by two largest parties have already taken roots, considering chaos which has continued so far and will continue. And the above attitude of the Labour leader seems to rather show his favor on soft Brexit.
However, in the media, etc., it has been said by and large that Corbyn’s Labour government with a strong left-wing flavor and its public policy such as re-nationalisation of public utilities and wealth tax are undesired, and are feared more than hard Brexit. The former would expand budget deficit and cause a sharp rise of inflation rate, which would lead to government bonds’ decrease in demand and long-term government bonds’ decrease in price. The latter would be an income tax hike towards people with over eighty thousand pounds, and would lead to the people’s escaping abroad and the UK’s revenue decline. The City is said to be on its guard against such policies. If I dare to say, its guard might not be off-base.
For example, concerning the re-nationalisation, we need to take the following into consideration: the UK government deficit-to-GDP ratio is not extremely bad (0.875 in 2017); and Tony Blair’s Labour government so positively expanded the PPP (public-private partnership) including the PFI (private finance initiative) that re-nationalisation, which means banks, equity investors and other private financiers being forced to take a haircut on their investments, is not wanted by the City. On the other hand, in many ages and countries, there have often been policy differences between two largest parties, which need to be tackled at any time taking considerable contents such as the above two into consideration.

It should be noted that immediate news coverage and possible analyses shortly after it are of course important. And I usually respect the importance to sort long processes, significant effects on international society, complicated and mysterious affairs of politics and economy, etc., at each turning point of major incidents. However, I picked up the above three points, on the assumption that I write about Brexit just this time – after countless news articles, researches, etc. were already published.

Taku Nakaminato, World Solutions LLC
24 February, 2019

The above is a provisional English translation of “Brexit Vol.13“.

P.S. I posted the above at around 5 pm (JST). Thank you for coming, many English readers.
Around 2 pm, 25 February Today I just added the following hyperlinks:
Ian Austin quits Labour blaming Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership
Ian Austin says he couldn’t look Jewish father ‘in the eye’ if he remained in Labour party
Corbyn told: change course before it’s too late for Labour

U.K. イギリス Vol.16(Brexit Vol.13:報道等において正面から触れられていないブレグジット三点 3 points concerning Brexit which have not been confronted in the media etc.)中港拓



今回離党した元労働党の8議員(以下カッコ内は、苗字;選挙区・片仮名州名)は、コフィ(Coffey;Stockport・グレーターマンチェスター)、スミス(Smith;Penistone and Stocksbridge・サウスヨークシャー)、シューカー(Shuker;Luton South・ベッドフォードシャー)、ゲイプス(Gapes;Ilford South・グレーターロンドン)、ウムンナ(Umunna;Streatham・グレーターロンドン)、レスリー(Leslie;Nottingham East・ノッティンガムシャー)、バーガー(Berger;Liverpool Wavertree・マージーサイド)、ライアン(Ryan;Enfield North・グレーターロンドン)各氏、同じく離党した元保守党の3議員は、スーブリ(Soubry;Broxtowe・ノッティンガムシャー)、アレン(Allen;South Cambridgeshire・ケンブリッジシャー)、ウォラストン(Wollaston;Totnes・デヴォン)各氏である。

しかしながら、左派色の強いコービン労働党による政権、具体的には同党の公共事業の再国有化富裕税導入などは、望まれていない、ハードブレグジット以上に恐れられている、というのが概ね報道等論調である。前者による財政赤字拡大・インフレ率急騰及び英国国債需要低下・長期国債価格低下、後者による年収 8 万ポンド以上の層に対する所得税増税及び同層の海外流出による歳入減、をシティは警戒しているとされ、概ねその警戒は的外れではないと考えられる。


文章:中港 拓